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Content Marketing Consultant

Producing high quality content that will serve both for generating new traffic and backlinks is one of the most challenging SEO tasks. It’s also one of the most important to succeed because your website needs content to target the right keywords and content to be mentioned on third party websites and generate brand mentions and backlinks.

This is why you need a proven methodology that has been tested over and over again for the past 10 years. I am Luca Tagliaferro, Content Marketing Consultant based in Portsmouth, UK, 1 hour outside of London. My content has been published on dozens of websites in the past 5 years, such as CrazyEgg, Moz, Semrush, WordTracker, Millo, DivvyHq, Smart Insights, SearchEngineLand, Marketing Land, SearchEngineWatch, Business2Community, Medium, LinkedIn, HotJar, SerpStat and many more.
I also have ranked my own blog that you are reading from 0 to 100 visitors a day with content marketing.

What is a content
marketing service?

Marketing teams may use content marketing solutions to get the material, plan, tools, and assessment they need to support marketing campaigns or programmes. These tasks might involve formulating a marketing strategy, generating promotional materials, conducting campaigns, analysing the outcomes, and providing recommendations for the marketing plan’s future.
Blog articles, social media postings, videos, white papers, case studies, infographics, and other types of material may be used.

Content Marketing for bloggers and SaaS

“Content is King” they used to say back in the day about 23 years ago when Google saw the light of the day. Search Engines stil now organise the web information and make it accessible to everyone. Many things changed since the nineties, but content is still king, it’s the currency of the web. SEO have always tried to produce content to rank high based on targeting the right keywords, but now the methodology has changed because users’ behaviour has changed, so did Google with countless of algorithm updates.

In content marketing we still target keywords, but that doesn’t work as well as it did back in the day. Now we target topics, we try to comply with the E.A.T. guidelines that Google gave us a few years ago, in an effort to produce content that is written from Experts, is Authoritative and is conveys Trust, that’s why we call it E.A.T.

So today it’s much harder to write content that rank as Google updated its signals and it looks at content history, backlinks, source of information that are reliable, it tries to differentiate fake news from real news, as well as fake content from real, helpful content.

This is why an expert content marketing consultant, with an history of writing content that ranks, is the only valid option you got to succeed.

What is included in my content marketing

research for

Although keyword stuffing won’t get you the SEO results you desire any longer, keywords are still very significant. When you hire me as your freelance content consultant, I’ll show you how to use keywords effectively in your content to boost your ranks and enhance interaction with your target audience.
The title of your blog article is, without a doubt, the most crucial portion. If no one reads your profound insight on an important issue, it isn’t particularly valuable. A strong title might even enhance the likelihood of a reader sharing your work.

Topic Research

Keyword is very important but not enough. Gone are the days when we used to publish 1 blog post, target 1 keyword and rank on top results. Now Google wants to see that we master the entire topic, while still having to produce content that is of value to your business, generate leads and sales. It’s a tough challenge that can be resolved with thorough topic research, topic clusters, sub topic identification and advise. Along with that process, I am able to assess whether a topic is potentially lucrative for your business as well.

Blog Writing

With relevant material that prioritises visual storytelling, blog posts improve brand recognition and generate website traffic as top-of-funnel content. Every piece of blog material is written by my team of industry-specific authors in collaboration with content marketing strategists and project managers. Blogs are an amazing approach to boost your web presence by bringing in organic visitors. All blog posts are based on a content calendar that you have access to.

I plan myself each blog post using your suggestions and SEO best practises to guarantee that the themes, titles, keywords, and layout attract your target audience, support your marketing strategy, and fulfil your commercial goals.

eBooks & Whitepapers

These content marketing resources for the middle and bottom of the funnel may be gated to collect potential customer contact information. eBooks combine bite-sized bits of useful information with eye-catching unique images, making them a true combination of infographics and white papers. They’re great in grabbing and keeping people’s attention.
White papers take a more in-depth perspective, with well-researched material that delves into topics in depth, including comments and research.


Whether you are a blogger, SEO specialist, or a business owner who wants to learn more about SEO, I have a comprehensive portfolio of more than 100 articles covering blogging, SEO, traffic acquisition, and SEO tools reviews.

Here are some of the topics I cover in my blog:

  • SEO Featured snippets – case studies on how to get featured snippets on top of Google

  • Guest posting original studies and researches – I have interviewed more than 20 SEO professionals to uncover their experiences with guest posting

  • Google Tag Manager for SEO – what you can accomplish using GTM for SEO tasks and strategies.

  • FAQ Schema snippets – how to add FAQs directly on search results

  • SEO tools reviews – SEMRush, Audiense, Trustpilot, Hotjar and more. How can these tools help with SEO? How much do they cost?

  • Software Reviews: all the tools you need to run a business online: best graphic design tools, best link building services, best website builders.

How does working with a Content Marketing Freelance look like? ​

Content Marketers wear many hats, we are at the same time sales executives, project managers and consultants while having very advanced technical, content and communication skills to be able to deliver the results for our clients.

Every content marketing freelancer should therefore provide you with a clear strategy, he is not expected to be fed with work. His work is to actually set up and advise the content strategy for your website.

This is a fundamental difference between working with a Freelancer and an in-house consultant. The freelancer also organises the communication with you and he/ she also takes care of urgent and non-urgent issues while at the same time delivering the strategy.

The freelancer also set up expectations and make Profit&Loss estimates in a short and long term content project because he is paid by time. This means that the freelancer should be very aware of how time is spent, when deliverables are delivered and how they are communicated to you the client.

Ultimately, they should be able to establish a very good working relationship, which comes down to having good soft skills, for example listening to others, asking the right questions, even making jokes and small talk, because this help to establish the relationship, understand what clients want and be able to respond quickly and efficiently to questions and challenges.



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