Complete SEMRush Review Guide

Updated: Mar 25

Semrush guide and review - Luca Tagliaferro

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a superb and well-known search engine optimization tool to research high-volume keywords, checking the high-ranking site's keywords, and much more.

SEMrush also supports multiple other features to help you with the perfect search engine optimization, including site auditing to check for any recommendations and the high-performing sites for backlinks opportunity.

What are the benefits of using SEMrush?

SEMrush is a highly beneficial tool for looking to get their site on search engine results pages. SEMrush assists you in taking the steps that can improve your site's traffic and site performance.

SEMrush is a top-rated tool to beat your competitors and ranking your site higher to get more traffic. All in all, SEMrush is a tool that assists you to achieve more in less time.

Our complete review guide will guide you about all SEMrush features, pricing plans and much about the SEMrush.

Features and Specifications

Keyword research in SEMrush

Keyword research is something that helps us in finding how much search volume a particular keyword has, keyword difficulty level, the ranking sites for a specific keyword, and the related keyword suggestions and their search volumes.

SEMrush is featured with the Keyword overview specification to help your complete keyword research data for any particular keyword.

Additionally, SEMrush also facilitates you to search for any keyword against any country to target some country.

SEMrush keyword overview section also includes the keyword difficulty metric. SEMrush provides a percentage of data of the keyword difficulty for any particular keyword.

With the Keyword difficulty metric, it's easy to rank on lower percentage keywords and vice versa.

Keyword magic tool

Keyword magic metric in keyword overview section allows you to get the related suggested keywords and their search volumes.

The term magic may sense inappropriate, but the keyword magic metric is easy to operate. It also empowers you to use filters against your required keyword difficulty, search volume, and the cost per click for the google ads.

Keyword Difficulty tool

SEMrush's K.W. difficulty feature helps get all the crucial data for an SEO expert to make choices.

SEMrush only offers the search results against the google searches; it does not support the other search engine searches.

According to Stat Counter, every seven out of one hundred searches are made through the BING search engine. The good thing about SEMrush's competitors, including Ahrefs, is the support of this multiple search engine results feature.

Comparatively, SEMrush does not let you find out the backlink number against any specific keyword. However, other competitors support this specification.

Backlink analysis

Backlinks play a crucial role in the site's performance on the Search engine results page.

The backlink analysis feature requires you to input the domain name and results in all the backlinks to find the domain.

The backlink analysis feature also supports the anchor text, I.P. address data and domain distributions metrics.

SEMrush claims to possess 32 trillion databases of backlinks. If this is an accurate claim, then SEMrush is the best tool for backlink analysis as compared with its competitors having smaller backlink databases, including Ahrefs.

Backlink audits

SEMrush also supports the backlink auditing feature to help you find out the site health having the links pointing to your site. Semrush algorithm develops a record of spammy links to help you find those links and update Google as repudiate links. This allows Google to ignore these harmful links pointing to your site. Google charges the sites with many low-quality links pointing to the specific site. In this condition repudiating these low-quality links is a very supportive and significant step.

The backlink auditing feature is also a very powerful peculiarity in SEMrush that can identify these low-grade links. It allows whitelisting these links even if you think that SEMrush backlink auditing is at an extreme.

Link building in SEMrush

Link building is a strategy to get high performing sites linking to your site. Link building is an extremely crucial step for any successful site.

Google rewards the sites having their connection links on high-performing sites in search results. SEMrush link building tool helps you find your competitors, analyze your content on the site, and inquire about your keywords. It also offers a list of some potential websites worth requesting for guest posting and backlinks purposes.

The good thing about this feature is SEMrush offers a connection to send the emails to these potential websites within the metric. It also tracks the progress and response from each email. The SEMrush also provides email addresses for these potential websites. This feature is an exceptional feature-no complaint here, and it creates a strong argument for using SEMrush.

Rank tracking

Rank tracking is a feature in SEMrush that offers you critical information against the site performance over time on google for any specific keyword.

Rank tracking keyword feature only requires the domain name and any list of K.W.s. The rank tracking system generates a report displaying all the critical information about how the site ranks against those listed keywords.

SEMrush also supports the same feature in your competitors' case and allows you to compare your ranking performance with your competitor's performance over specific keywords. The feature is listed as the Position tracker in SEMrush that supports this comparison. You will also get an email about the rank tracking feature over time.

Writing Assistant

SEMrush offers you a set of content management tools that allow you to find new keywords, check for your current content from the search engine optimization view and other Keywords for the ranking sites. SEMrush also supports the writing assistant feature, which reviews your content and offers suggestions. You can write with SEMrush writing assistant and avail their real-time assistance as well.

writing assistant semrush - Luca Tagliaferro

Site auditing

SEMrush's awesome site auditing feature lets you audit your site to find out the potential issues contributing negatively to the site ranking.

SEMrush's site auditing feature audits your website. It results in constructive recommendations for your site, including plagiarized content, Secure socket layer issues, Empty headings, keyword stuffing problems, and low-speed loading.

SEMrush's site auditing functionality also supports on-page SEO checking, which examines your site entirely and offers you some helpful suggestions to improve, including the tips for keywords, meta tags and descriptions, and high-quality sites to approach backlinks, content word count, and many other tips.

SEMrush also offers the proper reasoning behind these recommendations to help you improve your site SEO. SEMrush site auditing feature is superb and makes it an exceptional tool against its competitors.

Domain analysis

Every Search Engine Optimization project begins from the fundamental domain evaluation. Domain evaluation or analysis means taking a basic overview of domain quality for search engine optimization. There are two ways to perform domain analysis, the domain analysis of our website to find out the modifications to be made for a good SEO or the domain evaluation for a competitor's website to judge how difficult it is to de-rank them?

Domain analysis is also helpful to find out the high-quality websites as these High-quality websites can boost third party site-performance in the engine with the help of backlinks.

Domain analysis to find out the site's performance in the search results is a simple process with Semrush; you need to copy the site's URL and paste that in the Domain Overview section. Domain overview Section also offers the additional metrics, including the visitor count on any site during any period, the number of backlinks directing to the website, high-functioning keywords for any site, authority score, and the site's competitors.

Authority scores provide excellent and quick knowledge about the site-quality. Semrush measures the authority scores by calculating the complete backlink data of a site, the website's traffic details, and the number of organic searches against the site's content.

The authority score metric was challenging to navigate in Semrush's old interface, but with the new interface, Semrush has moved the authority score metric to the centre of the domain overview section.

The bad thing about the Semrush domain overview is that it does not claim the data's accuracy, including the traffic figures. The other majority of the data is based on estimations. Upon comparing with a google analytics tool, SEmrush traffic estimates do not have accuracy against the actual data.

It's good to use the traffic stats feature as some data that indicates the website's reputation. The metrics other than traffic stats help you get some crucial data and insights about different sites.

Among the other domain overview metrics, SEMrush also offers the 'Keyword by country' metric that allows you to check the country with the highest number of visitors to any particular site. SEMrush domain overview section is highly useful, offering you insight data about the site's performance for SEO purposes.

SEMrush Pricing and Plans