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Succeeding in SEO can be difficult and lonely. To help you accelerate your learning, I offer two coaching blocks that address the most challenging aspects of the journey.

Expert In-Depth SEO Recommendations

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Does this look like you?

  • Looking for ways to grow your website to 1,000+ organic visitors a day without spending a fortune on SEO?
  • Searching for a second opinion and actionable insights on your SEO campaigns that can ACTUALLY move the needle?
  • Tired of conflicting SEO advice, recommendations, strategies and tactics?

I have been there many times. And I wished I had an expert next to me to highlight the way. Not just some random expert, but a qualified, available and seasoned pro.

Just Getting Started? Let’s grow your traffic on Google

With a wide range of SEO case studies doubling their traffic in 6 months, I can help provide the guidance you need to gain traction in your industry. Let’s work together to grow your organic traffic.

60 mins. Twice.

We can go through a proven methodology:

  • Keywords research to guide you
  • Content and copy that rank
  • Tech errors priorities for great UX
  • SEO strategy and funnel for long-term
  • Backlinks analysis and tips for generation
If you need SEO long-term consultancy, it can be found here.
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SEO campaigns that start with the wrong foot are harder to fix

It’s hard to spot and implement opportunities for optimisation.

This is because of many reasons: cognitive biases, C-level blocks, not enough internal consensus, lack of resources, or simply inexperience.

How do you know for sure you are giving your SEO campaigns the best shots possible? That’s where SEO insights from experts come in.

SEO is the largest driver of traffic and conversions to a website.

Make sure yours has the best chance.

Situations where you need 1:1 Coaching with an expert, qualified SEO consultant .

SEO Validation

Test your strategy and campaigns with SEO experts. Give the right direction on your SEO strategy.

SEO Differentiation

Find out how you can differentiate your SEO strategy and gain a competitive edge.

Budget Allocation

Get access to SEO consultants helping you with budget spending that is efficient and impactful.

Consensus Building

With the support of qualified, expert SEO consultants, you can secure internal consensus and settle debates.

Not Your Average 1:1 Coaching

You can book me and we’ll work together within 48 hours.

We employ a team of SEOs driving millions of visitors to several niches, from travel to e-commerce to SaaS.

Explain your goals, budget, bottlenecks and what are your biggest pain points and struggles.

Get help with keywords research, landing page optimisation, SEO strategy, content & copy, Local SEO, Backlinks and UX optimisation.

Tell me more about the areas you want feedback on, add as many details as possible.

Don't take my word for it

Mary-Anne Da'Marzo
Mary-Anne Da'MarzoCEO of Fire Belly Media
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"I have been working with Luca on some large scale projects for multimillion-pound brands and nothing seems to phase him. His technical knowledge and implementation of SEO techniques and strategies are insane and I cannot recommend him enough. He has taught me a lot and I thought I knew so much about SEO!"
Carlo Mobilio
Carlo MobilioHead of Marketing
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Luca is a serious professional. Very effective and prepared in everything related to conversion and SEO. Definitely recommended. Seriousness and preparation are uncommon qualities nowadays in digital marketing.
Mathieu Croset
Mathieu CrosetCEO at Marvelous Digital SA
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Luca was very helpful and his expertise is real. Very professional, with some research and 1 hour consultation call he was able to resolve a big issue for us. Will definitely work with him again!

Still have questions?

The SEOs service is for business owners and SEOs alike who are serious about growing their websites while focussing on what matters the most.

I have generated traffic in very competitive niches, from digital marketing to fitness, nutrition and online pharmacy products. And so did the SEO experts that you can meet here.

This service is different than other SEO consultancies because it allows you to test your SEO strategy by giving you access to a pool of experts. Sign up and get notified of when this service will be available.

The service is not available yet and the costs will be available when it’s properly launched to the public.

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