How to become Fiverr Pro Seller (and what to know before applying)

The beginner’s guide to getting accepted in Fiverr Pro in 2022

Fiverr Pro is an online platform that allows buyers and vetted sellers to connect so they can buy and sell digital services. Fiverr Pro gigs start at a minimum price of $100.

What is Fiverr Pro?

With low-cost vendors from all over the world, Fiverr is an online platform for freelance services.

The philosophy behind their product is to streamline the process of recruiting or getting recruited as a professional freelancer. The digital marketplace takes out the intermediary of recruiting, firing, and HR offices. Smaller firms can do it on a case-by-case basis, and freelancers have the right to sell.

Fiverr Pro enables users to pay for Pro Gigs in advance and offers any digital service that ranges from WordPress design, logo design, writing services, SEO, transcripts, and even voice-over jobs.

While when the site originally launched, all services were priced at $5, freelancers can now set their price to whatever they want, starting at a minimum of $100, and can provide package deals, or Pro Gig Packages, and Pro deals, with highly selected professionals and agencies offering vetted and selected skills.

But what makes Fiver Pro very exciting for freelancers is the platform’s potential to make more than just sell digital services. Fiverr Pro takes the freelancing profession to the next level by allowing freelancers to sell subscriptions from 3 to 6 months to the same client, as they have realised some services – like SEO – cannot be completed in 1 project.

“Businesses that sign up for a subscription will get access to high-quality sellers and build long-term relationships, and it also saves them hassle of filling out their requirements each time.”

Says Natasha Shine-Zirkel, Business Verticals Group Manager at Fiverr Pro. Sellers, meanwhile, will get more predictability in their workload and revenue.

How to become a Fiverr Pro Seller?

If you want to have a step-by-step guide on how to become a Fiverr Pro Seller, then you are in the right place.

If you are new to Fiverr, then read my other guide on how to get clients on Fiverr for new Fiverr sellers.

A few months ago I have finally decided to sign up for Fiverr Pro (SEO Services). I have been in SEO for many years and I always wanted to try and go freelance for some time.

fiverr pro Luca Tagliaferro

I have been a Fiverr seller since 2013 when I have started doing simple keyword researches in the evening while I was watching TV with my wife. It gave me something fun to do but I have earned very little so 3 months after I have paused that activity and never looked back to Fiverr again until 2020.

Until something happened. I was nominated by Yahoo! Finance in 2019 as one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Influencers in the world. This is due to the quality work I constantly share with the SEO community on SEMRush, SearchEngineLand, and my website.

Top Digital Marketing Influencers in the world

So finally I have applied to become a Fiverr Pro seller and after a long process of interviews and video calls with the Fiverr recruiting team, I was accepted as a Fiverr Pro freelancer and started to receive inquiries about my services and converted new clients soon thereafter.

One of the motivations for starting with Fiverr Pro, other than the fact that I can make extra money on the side, is that I see a huge potential for growth and untapped demand for Pro services.

Now, when it comes to finding affordable SEO services that provide a great return on investment, the options are pretty limited. Either hire a very expensive agency or hire an SEO contractor, who costs as much as an agency (at least the great ones charge a few $$$ thousands per month).

That got me thinking…why don’t I become a Pro Seller for Digital Marketing? There has been a huge demand for Fiverr Pro in the last 5 years and the statistic is also reflected in Google search volumes:

Fiverr Pro Trends - Luca Tagliaferro

The term Fiverr Pro is searched 6.3K times a month and Fiverr as a company is investing an estimated $1.5 Million a month on PPC ads to push their own freelancers in hundreds of categories. And these stats alone are encouraging for me because they don’t even take into account all the services-specific search terms that could be bringing me new freelance projects and clients (SEO management and technical SEO, for example).

So, two months along, where am I? Well, I am happy with the results so far and this is why I wanted to share with you how to become a Fiverr Pro freelancer if you are considering it.

With regards to the results, here are my stats:

  1. I am on Fiverr Pro front page for SEO-related services
  2. 196,000 impressions on Fiverr Pro within the SEO services
  3. 1,433 unique clicks to my Fiverr Pro profile
  4. 4.6 rating
  5. Upgrade from Seller Level 0 to Seller Level 1 rated

As you can see, I have made a good start, but there is a long way to achieving Top Seller rated status. Although it’s a bit early in my experience with Fiverr Pro, I am going to share the process for becoming accepted on the platform and start selling to Fiverr a huge volume of users.

Fiverr vs. Upwork

It’s worth mentioning at this stage that there is no silver bullet, no sure way of making it into Fiverr Pro. Fiverr is not like any other freelancing platforms, they actually have a recruitment team that work no stop to select only the top 1% of professionals for their target users.

Where on Upwork, for example, the barriers to entry are extremely low, anyone can become a seller.

That’s why I love Fiverr Pro, they care about providing a great service to their clients.

Fiverr Pro Upwork
Fiverr pro is vetting professional freelancers that have years of experience and a portfolio of case studies. Barriers to entry are extremely low and anyone can apply, making it difficult to get new clients.
Fiverr Pro offers subscriptions and steady revenue for freelancers Upwork works on a project by project basis.
Fiverr charges a $2 service fee on purchases up to $40, and a 5% service fee on purchases above $40. Upwork charges 20% for the first $500 with a single client and 10% for total billings between $500.01 and $10,000.

That said, if you have a good amount of experience, impressive case studies to share and a good public profile, you are aiming yourself to become a great candidate and to apply with success. You can check out my SEO case studies and my public profile as SEO speaker if you are interested as those had an impact on my Fiverr Pro application.

Useful resources:

Is Fiverr Pro hard to join for a freelancer?

It depends. There is not one right answer for anyone looking to join Fiverr Pro as a freelancer. The major thing to have is previous work experience that you can demonstrate. Newbies are not allowed.

When I have first searched online for how to become a Fiverr Pro seller, there were plenty of guides that couldn’t tell me the most important thing. They were primarily to do with the criteria recruiters use to vet their candidates.

Some of the things I am going to share are extremely important, not only for the success of your application but also for getting the most as a Seller.

The basics of the selection process

On the most basic level, here is how you can apply to the amazing Fiverr Pro:

  1. Create an account with Fiverr to start the application process. If you haven’t done it already, you can do it by clicking here and following the instructions on the page.
  2. Once you have created an account, navigate to Fiverr Pro and submit an application with SurveyMonkey
  3. Complete the application with all the relevant documentation that they require. Make sure you have a CV, case studies, links to relevant, quality works and personal documents before you apply.
  4. Once you have finished and you are happy to go with it, send your application and that’s when the vetting process will start.

Is that simple! Bear in mind that if you are an existing seller with Fiverr, to publish a Fiverr Pro gig you need less than 25 reviews for that regular gig. If you have less than 25 reviews, your regular gig is entitled to become Pro. If you have more than 25 reviews for a gig in the same category, you would have to create a brand new gig for the same service and pause the previous non-pro gig.

What happens once you submit your application?

Once you have applied, your application is in the hands of the Fiverr Pro team of recruiters.

Now, don’t get carried away with excitement because your application is one of the many that they receive every day and only 1 % of the applicants are actually admitted as Pro Sellers.

At this point, a job application to a full-time role would give you more chances to be selected than Fiverr Pro.

How do I know if my application has been successful?

Don’t expect an instant response once you submit your application. The process might take a few weeks as the recruitment is not automated, real people will have to make all sorts of checks on the profiles received, before they make a decision whether an applicant has made it into Fiverr Pro.

If you weren’t unsuccessful, don’t worry because you can still apply again and reinforce your application to give you more chances of success next time. You can apply as many times as you want, but of course, every time you have to add something valuable to your application. More about later on in the article.

If you did it, congratulations! You will receive an email like this one I have got in my inbox:

Welcome email to Fiverr Pro - Luca Tagliaferro

It’s not over, though. This is just the beginning. As you can see in the SEO profile on Fiverr Pro, I have 7 gigs active.

The way Fiverr Pro works is by displaying services (gigs) to the Fiverr community for completing certain tasks and achieving certain milestones. On Fiverr Pro you currently have these services below:

  1. Graphic Design – this is probably the biggest category on Fiverr. Make sure you check out my graphic design tools reviewed.
  2. Digital Marketing – this is the category I was approved in as Pro seller.
  3. Writing and Translation – a huge list of gigs for everything related to copy-writing, translation in hundreds of languages and book writing.
  4. Video and animation – a vast selection of services for outsourcing video production.

There are more categories in Fiverr Pro, but these 4 above are the largest ones.

The more reviews your gigs get, the more exposure you’ll get on Fiverr Pro and the more orders you’ll see coming in. You’ll start as Seller Level 0 and as you progress with completing jobs, you’ll move up in the ladder up to Seller Top Level.

The financial takeaway

Fiverr Pro has millions of potential customers on the website, if you can make it to the front page, you’ll be able to secure many new projects and thousands of $ in revenue each month.

It’s very easy to get carried away with many sales on Fiverr Pro, you’ll start receiving inquiries about your services from day one and every single day of the week. It’s easy to make lots of sales, but it’s also very easy to get negative reviews and disappoint your clients.

It’s important to remember that you deal with clients who have very high expectations from Fiverr Pro, which is very different from Fiverr. On Fiverr Pro, you can charge up to $10,000 for your gigs and up to $50,000 for custom orders so you’ll be dealing with fairly large projects and demanding clients.

The simple rule here is not to be greedy.

With this in mind, a few guidelines on how to manage your clients on Fiverr Pro:

  • Manage clients’ expectations very carefully, be honest and tell them what you can deliver and what you cannot deliver so that you align your expectations with theirs.
  • When talking to them, always be professional and put their interests before yours.
  • Don’t push sales that you cannot deliver on time
  • Always give yourself more time to complete a gig than the time you actually need, so when you deliver earlier than expected you’ll delight your customer
  • Do not ask for positive reviews, Fiverr Pro has a system to collect reviews which is automatic so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s also worth noting that Fiverr Pro is not the right platform for everyone. In my case, I was building an extra income for myself by providing high-level SEO services, which is perfect for Fiverr Pro. But if you are an accountant, a web analyst, a management consultant Fiverr Pro might not be a good fit.

How to give your gigs the best chance to succeed

From my experience on Fiverr Pro, I have found new things that you can do to make your gig more attractive and receive more enquiries.

Your gig title

When creating your service, add a compelling gig title using positive words of the likes of “expertly”, “fix”, “unique”. Be creative with the wording to get your gig as much diversified as possible and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Impressions, clicks, orders and cancellations are metrics that Fiverr Pro uses to tell you the performance of your gig, so with time you’ll notice which of your gig is the most or the least popular and you can monitor changes in your gigs according to the changes you make in your gig title.

Gig search bar

If you are admitted into a category and want to know which gig in that category is most popular, use the gig search bar to find out which keywords people are most interested in.

Take for example “web design” and see below what people are searching for:

fiverr pro search bar

It’s not so easy, though. The more a service is popular, the more competition you’ll have. So you might want to search for a gig that is popular in searches but not popular in offers.

Gig description

The better you explain what you offer, with clarity and positive adjectives, the less time you have to spend explaining to clients what you actually do on Fiverr Pro. This is a very important part of your gig and probably one of the most influential copies you’ll write.

To boost your chance of being found when people search, make sure you add the right keywords inside your description that match people’s searches. You can change this later once the gig is live, so don’t worry too much about getting it right the first time.

Click here to see the description I have on my gig, for example, if you are interested in how it’s done.

Gig FAQs

Apart from being mandatory, FAQs will save you time when you receive inquiries and help sell your services. Some of the questions that I found very useful are about the delivery of your service, especially with SEO is really easy to get confused about what the actual outcome is. Many website owners think SEO can do magic so they often ask how long it takes to rank on page 1 or if they can rank for 1 or 2 specific keywords.

That’s when I do my facepalm…

face palm meme - Luca Tagliaferro

I give you some guide questions below that you can answer in FAQs:

  • What is the final product you’ll receive? This question answers what is the final product.
  • How does the final product look like? This question is about the format, a report, an analysis, a logo, a video, etc…
  • What is your process of working? This question helps with managing the customers’ anxiety.
  • What makes you a Pro Seller? This question is great to enhance your authority in the industry.
  • What other services do you sell? A great way to up-sell and cross-sell your services.

You can formulate more questions with time as you’ll notice there will be a pattern of questions emerging from your inquiries.

Even if you are successful in making many sales, I would recommend not to be greedy, especially at the beginning when you need to collect as many positive reviews as possible to work your way to becoming Fiverr Pro Top Seller.

Luca Tagliaferro is a Fiverr Pro Seller and SEO consultant for some of the biggest brands in the UK, with 9 years experience in digital marketing under his belt. Read more

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