Review of SparkToro: Features, Pricing, Opinion

Updated: Apr 30

This is my review of SparkToro, the new software developed by Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, formerly at Moz.

I was provided with a free press version, 7-days access to try the tool.

In this review, I’ll talk about:

  • What is SparkToro

  • What SparkToro does

  • What you can accomplish using the software

  • What I have really liked

  • What I have not liked

What is Sparktoro?

SparkToro is an audience intelligence tool to conduct market research and provide target audience intelligence insights in a way that is affordable, quickly accessible and hugely actionable.

With just a few searches, you can quickly find out where is your target audience hanging out across many sources on the web, like websites, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, podcasts and more.

SparkToro Dashboard - Luca Tagliaferro

Not only that, but it also solves for a specific and time-consuming task which is finding out which publication can influence your target audience the most.

Sparktoro overview - Luca Tagliaferro

So, what the tool does very well, in my opinion, is to uncover new opportunities for a variety of digital marketing tasks, such as:

  • How to find guest posts on websites that your target audience reads

  • Start new affiliate relationships with influencing people/ websites

  • Find journalists that you can outreach for content marketing

  • Find websites for partnerships for all sort of various campaigns

The list is longer than that, these are just four use cases of what you can accomplish with SparkToro, so I recommend really trying the software to find out more yourself.

In this review, we will use some examples of features and functionalities, and we will go into details about the metrics.

What tasks can you accomplish?

As you can see from these few words I have written, the problem Sparktoro solves now used to take days, if not weeks in some cases, plus a lot of manual work and oftentimes a considerable budget.

Normally market research can cost from approximately $15,000 up to $35,000 and this type of budget is not available to every company.

Research data

Sparktoro searches thousands of social media accounts, websites, podcasts and other channels to find out where your audience is and classify the accounts in terms of which one is the most influential.

What you do with this data is up to you.

Compare data

The tool compares these audience sources with custom-made metrics and attributes to determine the most influential ones for SEO, press, social, content and outreach campaigns.

Prioritise data

Research and comparison are not enough, in this world of data made of millions of data points you need to know which one is:

  1. More influential than others for a set of attributes

  2. Bigger than others, because influential doesn’t always mean big

Analyse data

You can find out how influential, large or extended is your brand compared to your competitors.

Discover new opportunities

Surprise yourself and discover more accounts, websites, podcasts and other places you didn't know where influential.

A detailed look of the features

As we have seen above, with SparkToro you can accomplish several tasks. Let’s have a closer look at each of them, starting with what is called Audience Intelligence to research your data.

To get this result, just create an account for free if you want to use it and you’ll see the search bar. The bar consists of two parts:

  • What your audience does/ how it behaves/ what it speaks about

  • The second part is about your topic of interest

Regardless of what you search, this marketing tool returns an overview of your audience:

Then you can filter it by channel:

search results sparktoro - luca tagliaferro

Essentially, based on the results, your target audience that frequently visits the website:, in the United Kingdom, also visits (3.9% of it), (3.8% of it) and other sources.

Do you want to know which social media accounts this target audience also follows and engages with?

SparkToro got your covered:

social accounts BBC

Which podcasts is the audience visiting BBC also visits?

Here we go:

Ultimately, does your PPC specialist need to know which accounts he can target on YouTube with a display campaign?

Here is a list of all YouTube channels the BBC audience also visits…surprisingly SparkToro didn’t find any result.

Youtube results not provided - sparktoro bug

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