Wix SEO Consultant

WIX SEO Consultant

Are you looking for someone to help you optimise your Wix landing page or website? Struggling to get your business on the first page of Google search engine results?

Hi, I’m Luca Tagliaferro, a Wix SEO consultant based in the UK and I might just be able to help. I’ve been sharing my Wix SEO expertise for more than ten years now and have had the pleasure of working with businesses all over the world, including the US and the UK.

If you’d like to know what some of them think, check out my website.

So, you’re probably wondering what I can do for you and your business. Most importantly, I can improve the organic ranking of your Wix website which means you’ll benefit from increased traffic, leads, and ultimately sales.

Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. I’ll happily walk you through the process, explain how we’ll work together, and improve the performance of your Wix website.

My Wix SEO Consultancy Include these services:

What is Wix?

Wix is a very user-friendly, cloud-based website builder. 

In addition, the brand also offers web hosting and design services. 

Using a series of drag-and-drop tools and more than 500 ready-made templates, you’re able to build your own website without any help from a web developer or specialist skills.

These features make Wix one of the most popular website building platforms for a range of different businesses, from eStores to international organisations and bloggers. A report in Reuters states that the company had managed to attain its goal of 200 million users globally

In 2020 alone, there was an increase of more than 31 million users, fuelled by demand from companies wanting to create an online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is Wix so Popular?

There are many advantages to using Wix for your website:

Why Do You Need Wix SEO?

If you want to drive growth, optimization for your Wix website is the key. In order for growth to happen, there are four processes that are essential for SEO.

The four processes that have to be done right include:

If you can get all these processes right, your Wix website will be Search Engine Optimised, and you can expect your organic growth levels to improve.

But what is so special about a search engine optimised website? It can be of benefit for your business because:

What Can a Wix SEO Professional Do for You?

When a potential customer Googles keywords related to your product, brand, or service, you want your stylish Wix website to appear on the front page. If this isn’t happening, the chances are that you’re missing an effective SEO strategy that includes aspects which make your website more attractive to search engines and end-users.

An SEO professional, like myself, can be your Wix SEO guide. I can analyse your Wix website and assess how good your landing pages are, whether the content is relevant, and if there are any technical Wix SEO issues holding things up and getting in the way of your website ranking.

Following an initial technical SEO audit of your Wix website, I’ll put together an SEO plan. In that plan will be details about everything you need, from new, quality, engaging content for your landing pages through to link acquisition and digital PR.

With me at the helm of your SEO strategy, you’re able to focus more on your business. If you want to know more about the processes of SEO, you can always take advantage of my one-on-one coaching gig.

My Wix SEO consultancy includes the following 15 deliverables:

  1. A detailed assessment of your Wix website to determine your target audience, setup, and design.
  2. Setting up general Wix SEO configuration that includes things such as crawl directives, robots.txt, tags, and sitemaps.
  3. Installing a relevant search engine optimization plugin.
  4. Configuring plugins to ensure they’re performing effectively.
  5. Ensuring indexable features of your Wix website such as media, pages, and content all have value.
  6. Researching relevant keywords and analysing topics of interest.
  7. Creating a quality content brief so that the end user experience is improved.
  8. Creating your content calendar for long-term planning so your website can become the go-to source of information for your niche.
  9. Optimising your Wix content.
  10. Accessing and utilising Google’s Search Console.
  11. Implementing updated content.
  12. Improving factors that impact the general ranking of your Wix website.
  13. Making sure all content is structured properly and the correct headings are used.
  14. Optimising images.
  15. Continual SEO testing.

Let’s look a little closer at some of the Wix SEO consultancy.

wix seo websites
I currently manage 4 Wix websites and their SEO needs

The Creation of Keyword Lists

At the core of any Wix SEO strategy or campaign are the relevant keywords. Determining what these keywords must be requires in-depth research. The right keywords will get your campaign off the ground and ensure your pages rank as high as possible.

For this part of the Wix SEO consultancy, I use a range of effective SEO keyword tools as well as the Google Search Console. Keyword research also takes place inside and outside the Wix platform and there are many SEO plugins I have experience using. 

The third-party sources I use to extract essential data include Google Ads, UberSuggest, AHREFS, and Semrush.

I’ve been offering freelance SEO consultancy for many years now, and all of these sources have value.

Also read: 

Can you do on-site SEO on WIX?

Yes, you can. Wix has a section for advanced SEO where you can change quite a few things.

I look for aspects of your website that could be improved so that its organic performance is the best it can possibly be. 

Every client I work with is different, so this calls for a tailored strategy. 

However, there are some common components I might include, for example:

Other on-site elements that I include in my Wix SEO consultancy include:

You should expect all of these strategies as part of a trustworthy SEO consultancy service. 

I take advantage of them because they ensure your Wix website is technically sound and that there are no underlying Wix SEO issues that could harm other parts of the SEO process.

Optimisation of Your Wix Website Content

While the technical health of your Wix website can affect its ranking, it’s not the only significant factor. The quality of your website’s content is also critical.

My experience means I know where to look for features that will let it down. For example, I closely examine all pages including the home page, about us page, service and product pages, blogs, and anything else.

Many generic plugins often fall short in this area, but it’s important that all pages undergo content optimisation and manual content reviews. My role in the process includes checking the right long-tail and short-tail keywords are being used as well as search terms. In addition, I review topical authority and coverage.

By checking all these aspects of your website content I’m able to determine that your content is high quality, well-written, and completely unique.

If your Wix website is lacking in any of these areas, I’ll draft a personalised SEO content strategy that will ensure things get back on track as soon as possible. SEO is important, but it’s also crucial that your Wix website is as useful as it can be for your target audience.

Creation of Premium Content

When your website contains content that’s well-written, engaging, and professional it helps improve the ranking of your website.

I include the following as part of my SEO consulting service:

Setting Up Wix Tools and Tags

Some of the more common tools and tags I may decide to set up and install include:
Google Analytics
Google Ads Conversion Tracking
Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console
Google Optimise
HotJar for SEO
LuckyOrange for SEO

Why Choose Me Rather Than a Wix SEO Agency

search console traffic wix seo

Let’s see if I can convince you by sharing a fact that I’m really quite proud of:

In the last month, I generated 4,000+ leads to websites, just like yours, with SEO.

If you want to increase traffic to your Wix website from search engines, but don’t want to invest in pay-per-click, your best and only other option is to make good use of Search Engine Optimisation.

I’m a Wix SEO professional who offers a range of SEO consultancy services. Take advantage and I’ll help catapult your Wix website right up to the top of Google’s first page.

Over the years I’ve shared my advice online and had blogs featured on some of the best SEO websites such as Smart Insights, SEMrush, SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, CrazyEgg, and many more. In addition, I’ve shared my advice in person during my popular coaching sessions.

I am an experienced Wix SEO consultant working out of my office in London. My methodology includes the following:

A Sneak Preview into My Wix SEO Consultancy Service

Choose to work with me and you’ll get the following services from an experienced Wix SEO Consultant:

Wix Content SEO Consultancy

The focus of our working relationship will be your landing pages and blog posts. Included in the service will be appropriate strategies to ensure your website is content friendly. My aim is to ensure your content is of the highest quality, follows Google guidelines, and allows your website to climb ranking with minimal effort.

Wix Technical SEP Consultancy

My consultancy service includes an in-depth evaluation of the structure of your website, indexing, crawling, as well as publishing. I’ll also be continually on the look-out for page errors, broken images or links, and much more.

Wix OnPage SEO

This aspect of my service involves the analysis of landing page search engine ranking. My focus will be on optimising it for its primary function. For example, for global e-Commerce websites, that will be international SEO. For more local businesses, the focus will be local SEO.

Wix Off-Page SEO

As one of the leading Wix SEO experts in the UK you can rely on my 10 years industry experience. Networking is an aspect of consultancy work that is often overlooked, but not by me. Over the years I’ve made numerous useful connections. These include bloggers, journalists, HARO specialists, and PR specialists. All of whom can help with your link-building campaign.

Wix SEO Audits

A clearly thought-out and in-depth SEO audit means I get an insight into all the above and can produce a single report. It also helps me develop the right strategy to help your website rank higher.

Depending on your needs and budget, I have four different audit options:

Learn more about the SEO audit options if you need help with this.

Wix Web Analytics

Not all SEO consultants include web analytics. However, I appreciate the importance of this aspect and like to go above and beyond the bare minimum. Analytics does go hand in glove with search engine consultancy so it has a vital role to play.

If you like what you’ve read so far, take the opportunity to learn some more about collaborating with me. Coming up shortly will be an opportunity for a 30-minute free consultation. Put your name on my waiting list to ensure you don’t miss out. I’ll get in touch next time I’m available.

Let’s finish this page with some frequently asked questions.

Wix SEO Consultant FAQs

How much does a Wix SEO expert cost?

The price of my Wix SEO consultancy services varies depending on several factors. To begin with, no two business owners are the same and I offer a service that’s tailored to individual needs. Secondly, there are other variables such as the number of website pages and the level of SEO support you need that can impact the overall cost.

Is Wix Search Engine Optimised?

Wix does have elements that are SEO friendly, however, it is a relatively rigid platform that makes in-depth optimisation and tinkering far more challenging.

Does Wix offer good SEO?

Wix regularly scores top marks for SEO. It manages to cover all the basics and is easy to use. However, more advanced SEO strategies are trickier to adopt, calling for the help of a professional SEO expert.

Is Wix SEO bad?

Wix had a bad reputation with regards to SEO for many years, however, the platform has worked hard and overcome some of the SEO issues. It has also added some more advanced SEO options such as Rich Results and Canonical URLs. In general, this means that Wix works fine in most search results.

Is SEO on Wix free?

Yes, all of Wix’s SEO tools come with its free plan.

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