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I’m Luca Tagliaferro, an expert SEO consultant based in Portsmouth.

I’m different from other SEO consultants because my advice was posted on top of the best SEO blogs like Moz, SEMrush, SearchEngineLand, Smart Insights, CrazyEgg, SearchEngineWatch, and many more.

I also have the confidence of top SEO professionals was named one of the top 20 influencers by Yahoo! Finance in 2019. 

That doesn’t mean I crazy expensive, in fact I offer affordable prices.

When you are ready to grow your business with SEO, contact me by filling in the form.

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What SEO consulting services are you offering?

National SEO

As one of the top SEO consultants in the UK, I have the qualifications and the track record to prove it.

SEO Audits

This is where it all begins. Give your rankings a lift with my deep-dive SEO audits, the first step to search engines domination.

Local SEO

I worked as an SEO Consultant for Linden Homes and Away Resorts building and managing over 200 U.K. locations combined.

Blog Management

Publish content that people want to read, share and download. I include research, visualisations and content briefs.


Understand the impact of SEO to your business. Discuss with me and improve upon SEO strategies.

1-1 SEO Coaching

Doing SEO can be difficult and lonely. Work 1:1 with me on your journey to become a little better at your job.

What is an SEO Consultant?

So what is an SEO consultant? 

An SEO expert consultant is skilled at ranking websites to the first page of search engines. Consultants do this by providing specialised services and one-to-one consultations and projects for any business and industry. 

Some SEO consultants specialise in an area of SEO such as building backlinks, or performing tech SEO checks and recommending fixes, and writing content for your blog and landing pages, while others are more generalists and possess the necessary knowledge for doing everything that is required. 

Why hire me as an SEO Consultant for your website?

Trackable Results

I worked in very competitive industries including real estate, e-commerce, fitness, nutrition and digital marketing.

Experience & Trust

With 10+ years’ experience as SEO expert, I share my knowledge with training providers, marketing blogs and other SEO experts.

Affordable Fees

Large SEO agencies inflate their fees to make a profit from large costs. This is why SEO freelancers are more affordable.

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Luca is trusted by the best of the best SEO experts

Sean Work

Founder @ Joudicious, Former VP of Inbound @ CrazyEgg

Luca is an expert at UX for SEO and conversion rate optimizer. He’s very knowledgeable in both subjects. Be sure to search for articles he’s written for online marketing publications on these topics.

rand fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Former CEO @ Moz, Co-Founder at SparkToro

Luca’s work to demystify what makes sites and brands succeed on the web is nothing short of remarkable. His contributions have moved the field of web marketing forward, and helped thousands of people deliver better experiences.

What is your SEO process?

Understand your goals

SEO is not best practices, what works for one website might not work for another one. That’s why understanding goals is the first step.

Audit Technical SEO

Ensuring your fundamentals are in place, our SEO tech audits will do intensive bugs fixing & improve visibility of your site.

Keywords Research

Selecting the right keywords, topics and terms your audience uses when searching for your products or services.

SEO Strategy

The SEO strategy works in partnership with you and your team to allocate resources and work with flexibility around your needs.

Monitoring & Reporting

Implementing the SEO strategy is one step, then we need to ensure it’s actually working as intended. Reporting will uncover successes and ways to improve.

Link Building

Alongside content and tech SEO, using my link building bloggers and contacts, I can build high quality and relevant links to your site improving its authority online.

SEO generates higher ROI than PPC

If you are looking for long term growth of your business, PPC is not the right choice. As soon as you stop paying, traffic and sales stop too. 

With SEO you can build a traffic generation engine that last for years. That’s why the ROI of SEO is much higher than PPC.

seo vs ppc ROi

Here are answers to the frequent questions

Do you offer SEO packages?

My approach as an SEO Consultant is comprehensive in the sense that I adopt a strategic view of your business and fit SEO straight into it, in order to increase visitors.

But visitors are only as good as they convert and meet your business objectives.

When it comes to SEO services, there is a lot of crap out there recommending buying packages. Today, many SEO agencies are adopting this concept.

Those who propose an SEO kit do not know how to do SEO. What do I mean exactly?

When SEO vendors sell packages that pigeonhole their customers into a predetermined collection of results and activities that aren’t tailored to the company, they’re not doing any service to their customers, thus making SEO not worth it.

Bottom line? Service packages aren’t tailored to the business, customers or Google updates and are a waste of time.

How does the consultancy work? Calls? Training? Reporting?

My SEO consultancy 3.0 starts with an initial consultation with a video call to learn more about your business goals and objectives.

The first month I’ll focus on raw research and SEO audit. This initial discovery phase makes the next steps easier.

From the second month onwards, I’ll action the SEO strategy based on the data I have collected.

I will be personally available for a set of calls and I’ll send you regular reporting every end of the month.

Bottom line? I provide daily support and weekly/ monthly calls and I deliver the work on a regular basis.

Do you work with our internal teams? IT/ Sales/ Marketing?

If more teams are involved on the website, I have got good news for you. My consultancy is spanning from tech SEO to content to the entire funnel and I am available to support and work with every stakeholder.

In short: I advice and recommend on all aspects of SEO.

Do you provide SEO Training?

While my main activity is being an SEO consultant, I can also help other SEO consultants, executives, teams and business owners to learn search engine optimisation.

I can share my methodologies and case studies either remotely or in-house at your premises.

What does working with a consultant looks like?

While SEO experts wear many hats, we are at the same time sales executives, project managers and consultants while having very advanced technical, content and communication skills to be able to deliver the results for our clients.

Every SEO consultant should therefore provide you with a clear strategy, he is not expected to be fed with work. His work is to actually set up and advise the SEO strategy for your website.

This is a fundamental difference between working with a solo consultant and an in-house SEO employee. The freelancer also organises the communication with you and he/ she also takes care of urgent and non-urgent issues while at the same time delivering the strategy.