Here are 10 best hosting sites for SEO for 2024 (after using them)

The last thing you want to do is starting a debate on what is the best hosting for SEO.

This is why i decided to try them instead.

I tried 9 different hosting for SEO based on several criteria to see what hosting is ACTUALLY the best for SEO. 

The best hosting for SEO is…

None of them.

That’s right.

According to my experience, you can rank websites high on organic listing with any hosting, it doesn’t matter which one.

Even if my experience is not 100% accurate and even if I didn’t test ALL of the hosting solutions out there, any hosting can do just fine.

But if we need to split the hosting based on the type of website, then we have several winners.

For example:

  1. Best hosting provider for general SEO is SiteGround
  2. For WordPress blogs the winner is WP Engine
  3. For website builders the winner is WIX
  4. For e-commerce SEO the winner is Shopify

Here is the list of the top 9 hosting providers for dominating Google’s organic listing:

1. SiteGround

2. WPX

3. GreenGeeks

4. HostPapa 

5. A2 Hosting 

6. InMotion Hosting 

7. Bluehost

8. Hostgator 

9. WIX

10. Shopify

How I conducted the testing and analysis

Choosing a good SEO web host alone will not take your site to the top of the rankings, as there are other important factors that search engines look up to for site ranking like mobile-friendliness, link building, screen optimization, and others.

But, the web host you choose will impact uptime, user experience, and loading time, which are critical SEO factors. Here, we’ll discuss important SEO factors to consider when choosing a web host.


Uptime refers to the amount of time the web host stays online and is accessible to visitors. It is very vital that your website has little to no downtime and is free from error pages.

This is because if your site is offline, users will bounce back to Google, resulting in loss of customers and other penalties from search engines. Plus, constant downtime will affect your search engine optimization directly as your site content will be inaccessible as long as the site remains down

Loading Speed

Loading speed is the speed it takes for your site to completely load after users click on it from search engines. Search engines like Google prioritize websites with fast loading speeds when ranking them in desktop and mobile search forms, and they have begun to penalize websites with slow loading times. It is critical that your website loads fast because no user likes a slow-loading site, which is why choosing the right web host is critical for your SEO and user experience needs.

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is the security certificate for your website and having it will help improve your site’s ranking. Search engines like Google trust HTTPS websites as they are secure and they do not like insecure websites without an SSL. Besides, Google recently confirmed that sites without SSL rank lower in SERPs, so it is critical that your web host has a solid SSL.

Server Locations

The server location is linked to the hosting speed as it is dependent on how close you are to your server. The best web hosts for SEO offer servers in multiple locations with a secure data center and well-run equipment. Thus, enabling users to host their website closer to their target audience and boosting their website’s performance.


It is critical that the hosting provider you choose offers backups to save your site if any disaster occurs. This is because if your site gets hacked or loses all its data, search engines will have nothing to rank.

Customer Support

Efficient customer support from your hosting provider helps to keep your website running smoothly. Even though help and support don’t directly make your site rank higher on search engines, it shows the reliability of the company. Good customer support will help fix your hosting issues quickly, which will, in turn, help you maintain your site ranking on search engines.

Why I analysed only 10 hosting providers?

I felt that anything more than 10 providers would be a waste of time because it wouldn’t dramatically change the results. These are the biggest and most known hosting brands and depending on the use case, you find a different winner.

By adding more providers the results wouldn’t change that much, it’s possible that adding another 10 providers would change the results, but it’s unlikely.

Why is this post so short?

Because there is nothing left to say!

  1. Best hosting provider for general SEO is SiteGround
  2. For WordPress blogs the winner is WP Engine
  3. For website builders the winner is WIX
  4. For e-commerce SEO the winner is Shopify

You don’t need 2,500 words to answer this question and rank on Google.

You just need to satisfy the user’s intent by giving the right answer, create valuable content and acquire great backlinks.

Do you agree with the data? Let me know!