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Increasing your traffic is certainly one of the most challenging tasks for any online business, but it is also one of the most important to the success of your organization. SEO is one of the main methods although it is not the only one.


However, compared to other acquisition channels, it has proven to be 15% more effective not only in generating traffic but also when it comes to traffic conversions. That's why you need a tested and proven methodology with a recognized expert.

I'm Luca Tagliaferro, an expert SEO consultant based in Portsmouth, UK, 1 hour away from London.


I'm different from other SEO consultants because my advice was posted on top of the best SEO blogs like Moz, SEMrush, SearchEngineLand, Smart Insights, CrazyEgg, SearchEngineWatch, and many more.


I also have the confidence of top SEO professionals like Rand Fishkin, Sean Work, Alexandra Tachalova and named one of the top 20 influencers by Yahoo! Finance in 2019. When you are ready to grow your business with SEO, contact us.

Trusted by the best of the best SEO experts

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Luca's work to demystify what makes sites and brands succeed on the web is nothing short of remarkable. His contributions have moved the field of web marketing forward, and helped thousands of people deliver better experiences.

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Brian Dean

Founder of Backlinko & Exploding Topics

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SEO for bloggers and online businesses

The history of SEO is not long, it started about 23 years ago when Google launched its first search engine to the world in 1998 with a precise mission to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". 

Then they have released PageRank, an algorithm based on keywords and backlinks so the SEO industry jumped on the gold wagon and started to create backlinks from directories, blog comments and stuff keywords inside page contents to manipulate search engines. 

Since then, Google has updated the algorithm many time, PageRank doesn't exist anymore and the SEO business is more difficult and challenging than ever, requiring constant updates as the learning curve never ends.

Today, SEOs work with more than 200 ranking factors including technical SEO, site speed, crawling issues, off-page SEO, backlinks, user generated content, content creation, content semantic analysis, keywords research and website structure and design.

That's why hiring a freelance SEO consultant with a long history of successful projects and experiences is the only available choice for growing online traffic. 


Whether you are a blogger, SEO specialist, or a business owner who wants to learn more about SEO, I have a comprehensive portfolio of more than 100 articles covering blogging, SEO, traffic acquisition, and SEO tools reviews.

Here are some of the topics I cover in my blog: 

  • SEO Featured snippets - case studies on how to get featured snippets on top of Google

  • Guest posting original studies and researches - I have interviewed more than 20 SEO professionals to uncover their experiences with guest posting

  • Google Tag Manager for SEO - what you can accomplish using GTM for SEO tasks and strategies.

  • FAQ Schema snippets - how to add FAQs directly on search results

  • SEO tools reviews - SEMRush, Audiense, Trustpilot, Hotjar and more. How can these tools help with SEO? How much do they cost?

  • Software Reviews: all the tools you need to run a business online: best graphic design tools, best link building services, best website builders.

Content Marketing Help











There is much more to content than just keywords research and content creation. I can help you with a proper keywords strategy, how to make sure your content is optimised for the right keywords that will bring traffic, conversions and sales. 

But content doesn't end there, once published it needs to be optimised even further to ensure you get the biggest boost of rankings as you possibly can. 

That's why I help you also content boosting through semantic analysis and TF-IDF optimisation. If you want a quick overview of what that is, check my deck for the SEO Mastery Summit presentation I have given some time ago. 

What is included in my professional SEO Consultancy?

SEO Setup - Luca Tagliaferro


Firstly, I ensure Google can find and index your website and its contents. 

SEO Audit - Luca Tagliaferro


I start with a comprehensive manual SEO audit of your website and identify major issues that should be resolved. Then I monitor your site’s performance monthly.


Keywords research - Luca Tagliaferro


I discover keywords that hold opportunities for the site content. I try to focus on keywords and topics with high search volume and low difficulty to help you stand out in your industry and show up for what your target audience is looking for.

SEO Campaign Optimisation


I make sure your website pages are relevant to search queries and attract qualified traffic. 

SEO Blog content writing service- Luca Tagliaferro


Let your SEO campaigns take the fly with targeted Content Marketing that attracts new traffic every day. 

SEO Strategy Call


Once a month, I prepare and send you the monthly reports full of insights, then I get on a call with you to discuss the strategy moving forward.

How to Hire an SEO Consultant: No SEO Packages

My approach as an SEO Consultant is comprehensive in the sense that I adopt a strategic view of your business and fit SEO straight into it, in order to increase visitors. 

But visitors are only as good as they convert and meet your business objectives. That's why my strategic vision for SEO incorporates your objectives and each project is extremely personalised and customised to your business and your industry. 

Technical SEO, including SSL certificates, HTTPS, robots.txt, sitemaps, 404 errors and crawling and indexing issues are all preventing visitors to properly visit, engage and complete tasks on your website. In turn, this can be detrimental to your organic positioning as it affects the website ability to serve a great user experience.

That's why for every new client, I advise starting with a comprehensive SEO audit. This will include more than 50 items to be checked on your website. There is no point in starting a new project for your website, if you don't understand what needs to be done. Yet, you still need to keep costs down and this is why as an SEO freelance consultant, I offer lower prices than an agency. while maintaining the same level of quality work.

When it comes to SEO services, there is a lot of crap out there recommending buying packages. Today, many SEO agencies are adopting this concept.


In my opinion, those who propose an SEO kit do not know how to do SEO. What do I mean exactly? When SEO vendors sell packages that pigeonhole their customers into a predetermined collection of results and activities that aren't tailored to the company, they're not doing any service to their customers.


The problem with pre-heated packets


To be clear, packages aren't evil in and of themselves. However, service packages that aren't tailored to the customer's business, customers, ongoing events, or Google updates are a waste of time. It's not about getting quick SEO results; it's about getting impossible results.

Personalization is necessary for true SEO, and cookie-cutter packages won't rank you for highly competitive keywords. For example, it took 8 months to rank a client for "fitness" out of billions of results - this was not a one-size-fits-all project.

If you buy a set, keep in mind that if your rival has a flexible, expert-led SEO approach, they will almost certainly overtake you.


Your website is unique


Any website and company are different. One problem with packages that have a predetermined list of deliverables is that they rarely allow for a custom approach. The approach must be adapted to the market, the demographic target and the objectives of the company.

This is a serious problem. Generic work produces generic results. Your chances of winning, in the long run, are slim if an SEO provider doesn't try to consider the real problems in the market at any given time and then convert them into a strategy.


What I do, on the other hand ...


The best solution, in my opinion - and the method I use myself - is to look at your website and determine a four-week sprint strategy. This is something that happens every four weeks.

Every four weeks, I use this method to decide what's most important to the specific company at the moment, then redefine the project.

And, if you want to rank in the top three in comparative terms, make sure your SEO staff includes professionals with at least ten years of experience. You don't want an amateur to decide the digital future, unless you want to have one.

SEO Conferences and Speaking gigs

In the last 3 years, I have become more and more involved in work outside my SEO work. I present at conferences around Europe, in the last 3 years I have been to SMXL in Milan twice, SMX London and SEO Mastery Summit, a virtual conference with more than 40 experts and 6,000 people attending. 

I also write as an individual contributor for the biggest marketing blogs in the world, including,,,, and many more. I share my case studies, success stories as well as new strategies and techniques about SEO that worked for me, which means they can work for you too.

If you want to invite me to speak or write for your blog, just get in touch.

How does working with an SEO Freelance look like? 

SEO freelancers wear many hats, we are at the same time sales executives, project managers and consultants while having very advanced technical, content and communication skills to be able to deliver the results for our clients.

Every SEO freelancer should therefore provide you with a clear strategy, he is not expected to be fed with work. His work is to actually set up and advise the SEO strategy for your website. 

This is a fundamental difference between working with a Freelancer and an in-house consultant. The freelancer also organises the communication with you and he/ she also takes care of urgent and non-urgent issues while at the same time delivering the strategy.

The freelancer also set up expectations and make Profit&Loss estimates in a short and long term SEO project because he is paid by time. This means that the freelancer should be very aware of how time is spent, when deliverables are delivered and how they are communicated to you the client.

Ultimately, they should be able to establish a very good working relationship, which comes down to having good soft skills, for example listening to others, asking the right questions, even making jokes and small talk, because this help to establish the relationship, understand what clients want and be able to respond quickly and efficiently to questions and challenges. 

All you need to know about SEO Consultants

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