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SEO Audits

Can your website be found?

Hi, I am Luca Tagliaferro, Freelance SEO Consultant based between London and Portsmouth.

My refined process, perfected through 14 years’ experience, allows me to effectively analyse your website performance. I conduct comprehensive audits, including Full SEO Audit, Link Profile Audit, Penalty Audit, Content Audit, and pre-migration audits, and apply industry best practices to generate tangible results.

seo audits - Luca Tagliaferro

What are you including in your SEO Audits?

SEO Consultant Luca Tagliaferro‘s range of SEO Audits and Services start with the Basic SEO Audit, all the way through the most advanced SEO audit.

Discover my audits below.

Advanced SEO Audit

The Complete and Most Advanced Audit

  • Search Console Analysis
  • Competitive Scorecard
  • Ideal for Shopify, WordPress & Wix sites
  • URL Structure Analysis
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • YouTube SEO Analysis
  • Keywords & Positioning Analysis
  • 140+ slides of deep analysis & commentaries
  • 1:1 Presentation & Delivery

Intermediate SEO Audits

Build core SEO knowledge

  • Search Console Analysis
  • Competitive Scorecard
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Keywords & Positioning Analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Funnel Analysis
  • 80+ Slides of deep analysis & commentaries
  • 1:1 Presentation and Delivery

Basic SEO Audit

Make your website ready for SEO

  • Search Console Review
  • Backlinks Analytics
  • Updates impact Analysis
  • Keywords & Positioning Analysis
  • 45+ Slides of deep analysis & commentaries
  • 1:1 Presentation & Delivery

A sneak peek into my standard SEO audit report

seo audit - branded vs unbranded queries
branded vs unbranded analysis
seo audit - low quality content
low quality content
seo audit - core updates vs content performance analysis
core updates vs performance
seo audit - notes with traffic analysis
organic positioning
seo audit - page experiece to traffic correlation
tech SEO vs performance
SEO audit - initial keywords opportunities
initial keywords opportunities

Why choose Luca Tagliaferro to audit your website?

Trust & Experience

Listed in Yahoo! Finance 2019 list of most influential digital marketing specialists.

Slides & Screenshot

I use Apple Keynote and PowerPoint to present the results, explain them and discuss them with you.

No jargon

I use glossaries and transform terms of Technical SEO into simple concepts.

Unlock Your Potential

With this amount of data, you’ll find opportunities for improvements, both short & long term.

Call and Videos

I use Zoom or Google Hangout to explain the Audit results and answer every question.

Best Auditing Tools

I use a wide variety of tools: SE Ranking, SEMRush, ScreamingFrog, Search Console, & more so no stone is unturned.

SEO Audits clients’ success stories

Mary-Anne Da’Marzo
CEO Firebelly Media

I have been working with Luca on some large scale projects for multimillion-pound brands and nothing seems to phase him.
 His technical knowledge and implementation of SEO techniques and strategies are insane and I cannot recommend him enough. He has taught me a lot and I thought I knew so much about SEO!

Luca is a serious professional. Very effective and prepared in everything related to conversion and SEO.
Definitely recommended.
Seriousness and preparation are uncommon qualities nowadays in digital marketing.

Carlo Mobilio
Head of Marketing

Luca is one of the best in his field, I am very grateful to work with him, great process, authority in his field and a great person.
I would highly recommend working with Luca

Charmaine Figg
Head of Digital

Luca is one of the best in his field, I am very grateful to work with him, great process, authority in his field and a great person. I would highly recommend working with Luca

SEO Audit Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a report that contains the results of a website study and the facts that influence how a website performs in organic search. An SEO audit usually consists of a list of findings and suggestions that emphasise the problem and offer a remedy or general advice (best practice).

An SEO audit will often cover aspects of a website’s design, structure, speed, content, and link history; however, the scope of a technical SEO audit will vary depending on whether it is performed by an experienced SEO consultant, an SEO firm, or someone who has utilised an SEO audit tool. 

Should I get a FREE SEO audit?

The simple answer is “NO”.

Basic SEO audits that scrape the surface of a website highlighting basic site issues such as crawl errors, a basic audit checklist, are normally a very shallow way of doing things. They are missing on the important aspects such as bespoke recommendations, complex issues and important aspects. 

Some free SEO audits may be beneficial for simple websites, but most small, medium, and big businesses with more than a few pages would most certainly need a well organised paid search engine optimization campaign.

What format do I receive my SEO audit?

I’ll deliver a report in Power Point to describe complex issues. You’ll get a list of issues categorised by priority, those that you need to fix first vs those issues you can leave for later on, based on the assessed impact they have on your website.

The list will then link to each slide with more details, including screenshots, explanations and terminology for each single issue. You can also use this document to train your internal team thanks to the definitions of key terms and why they are important.

Will you implement the changes that you recommend?

Yes, I have substantial CMS expertise and some coding knowledge, thus I am able to execute technical SEO audit adjustments on websites at both the CMS and code level in the vast majority of situations. I can give this service after an audit has been completed if you do not have a webmaster or development resource in place to repair / resolve website concerns.

I can ensure that all concerns are fixed with my implementation. In cases where I can’t implement them because of structural changes are required, I can work with your developers to make sure the changes are carries out.

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