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Content Marketing and SEO Services


I am an SEO-focussed content marketing consultant who works on the entire process of keywords and topics research, content writing, editorial calendar, publishing, link building and analytics for B2C brands across different verticals.

I engage in thorough discussions with your team’s product and sales specialists to gain an in-depth understanding of your product or service, along with its unique selling propositions. I also do extensive keywords research to understand how and what people search, including what keywords are more likely to convert.

This knowledge enables me to concentrate on crafting content that is optimised for keywords with high potential for lead generation. My approach is tailored towards enhancing lead acquisition and sales growth, rather than merely increasing website traffic, ensuring that my efforts align with the strategic goals of B2C managers and directors.

What you’ll get from my Content and SEO Services

Benefits: The problem with most SEO and content marketing agencies is that they start with an audit, then create a list of problems for you to fix, then they give you a list of content briefs. These issues will never be fixed and briefs will never turn into content so the whole effort doesn’t produce any business results (leads, sales) from SEO. Instead, I create and execute a complete content marketing strategy that is SEO-driven. This means the strategy is designed to not only rank on top search engine positions but to also generate leads and trial sales for B2C companies. This strategy includes carefully selecting the high-conversion intent keywords and building links to speed up rankings.

Benefit: Most content and SEO agencies chase keywords with high volumes and traffic, but no clear buying intent. This type of traffic is likely to generate more visibility, but not many leads or sales. What I do, instead, is approaching SEO and content marketing with an eye on high volumes and high conversion intent. This means my strategy will bring both high volume keywords for visibility and traffic that converts.

Benefit: No useless fluff pieces. All of my content is produced to either give you leads and sales or generate more backlinks for increasing authority, which in turn will make the whole website rank higher on search engines. My content is informed by data, research and academic papers to provide readers with unique and original content.

Benefit: I don’t just publish and forget it, to hope that is ranks one day. I use different link building approaches fro guest posting, PR and niche edits to do this.

Benefits: Normally, SEO agencies and consultants report on vanity metrics such as visits generated, time on page, bounce rate. Instead, I report on conversions and I am able to directly link the content to business results. Conversions for me are the #1 metric of importance.

My Experience, Framework and Process

I have been working in SEO and content marketing for over a decade, serving dozens of clients and ranking hundreds of thousands of keywords and generating thousands of leads. Just last month, I generated over 5,000 leads for B2C businesses spanning from fitness, dentistry, interior design and personal finance.

Here are the list of some case studies and articles I have published, as well as my own personal profile as a Consultant.

Foundational services and frameworks:

Additional Content and SEO Strategy articles:

Case Studies

Luca Tagliaferro’s Background

Luca Tagliaferro is based between Italy and the UK. He has an MA in Digital Marketing from a leading UK University with over a decade of SEO experience. As a formed Head of SEO at Oliver Agency in London, and former SEO Manager at Future Fit, he now runs his own SEO Consultancy, founded and serves mid-sized businesses.

My Consultant Pricing

Due to the custom nature of SEO, I’ll have to first assess your website for me to able to make the right proposal. You can then choose one among three pricing options, but all of them will include the following:

Cost: The starting cost of my service is £4k/month and can go up to £10k/month depending on the volume of articles and backlinks you require.

How does working with a Content Marketing Freelance look like? ​

Content Marketers wear many hats, we are at the same time sales executives, project managers and consultants while having very advanced technical, content and communication skills to be able to deliver the results for our clients.

Every content marketing freelancer should therefore provide you with a clear strategy, he is not expected to be fed with work. His work is to actually set up and advise the content strategy for your website. 

This is a fundamental difference between working with a Freelancer and an in-house consultant. The freelancer also organises the communication with you and he/ she also takes care of urgent and non-urgent issues while at the same time delivering the strategy.

The freelancer also set up expectations and make Profit&Loss estimates in a short and long term content project because he is paid by time. This means that the freelancer should be very aware of how time is spent, when deliverables are delivered and how they are communicated to you the client.

Ultimately, they should be able to establish a very good working relationship, which comes down to having good soft skills, for example listening to others, asking the right questions, even making jokes and small talk, because this help to establish the relationship, understand what clients want and be able to respond quickly and efficiently to questions and challenges.