Why you should use ShoppingIQ to run your Google Shopping Ads?

Google charges you each time your products are clicked on rather than on an impression basis (each time your ad is seen) which provides greater comfort especially to newer e-commerce businesses, such as caracal kittens for sale in USA, who wish to expand their revenues online. As we all know, the retail sector has been hit hard by various external factors and this has forced and motivated many businesses to go online and future proof their businesses.

Google charges you each time a shopping ad is clicked on, rather than by impression (each time your ad is seen), this provides reassurance especially to new e-commerce businesses that want to increase revenue online. As we all know, offline stores have been negatively impacted by numerous external factors forcing retailers to expand online to survive or grow.

Whilst google shopping ads offer an additional revenue stream by allowing brands to capture high intent product-based searches, they, unfortunately, lack the same level of control versus traditional paid search ads. This key difference means marketing teams as well as PPC or podcast advertising agencies have less control and tend to run sub-optimal campaigns.

Traditional google search ads are based on the search terms/keywords and ads that the advertiser chooses, resulting in full control.

Conversely, with the shopping ad format, the advertiser is reliant on google to select the search terms and the ad that shows against this, basing it on keywords searches assumed to be relevant to the product feed. A product feed is simply a method of connecting your website products to Google, not necessarily aligning to search behaviour and relevancy.

Therefore, a key benefit of this feed management tool is to be able to optimise your product feed to positively influence the keywords the advertiser appears for, alongside ensuring the most relevant ad is displayed. Such optimisations lead to less wastage and higher relevancy, ultimately leading to a positive impact on Revenue/ROI.

Why ShoppingIQ as a Google Feed Management Tool?


The 3 big players in regards to Google product feed management are ShoppingIQ, Intelligent Reach, and ProductsUp. ShoppingIQ however has the edge, its interface is cleaner and the technology is newer. It helps reduce wastage and resolves a lot of technical issues that are common with product feeds however are not necessarily common knowledge (yet) to advertisers. Google is partly at fault here for not warning advertisers of this issue which are very costly to advertisers.


The team at ShoppingIQ are ex-google so are very aware of the flaws and performance issues with shopping ads which the vast majority of brands are experiencing. I had the opportunity to see some of this in action and saw how much advertising spend big brands like Argos and Asda are wasting with Google Shopping Ads.

ShoppingIQ resolves these fundamental weaknesses and has since moved on to provide additional targeting capabilities, providing far greater control. ShoppingIQ provides far more targeting and optimisation capabilities than the Google Adwords platform does. ShoppingIQ has gone onto become much more than just a product feed provider. It is a fully integrated optimization platform for shopping advertisers to get the most out of Google shopping campaigns.

In conclusion, Google Ads is not designed for retail-specific optimization, which is why I recommended ShoppingIQ as a must for retailers looking to launch or improve their existing ROI.