Take your SEO audits to the next level.

It can be hard to find out everything there is to know about your website organic performance. To help you accelerate your knowledge, I offer you three types of SEO audits that address the most challenging areas of your organic rankings.

Save money on your SEO campaigns

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Our range of SEO Audits and Services start with the Basic SEO Audit, all the way through the most advanced SEO audit.

Save time and money with my SEO audits, or take your knowledge of your website to a level that will empower you to make long-lasting decisions and impacts on your organic rankings.

Discover our audits below.

Advanced SEO Audit

The Complete and Most Advanced Audit
£ 2,950
  • Search Console Analysis
  • Competitive Scorecard
  • Ideal for Shopify, WordPress & Wix sites
  • URL Structure Analysis
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Tech & UX SEO Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • YouTube SEO Analysis
  • Keywords & Positioning Analysis
  • 150 slides of deep analysis & commentaries
  • 1:1 Presentation & Delivery

Intermediate SEO Audits

Build core SEO knowledge
£ 1,950
  • Search Console Analysis
  • Competitive Scorecard
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Keywords & Positioning Analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Tech & UX SEO Analysis
  • 90 Slides of deep analysis & commentaries
  • 1:1 Presentation and Delivery

Basic SEO Audit

Learn to unleash the power of SEO data
£ 995
  • Search Console Analysis
  • Competitive Scorecard
  • Backlinks Analytics
  • Keywords & Positioning Analysis
  • 45 Slides of deep analysis & commentaries
  • 1:1 Presentation & Delivery

Is your SEO stuck? Is your traffic stuck?

This in-depth SEO audit will provide you vital insight into your site’s current SEO efficiency as well as any concerns that may be jeopardising your search engine position.

My SEO audit also provides extensive insights about some of the most frequent issues that may be harming your site, so you can make sense of the information and start formulating a strategy to fix them.

Once you share your website’s URL to me, the audit procedure takes a few days as the audit is done manually. I use also use SEO tools like SE Ranking and SEMrush to make sure I don’t skip any issue, but tools only go as far as listing the issues. They are not able to prioritise the workload, to weight how much damage one issue can do to your performance. So human interaction is always need.

Why Luca Tagliaferro?

I am committed to transforming the way you do SEO and completely reshape your organic rankings by going above and beyond the industry standards.

I was inserted in Yahoo! Finance 2019 list of most influential digital marketing specialists and my work is featured on the most prestigious publications such as SEMRush, SearchEngineLand, Moz, WordTracker, Sparktoro, CrazyEgg, SE Ranking and many others. 

I am an internationally recognised SEO consultant providing high-level services to medium and large online businesses.

As seen on

Don't take my word for it

I have been working with Luca on some large scale projects for multimillion-pound brands and nothing seems to phase him.
 His technical knowledge and implementation of SEO techniques and strategies are insane and I cannot recommend him enough. He has taught me a lot and I thought I knew so much about SEO!
Mary-anne da marzo
Mary-Anne Da'Marzo
CEO Firebelly Media
Luca is a serious professional. Very effective and prepared in everything related to conversion and SEO. Definitely recommended. Seriousness and preparation are uncommon qualities nowadays in digital marketing.
Carlo Mobilio
Carlo Mobilio
Head of Marketing @Recrowd.com
Luca is one of the best in his field, I am very grateful to work with him, great process, authority in his field and a great person 😀 I would highly recommend working with Luca
Charmaine Figg
Head of Digital
Luca is an expert at affiliate marketing as well as a good UX and conversion rate optimizer. He's very knowledgeable in both subjects. Be sure to search for articles he's written for online marketing publications on these topics.
Sean Work
Sean Work
Former VP of Marketing @CrazyEgg

How do you pick the best SEO audit for you?

Now you know the 3 SEO audit options available on the market. But what if you are feeling a bit stuck? Which of these excellent audits should you choose?

Unfortunately, I can’t read your mind through the screen and tell you straight. Only you know about the type of knowledge you need, your specific situation, if you want to analyse your competitors or if you want to set up your SEO strategy with the right foot.

However, I can give you some handy tips for finding the perfect SEO audit for you.

#1 Enquire and get the most of a free consultation

Use my contact form to ask me anything you want and I’ll reply to you within 24 hours.

This is perfect for judging whether an audit is the right fit for your online business – try to work out: 

  • How useful the audit is
  • Who conducts the analysis
  • How can the analysis help me? 
  • What you need and don’t need
  • What you’d want to be different
  • If you are happy with the advice you received

Then, enquire to some other SEO consultant. Even if the first one is perfect, you still want to have something to compare it to.

#2 Think about what you want from SEO

This seems obvious but so many clients and people pick an SEO audit because of how it’s advertised and marketed. Or because they have found it on Google top positions and automatically believe it’s the best audit service. 

Safe to say, this isn’t the best way for choosing the best audit consultant for you. 

You have already taken the first step at reading this long article – the next step is to decide the purpose of your audit, and then narrow down your requirements lists based on that. Don’t think about the sale prices, or audit contents that you don’t need! 

For example, if you want to start dominating an industry on Google, your best options are the advanced SEO audit. Enquire and find out more about it.

If you have a small website, consider the basic audit and hand it over to your SEO consultant or to your developer to action the recommendations.

#3 Consider your budget

You don’t want to spend a fortune on your audits. Look at the price plans of each SEO audit and decide how much you want to spend, or can afford to spend.  Then workout if you can spend everything upfront or pay a monthly fee. Yes, there are lots of free SEO audit tools out there, but they don’t provide most of the analysis, content and personal support that you’ll probably need during your analysis journey.

Other things to consider

Google is often considered the doorstep to the Internet. People search content, products and services billion of times every day. Therefore, make sure you come up with top results is key to meeting your audience where they are.

An SEO technical audit will help keep the website in good health, which is one of the fundamentals of SEO. Working hand in hand with link building, content production, and User Experience improvements, the technical health of your website can improve your ranking, generating more traffic and conversions.

I would recommend carrying out an SEO audit early in the project for most clients, as it can set up the base for the coming SEO strategy. It’s vital, in fact, to correct the site crawlability, structural and UX components to allow users to find and use your website easily while allowing search engine crawlers to better understand it.

SEO Audit Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a report that contains the results of a website study and the facts that influence how a website performs in organic search. An SEO audit usually consists of a list of findings and suggestions that emphasise the problem and offer a remedy or general advice (best practice).
An SEO audit will often cover aspects of a website’s design, structure, speed, content, and link history; however, the scope of a technical SEO audit will vary depending on whether it is performed by an experienced SEO consultant, an SEO firm, or someone who has utilised an SEO audit tool. add a new question go to app settings and press “Manage Questions” button.

Should I get a FREE SEO audit?

The simple answer is “NO”.
Basic SEO audits that scrape the surface of a website highlighting basic site issues such as crawl errors, a basic audit checklist, are normally a very shallow way of doing things. They are missing on the important aspects such as bespoke recommendations, complex issues and important aspects.

Some free SEO audits may be beneficial for simple websites, but most small, medium, and big businesses with more than a few pages would most certainly need a well organised paid search engine optimization campaign.

What format do I receive my SEO audit?

I’ll deliver a report in Power Point to describe complex issues. You’ll get a list of issues categorised by priority, those that you need to fix first vs those issues you can leave for later on, based on the assessed impact they have on your website.

The list will then link to each slide with more details, including screenshots, explainations and terminology for each single issue. You can also use this document to train your internal team thanks to the definitions of key terms and why they are important.

Will you implement the changes that you recommend?

Yes, I have substantial CMS expertise and some coding knowledge, thus I am able to execute technical SEO audit adjustments on websites at both the CMS and code level in the vast majority of situations. I can give this service after an audit has been completed if you do not have a webmaster or development resource in place to repair / resolve website concerns.

I can ensure that all concerns are fixed with my implementation. In cases where I can’t implement them because of structural changes are required, I can work with your developers to make sure the changes are carries out.