SEMRush: Is the High Price Worth it?

If you are wondering whether SEMRush is worth the investment, you are in the right place to find the answer.

SEMRush statistics paint an impressive picture:

  • SEMRush claims to have over 10,000,000 customers worldwide.
  • They track 22.3 Billion keywords in their database
  • Has data from 120 countries and growing.
  • Tracks 43 Trillion backlinks
  • The software contains over 40 tools for digital marketers, including SEO, advertising, reporting, social media and content marketing tools.
The problem is that the cheapest plan starts at $99.95/month and if you are a small startup or a blogger, this price would probably not fit within your monthly marketing budget.

Even if the price seems too high, I believe SEMRush can help you improve your digital marketing efforts and now we are going to see how.


Let’s go!


Is SEMRush a good investment?

My short answer is “Yes, SEMRush is worth it”.

However, you might want to consider other SEO tools affordable alternatives if your budget doesn’t allow it. 

The main thing I would say is that SEMRush has lots and lots of tools that you probably won’t use, if you only do SEO.

At the moment, SEMrush is currently offering three of its paid membership plans for its users, starting prices from $99 USDs to $399 USDs for a single month. 

SEMrush also provides annual payment discounts; the current deal is about 16% of the total costs. 

For instance, if you are looking for a PRO membership for $99.95 USD per month, SEMrush offers a $190 USDs discount upon annual payment. Also, it provides a free seven-day SEMrush trial period for its users.

PRO Membership (SEMrush pricing is $99.95 for a month)

The Pro membership also a basic SEMrush plan avails its users with basic features, including domain analytics for quality scores and SEO auditing tools that inform you to make potential changes and maximize the site performance in search results. 

SEMrush Pro membership includes an essential SEO tool for keyword research. 

SEMrush also facilitates On-page search engine optimization checking for its users with the PRO plan.

SEMrush Pro membership is restricted to many of its features, including a three thousand reports generation limit for keyword and domain analytics and three projects. The Pro membership users are also bound to limit 250 new keywords tracking that you want to target into your project.

SEMrush Pro membership is a bit challenging if you are looking for an advanced set of specifications with a reduced number of limitations.

Which is a good plan for me?

If your business needs and requirements are fine with the PRO membership SEMrush plan features and limitations, this basic plan would be the perfect pick under a fair price range. If not, go for another that can match your needs.

GURU Membership (SEMrush pricing is 199$ for a month)

The other SEMrush membership plan is next to the PRO membership plan and is more generous in terms of limitations. The primary difference between the PRO and GURU membership plan is about the Content Marketing specification.

SEMrush SEO content marketing feature enables you to craft an excellent content marketing strategy. It empowers you to find new ideas about the topics to write about, evaluate the SEO potential for your pre-made content, and calculate your content’s worth.

With the Guru plan, SEMrush also offers access to your historical data. The historical data feature lets you check your site performance with time and check for any historical comparison with your competitors. Guru Plan enables you to download your SEO branded reports for your customers.

There is a reduced number of limitations on the GURU membership SEMrush plan. The limits are as follows:

  • 5000 reports per day
  • More projects, up to 15.
  • Keyword tracking limit of 1500.

Is this the right plan for me?

Suppose you need SEMrush to handle SEO for multiple sites and access historical figures about different sites. In that case, GURU SEMrush membership is a perfect choice for you and your business.

Guru membership is also suitable for you if you are trying to get your hands on a content strategy tool and want your branded SEMrush SEO reports for your customers.

Business Membership (SEMrush pricing is 399$ for a month) 

If you have a large business and have a good client base, and are looking for some exceptional SEO service, your business membership plan can benefit you.

SEMrush business membership cost is a 399$ per month and a bit higher than other membership plans.

The business membership plan is backed with some extra features missing in the initial SEMrush membership plans in terms of specifications.

Business membership allows you to application programming interface access. You can integrate SEMrush widgets to your applications to access the data anywhere you want. It also allows you to white-label your reports to hide the sources for your data and its origin.

Business membership is also backed with e-commerce tools, including product listing ads information that gives you access to evaluate the advertiser’s performance against any e-commerce ad campaigns.

The Business Membership plan is also more generous in terms of limitations compared with the GURU membership plan. The limits under a business membership plan are as follows:

  • Track 5000 keywords in a day
  • Manage 25 projects at once.

Which is a perfect choice for me?

If you manage a medium/ large business and have a good client base, business membership can be the right choice depending on your needs. 

Suppose you think you need the SEO management of many sites and need some advanced and custom features, including API (application programming interface). In that case, a Business membership plan is not a wrong choice.

SEMRush and SEO have nearly become synonyms in the digital marketing world. However, while they are mentioned in tandem, they are not the same.

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation, which is the process of optimising a website to generate more organic traffic. While SEMRush was created to perform SEO tasks and make you successful at SEO, it also has biggest aspirations: to create a software platform that not only supports SEO professionals, but any kind of digital marketing activity needed to run ad measure the success of the entire marketing department, thus giving people more control over their marketing data.

How does SEMRush work?

SEMRush collects and analyses information from search engine results pages (SERPs) using a proprietary algorithm that has been developed and optimised over time. Every month, the rankings data for the keywords in each of our global databases will be refreshed.

This way, you know that the information you take from Semrush is based on the actual rankings of Google’s most recent results pages.

The rankings are taken directly from Google from different countries, which SEMRush calls “databases”. And users can choose which country they want the data from

For each country, SEMRush shows your domain and URL ranking compared to your competitors. Similar to Google Analytics, SEMRush also gives an estimate of the traffic that each domain receives from organic and paid traffic. Additionally, users can analyse all other SEO factors such as backlinks, mentions, top pages and many other ones for a complete overview of a domain.

Features and Specifications in SEMRush

Keyword research

Keyword research is something that helps us in finding how much search volume a particular keyword has, keyword difficulty level, the ranking sites for a specific keyword, and the related keyword suggestions and its search volumes.

SEMrush is featured with the Keyword overview specification to help your complete keyword research data for any particular keyword.

Additionally, SEMrush also facilitates you to search for any keyword against any country to target some country.

SEMrush keyword overview section also includes the keyword difficulty metric. SEMrush provides a percentage of data of the keyword difficulty for any particular keyword.

With the Keyword difficulty metric, it’s easy to rank on lower percentage keywords and vice versa.

Keyword magic tool

Keyword magic metric in keyword overview section allows you to get the related suggested keywords and their search volumes.

The term magic may sense inappropriate, but the keyword magic metric is easy to operate. It also empowers you to use filters against your required keyword difficulty, search volume, and the cost per click for the google ads.



Keyword Difficulty tool 

SEMrush’s K.W. difficulty feature helps get all the crucial data for an SEO expert to make choices.

SEMrush only offers the search results against the google searches; it does not support the other search engine searches.

According to Stat Counter, every seven out of one hundred searches are made through the BING search engine. The good thing about SEMrush’s competitors, including Ahrefs, is the support of this multiple search engine results feature.

Comparatively, SEMrush does not let you find out the backlink number against any specific keyword. However, other competitors support this specification.

Backlink analysis

Backlinks play a crucial role in the site’s performance on the Search engine results page.

The backlink analysis feature requires you to input the domain name and results in all the backlinks to find the domain.

The backlink analysis feature also supports the anchor text, I.P. address data and domain distributions metrics.

SEMrush claims to possess 32 trillion databases of backlinks. If this is an accurate claim, then SEMrush is the best tool for backlink analysis as compared with its competitors having smaller backlink databases, including Ahrefs. 

Backlink audits

SEMrush also supports the backlink auditing feature to help you find out the site health having the links pointing to your site. Semrush algorithm develops a record of spammy links to help you find those links and update Google as repudiate links. This allows Google to ignore these harmful links pointing to your site. Google charges the sites with many low-quality links pointing to the specific site. In this condition repudiating these low-quality links is a very supportive and significant step.

The backlink auditing feature is also a very powerful peculiarity in SEMrush that can identify these low-grade links. It allows whitelisting these links even if you think that SEMrush backlink auditing is at an extreme.

Link building in SEMrush 

Link building is a strategy to get high performing sites linking to your site. Link building is an extremely crucial step for any successful site.

Google rewards the sites having their connection links on high-performing sites in search results. SEMrush link building tool helps you find your competitors, analyze your content on the site, and inquire about your keywords. It also offers a list of some potential websites worth requesting for guest posting and backlinks purposes.

The good thing about this feature is SEMrush offers a connection to send the emails to these potential websites within the metric. It also tracks the progress and response from each email. The SEMrush also provides email addresses for these potential websites. This feature is an exceptional feature-no complaint here, and it creates a strong argument for using SEMrush.

Rank tracking

Rank tracking is a feature in SEMrush that offers you critical information against the site performance over time on google for any specific keyword.

Rank tracking keyword feature only requires the domain name and any list of K.W.s. The rank tracking system generates a report displaying all the critical information about how the site ranks against those listed keywords.

SEMrush also supports the same feature in your competitors’ case and allows you to compare your ranking performance with your competitor’s performance over specific keywords. The feature is listed as the Position tracker in SEMrush that supports this comparison. You will also get an email about the rank tracking feature over time.

Writing Assistant 

SEMrush offers you a set of content management tools that allow you to find new keywords, check for your current content from the search engine optimization view and other Keywords for the ranking sites. SEMrush also supports the writing assistant feature, which reviews your content and offers suggestions. You can write with SEMrush writing assistant and avail their real-time assistance as well.


Site auditing

SEMrush’s awesome site auditing feature lets you audit your site to find out the potential issues contributing negatively to the site ranking.

SEMrush’s site auditing feature audits your website. It results in constructive recommendations for your site, including plagiarized content, Secure socket layer issues, Empty headings, keyword stuffing problems, and low-speed loading.

SEMrush’s site auditing functionality also supports on-page SEO checking, which examines your site entirely and offers you some helpful suggestions to improve, including the tips for keywords, meta tags and descriptions, and high-quality sites to approach backlinks, content word count, and many other tips.

SEMrush also offers the proper reasoning behind these recommendations to help you improve your site SEO. SEMrush site auditing feature is superb and makes it an exceptional tool against its competitors.

Domain analysis 

Every Search Engine Optimization project begins from the fundamental domain evaluation. Domain evaluation or analysis means taking a basic overview of domain quality for search engine optimization. There are two ways to perform domain analysis, the domain analysis of our website to find out the modifications to be made for a good SEO or the domain evaluation for a competitor’s website to judge how difficult it is to de-rank them?

Domain analysis is also helpful to find out the high-quality websites as these High-quality websites can boost third party site-performance in the engine with the help of backlinks.

Domain analysis to find out the site’s performance in the search results is a simple process with Semrush; you need to copy the site’s URL and paste that in the Domain Overview section. Domain overview Section also offers the additional metrics, including the visitor count on any site during any period, the number of backlinks directing to the website, high-functioning keywords for any site, authority score, and the site’s competitors.

Authority scores provide excellent and quick knowledge about the site-quality. Semrush measures the authority scores by calculating the complete backlink data of a site, the website’s traffic details, and the number of organic searches against the site’s content.

The authority score metric was challenging to navigate in Semrush’s old interface, but with the new interface, Semrush has moved the authority score metric to the centre of the domain overview section.

The bad thing about the Semrush domain overview is that it does not claim the data’s accuracy, including the traffic figures. The other majority of the data is based on estimations. Upon comparing with a google analytics tool, SEmrush traffic estimates do not have accuracy against the actual data.

It’s good to use the traffic stats feature as some data that indicates the website’s reputation. The metrics other than traffic stats help you get some crucial data and insights about different sites.

Among the other domain overview metrics, SEMrush also offers the ‘Keyword by country’ metric that allows you to check the country with the highest number of visitors to any particular site. SEMrush domain overview section is highly useful, offering you insight data about the site’s performance for SEO purposes.


SEMRush vs. Moz vs. Ahrefs

SEMRush, Moz and Ahrefs are the top three SEO tools on the market and they are all extremely popular, even if for different reasons. They are not identical, far from it.

SEMRush is a tool that offers many powerful functions including TF-IDF (Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency). With TF-IDF, that SEMRush calls “Semantic”, you get a report of the semantically related terms that your top 10 competitors have in their copy and that your page is missing.

tf idf semantic tool semrush

You can’t do this with Moz or Ahrefs and this opens to new ranking possibilities and new ways of optimising your content.

Also, with SEMRush, you can perform a great keyword gap analysis that allows you to find the keywords you competitors are ranking and your website is not. This is a great way of discovering new keyword possibilities for attracting more organic traffic.

Moz and Ahrefs don’t have that tool.

SEMRush Moz Ahrefs
It’s the largest SEO tool on the market It’s the first SEO tool with a great blog to learn SEO from. It’s the newest SEO tool that is very easy to use
Users can select databases from each country in the world but charges extra for more search engines. It’s primarily focussed on English-speaking countries and only focusses on Google and Bing. It offers more search engines such as Amazon and YouTube included in the price
Develops new tools every quarter at extra costs With one premium plan you have access to everything they offer Best for keeping your costs down, but limited functions.

User Interface 

SEMrush is a very popular SEO tool for its easy-to-use interface and tools navigation from the dashboard. SEMrush will not take much time for a new user to understand how to get things going on SEMrush?

SEMrush supports multiple features and additional functionality that you may not be needing at the moment, but if your business grows, SEMrush’s additional functionality can assist against your growing needs. Dashboard interface offers multiple tools, including domain and traffic analysis. You can get the historical data about the keywords that you type.

All in all, every feature is easy to navigate once you have logged in and got access to your dashboard. The excellent customer support is easy to use and is just a one-click away for the SEMrush user. It offers all the links to different customer support outlets dedicated to each purpose. For new users, SEMrush displays the tips for every feature as the user scroll over the feature.

SEMrush is quickly transforming the basic SEO tool to all one marketing tool pack for its users. SEMrush is currently supporting 25 marketing tools for its multi-functional users and professionals. This massive feature set and all in one marketing tool pack seem challenging to navigate and find the perfect feature for the specific requirements. Still, the convenient user interface is already user-oriented and easy to use. The good thing about the tool is that SEMrush frequently updates the interface to improve the user experience and simplify navigation.

SEMush review conclusions

If you are looking for the SEMrush, just read down our conclusion review for a proper decision and your future strategy. In this extensive SEMrush review, you have got the answer to whether you should invest in SEMrush or some other tool?

Pros of SEMrush 

  1. SEMrush supports comprehensive keyword research that allows you to find the perfect keywords for every niche. SEMrush offers an exceptional SEO service at highly affordable prices; even for small businesses, the cost against the features and specifications that can help businesses is highly reasonable.
  2. SEMrush also supports the demographic data for your audience, including age group, location and gender. Businesses can offer perfect products and services after a detailed overview of their site’s demographic data.
  3. SEMrush offers a backlink auditing feature that can identify some low-grade and spammy links pointing to your site and lets you keep your site away from these spammy links.
  4. As already stated, SEMrush features 25 SEO tools to assist you with your business. SEMrush is all in one marketing tool pack to help you with SEO and business intelligence.
  5. SEMrush is an excellent tool with many exceptional features for its users to create some extraordinary projects. However, multiple loopholes in SEMrush are opening ways for other SEMrush competitors.

Cons of SEMrush 

  1. SEMrush is currently supporting 40 tools to handle your digital marketing strategies. 
  2. SEMrush is not that easy for a beginner to get things going on, even with its interactive user interface and easy to use dashboard.
  3. It takes time and requires practice to have good knowledge about complete SEMrush usage.
  4. SEMrush only supports a single user at a time if you are using it on multiple devices. For instance, If you’re logged in with your first device and logging in to get the same access in your second device, It automatically removes your access from the first device.
  5. SEMrush uses this feature to maximize the user security level, but a single user with multiple devices cannot use SEMRursh in more than one device. It would be good to know that SEMrush could offer some warning or something similar to avail its users of this simple but helpful.


SEMrush is an excellent tool to get crucial data and the secrets for the digital market’s success. SEMrush data for many tools are comparatively accurate with the google data.

However, SEMrush users have complained about the inaccuracy of figures and false estimations in the ad spending feature and other related features of SEMrush. Inaccuracy is a severe drawback for using SEMrush as your sole marketing tool, leading to any business to heavy losses. It will be excellent news if SEMrush is improving the feature.

SEMRush is all one tool pack for marketing professionals and a complete solution for any business. SEMRush is a highly affordable tool for every business, including small and mid-size companies. 

However, the pro plan seems to be a bit expensive against the features SEMrush is offering with the PRO membership. SEMRush must work for the price reduction for the PRO membership, along with some other drawbacks, including accuracy of data and compatibility of SEMRush on multiple devices with a single account.

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