Media Mister Review: How to increase your social media presence

With TikTok being the 6th most downloaded app in the world and with more than 4 billion users on social media, building and sustaining a social media presence in today’s world has become harder. 

Multiple businesses claim to help with media growth – some better than others. 

But, one business seems to have beat the algorithm – Media Mister.

This company touts itself as the holy grail of growing social presence. They offer a wide range of profile-raising products and services that will help you grow your presence on different social media platforms. Some platforms include Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest.

They also claim to provide this social media growth through real people with active accounts rather than bots. But are they as legitimate as they advertise? Let’s find out.

This article will review Media Mister in detail, highlighting its services, pros, and cons. OS, let’s get right to it.

What Is Media Mister?

Media Mister is a pioneer company in the social media marketing industry. This launched in 2012, just a year after Instagram. It is quite obvious that they set the stage for other growth companies like themselves and are the company to beat.

They are one of the oldest names in the social media growth space. They have built a solid reputation by providing their services in the safest and most legitimate ways possible.

It is normal to feel hesitant to check out Media Mister’s services, especially with all the scams readily available over the internet. 

However, this Media Mister review will provide you with accurate information to enable you to make an informed decision.

In fact, I purchased the service myself and spent $90 and I can confirm it’s 100% safe.

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How Media Mister Works

How Media Mister Works

Media Mister is a social media marketing provider that sells followers, likes, comments, views, plays, application downloads, and so on. 

They offer these services with the promise of organically helping you to grow your online engagements on different platforms.

They operate with a straightforward process where you pay for the service and get what you paid for. Their money-back value makes it easy to see what you pay for in real-time.

It is available in most regions, though some services are restricted to particular locations.

Here are the four steps to use Media Mister services:

        1. Select Your Social Network

Choose from the multiple dozens of popular social media and other networks at the top of the page.

        2. Choose a Package

Scroll through to find the service you need and select the package size you require.

         3. Enter Details

Copy and paste the URL of your content or your username for the selected platform in the options. Fill in all other details about the service you want to buy.

       4. Check Out

Head to the payment process and wait for your order to be delivered.

Media Mister Home Page

Media Mister Services

Media Mister services cover engagement services for a total of 56 different platforms. They are hands-down the most inclusive engagement company ranging from social media platforms, music streaming platforms, podcast streaming platforms, cryptocurrency platforms, etc.

They provide engagement services for 22 social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. This comprehensive range is unique and the widest range any engagement company has been able to provide.

According to the Media Mister website, the most popular services are:

Let’s dive into the services they provide for some of the platforms we mentioned, shall we?

Instagram Engagements

Media Mister’s services for Instagram engagement are followers, likes, views, impressions, saves, mentions, comment replies, comments, profile visits, post reach, story poll votes, direct messages, and shares. These are all useful engagements on Instagram, and you can buy any of these services to boost your social media growth.

These services are available in affordable bundles:

  • Instagram followers: Depending on the category of followers you select and your country, it can cost as little as $12 for 500 followers or $500 for 500 followers.
  • Instagram views: You can select the type of view you want between video, stories, live videos, reels, and highlights. Each of these starts at $2 for 100 views.
  • Instagram likes: You can buy Instagram likes for your posts, comments, Reels, Ads, Stories, etc. Every 100 likes for any of these categories costs $3.

TikTok Engagements

For TikTok engagements, Media Misters offers followers, comments, likes, shares, and views. Some of the packages that you can purchase are:

  • TikTok followers: 100 followers for 1-3 days start at $5.
  • TikTok likes: You can pick between video likes and live stream likes. For a one-time package of video likes, $5 will get you 100 likes. Live stream video likes are presently only available for Asian countries, and you can get 100 likes for $4.
  • TikTok comments: Video comments on TikTok will cost you a bit more. One hundred custom comments on a TikTok video will cost $12. The offer for live-stream video comments is more random and cheaper too. These cost you only $5 for 100 likes.

YouTube Engagements

The social engagement options for YouTube are likes, views, subscribers, watch-time hours, favourites, comments, and dislikes. Like other platforms, the options you choose for the service will determine the price.

  • YouTube views: The lowest views you can pay for here is 1000 views. Depending on your region, you can pay as much as $19
  • YouTube subscribers: The categories of YouTube subscribers here are ‘Normal’ and ‘NFT.’ For normal, 100 subscribers for 1-2 days is $17. NFT subscribers start from 500 and cost $150 for 1-3 days.
  • YouTube likes: This has four (4) categories; video likes, comment likes, community post likes, and shorts likes. 100 Normal video likes cost $17 for 1-3 days. NFT video likes start at 500 likes and cost $120 for 1-3 days.

Twitter Engagements

Twitter engagements on Media Mister are available for followers, retweets, comments, likes, Tweets, DMs, Space listeners, clicks, mentions, impressions, and poll votes. They are all available at affordable prices.

  • Twitter followers: The categories of Twitter followers available are regular, NFT, and crypto followers. You can get 100 regular followers at $7 for 1-4 days, 100 NFT followers at $50 for 1-3 days, and 100 crypto followers at $11 for 1-3 days.
  • Twitter likes: Twitter likes have two categories; normal and NFT followers. Normal followers. You can only get 50 likes at a time for $3. You can get 100 NFT likes at $7 for 1-3 days.
  • Twitter retweets: The categories here are ‘one-time package’ and ‘an automatic package.’ You can also select normal retweets or quoted retweets. Normal retweets start at $4 for 50 retweets, and quoted retweets start at $17 for 100.

Facebook Engagements

All Facebook engagements are available. You can buy likes, group members, followers, reviews, views, friend requests, poll votes, comments, replies, shares, event attendees, and reactions.

  • Facebook views: You can get video views, monetized views, story views, live stream views, and reel views. Video views start at $9 for 500 views; monetized views start at $63 for 5000 views; story views start at $15 for 500 views, and live stream views cost $15 for 100 views every 30 minutes.
  • Facebook followers: Select between page followers and profile followers. Both categories cost $3 for 100 followers.
  • Facebook group members: This starts at $20 for 1000 group members available for 4-7 days.

Media Mister Pricing and Payment Options

The pricing for Media Mister differs depending on the services you opt for. Their services are very affordable, with some as cheap as $2 and $3.

Media Mister also offers unique payment options. Apart from the standard credit and debit card payment method, they have also embraced a decentralized payment system and accept cryptocurrency as payment. 

You can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to pay for their services.

Media Mister most purchased services

For those interested in utilising Ethereum for transactions, an eth calculator can be an invaluable tool to accurately assess transaction costs, helping you make informed decisions about your investments and payments in the crypto space.

Media Mister Features

  • Real Engagements

Many social engagement companies use low-quality bots that implicate the authenticity of your account. 

On the other hand, Media Mister offers real engagements from real people with live accounts on whatever platform you use. 

The followers, subscribers, likes, comments, views, etc., are from real people who interact with your profiles, giving a high retention rate.

  • Location-based Engagements

Some of the services provided by this site are location-based. That means you may be limited to some specific services depending on your location. 

However, most of the services that you can access are purchased from a certain location to reach an audience in that same location. 

That means if you are a business in the USA, you can also purchase followers from the USA. Yes, the world is a global village, but having followers, likes, views, and others from the location of your business will give your social profiles more credibility.

  • Secure Website

Media Mister is a secure site with end-to-end encryption and an SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). They have a solid privacy policy that ensures your details are not shared with third-party websites. 

Media Mister will not ask for your personal information or passwords. All your activities on the website are secured.

  • Delivery Times

Media Mister has a very fast response time. They start delivering the social signals within 24 hours of your purchase. 

The delivery mode of your social media engagements is the ‘drip-feeding’ method rather than a sudden injection. This makes the flow of engagement more realistic, and your growth remains organic.

  • Transparency

The entire process of social media engagement is organic. Media Mister ensures a transparent process from placing your order to delivering what you paid for. The terms and conditions are readily available, so you know what you are signing up for. There are no hidden terms or charges, and everything is straightforward.

  • Customer Support

Customer service is one of service providers’ most important measures to ensure their customers are kept happy and satisfied. Media Mister is not left behind. 

They understand the needs of their customers and provide customer support to assist customers through their services. Although time zone differences may cause some slowness in response, they are very responsive.

  • FAQ section

There is a clear FAQ section on their websites that answers most of your concerns before purchasing. The FAQ section is gathered from previous clients’ questions, so it addresses common questions and concerns of first-time customers.

  • Detailed Information

The website is very detailed, with all the information about any of the services you want. Once you navigate to the ‘All Services on the menu bar of the website, you see all the platforms for which you can use their services. The services have complete transparency with information about what you’ll get, prices, and other necessary details.

  • Positive Reviews

When engaging with a new product or service, checking for product and service reviews is a measure that most people take. There are many positive reviews and success stories from real customers on different websites.

Things I Like About Media Mister

  • The website is always updated: Media Mister listens to the public and adds new features and services to meet customers’ demands.
  • High-quality engagements and social signals: They always deliver safe and legitimate social engagements that assure you of organic growth.
  • Lots of Options: Media Mister offers many services for a wide range of platforms. They have all the growth options and offers for major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.
  • Outstanding Reputation: They have a long history of 10 years of providing social media engagement and growth services. This shows in all the positive reviews about them on their website and other review websites.


  • No Free Trial: There is no free trial available for any service. You have to pay money to experience the services.
  • Time zone difference for customer support: though their customer support service is great, you may experience difficulty reaching customer support if you are in a completely different time zone

Is Media Mister a scam, or is it legitimate?

So far, with their reputation and years of service, it is safe to say that Media Mister is not a scam. They are an authentic site providing legitimate services across platforms.

The website offers engagements from real live accounts on each platform. Unlike other platforms that procure false services by using cheap bots to create followers, subscribers, likes, views, and so on, Media Mister ensures the organic growth of your pages and platforms.

They did not pop up from the blues. They have a track record that you can confirm from customer reviews.

Is Media Mister safe to use?

You have good reason to fear the safety of Media Mister and other sites like it. Most of these sites present a major risk that violates the policies of many social media platforms. This presents a major risk as you can lose your entire social profile.

However, Media Mister presents a safe fortress for you to grow organically. It is secure and safe to use. Your payment method and all other personal information are secure and safe. You can rest knowing that you are protected from any potential loss of your details and information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Media Mister

  • Are the Media Mister Likes, Followers, Views, and Comments Stable?

Media Mister offers high-quality social signals from real people with live accounts, making all products and services they offer authentic and stable. They also have a warranty that allows errors to be corrected without charges.

  • Is Buying These Kinds of Social Media Services Legal?

Though most social platforms have created policies against using bots to create social signals, since Media Mister uses real people, you are safe from this problem.

It is not illegal to enjoy the services of Media Mister since their products and services comply with the terms and conditions of social networks.

  • Do You Require Any Sensitive Data to Buy any of the Services?

Media Mister does not require you to share sensitive information about your social accounts, like passwords. All their services and payment methods are 100% secured on the site with end-to-end encryption. 

Also, Media Mister does not share your personal information with third-party websites.

  • How Will My Payment Data Be Handled?

All your payments are secured and processed via Stripe and Coin Payments. Throughout the transaction process, 256-bit SSL encryption is used to secure all your data, including credit and debit card details and all other payment information.

  • Does Media Mister Offer Additional Support?

Media Mister has solid customer service that provides you with all the support you require throughout the purchase process and will also aid your research before purchasing.

  • If I Don’t Receive My Order, What Should I Do?

From the Media Mister site, we see that they deliver your order within 24 hours and not less than 48 hours. If they exceed this timeframe, you will be informed of whatever issues or delays. 

If you do not receive your order after this notification, you can contact the customer support team, and you will receive some help.

Wrapping It Up

After studying several reviews, we can confidently say that Media Mister is a safe, legitimate, and effective tool that you can use to grow your social profiles organically.