Delivering my first SEO Keynote Speech

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In March this year, I received an email from someone called Lygia Lais Rodriguez. A “someone” I really got to know better in Dubai and with whom I developed a great relationship.

She recorded my keynote speech about 26 ways to do SEO using AI and published it on Youtube, then featured me on their Magazine.

This was Lygia’s email to me after reading my LinkedIn post on AI and SEO:

This is how I started searching for flights to Dubai and packing my essentials. Sigma is one of the first conferences about iGaming in the world and it’s currently organising various events around the world, from Asia to Europe and the US.

I won’t forget the excitement I felt when I read that email. It’s the first time in my professional career that someone is inviting me to speak, and the first time as a Keynote Speaker.

Lygia needed someones to clarify what AI is doing to SEO and how the whole industry is being revolutionised.

I really enjoyed presenting.

Luca Tagliaferro speaking sigma

A full replay of 25-minutes keynote on “From Keyword Research to Content Creation: How ChatGPT is Revolutionizing SEO” can be found on YouTube.

Here are my highlights from the first keynote Experience – Sigma Eurasia 2023

It’s great to meet so many new people at this event which wasn’t even about my industry – SEO. I literally do know nothing about iGaming, Gambling online, cripto currency and what not.

However, I learnt more about this in 3 days of the Sigma Conference than in any other opportunity I had.

I also had the opportunity to visit Dubai and its desert, do a camel ride and the exciting Safari experience – which I don’t recommend to the faint of hearts. You get into a fast car, jump over sand dunes and feel like you are in a washing machine.

desert safari Sigma event Dubai 2023

I am looking forward to the next one already, because I absolutely loved walking off the stage and knowing the impact of my ideas, experiments and frameworks had on people’s work.

Ai is a technology that is little understood and, at the same time, has a disrupting impact on how SEO is done, sometimes negatively. Listeners were completely focussed on the wonders AI can do, from reducing workloads and improving productivity. Not to mention the fact you can do new things that weren’t possible before.

If you have an event, and you are outreaching SEO experts and want to add a new voice on AI in the mix…let’s talk. There isn’t a lot of us out there. Drop me a note.

I don’t just show up and give any old talk.

I show you how to use AI in a positive way, with integrity and ethics.

I show you how you are important in the development of your work in this AI age, but only if you adapt before AI takes your job.

I will teach you new skills and what these skills look like.

All based on case studies, real data and experiments on my sites, my clients’ websites and from personal research and development.

Now, let’s move on.


Man! they were great.

Let’s get into them.

Top AI and SEO questions from SIGMA Dubai attendees

Q. “What is the secret of getting the most out of AI?”

A. “The secret is to articulate a great prompt!”

Q. “Is AI writing good for SEO?”

A. “Absolutely not. Don’t let AI write your content for you. The reason is that AI feeds from what’s already available from the Internet, so chances are that it’ll produce nothing new. We are already tired of mediocre content and AI replicates the content already published. We need more experience and expertise, not less.”

Q. “Which AI tool is best for SEO?”

A. “I love using Inlinks because it allows me to outline an article based on a topic”.

You see, combining AI writing with human experience is your best bet. Humanity will always need to crete something new, this is part of the fundamentals of progress.

This about it.

As we work with more and more tech, at some point we’ll get tired of tech too.

Metaverse gets rid of real people. Apple Vision Pro replaces the office. VR replaces the world around you, real people, real socialisation.

These are bad ideas, in my opinion.

AI will flood the Internet with mediocre content written by a robot. Who wants to read that?

That’s why we need more human content, not less. That’s why Google launched the Helpful Content Update in August 2022, they knew AI was coming in December 2022.

Google wants to see human experience more than ever.

Want me to speak at your event?

If you want me to speak at your event, take a look at who is Luca Tagliaferro and then drop me a note.