Fiverr vs Upwork: which freelance platform should you use for your business?

Updated: Mar 16

In this post, I am putting Fiverr and Upwork up to the test.

So if you are looking for deep comparison of the two popular freelance platforms, you have come to the right place.

Because in today's post, I am going to compare Fiverr vs Upwork in terms of:

  • Freelancers' vetting process

  • Freelancers' hiring process

  • Pricing systems

  • Projects management tools

  • Unique special features

  • Quality and quantity of freelancers

  • Processing fees

Are you ready? Let's do it!

Introducing: the two competitors

On the right side, we have Fiverr.

fiverr home page

Fiverr is best known platform to hire freelancers starting at $5, but in the last couple of years, they have introduced lots of new professional tools, like Fiverr Pro.

fiverr pro home page

Which is why it's even possible to do a Fiverr vs Upwork comparison. A few years ago, Fiverr was focussed 100% on $5 gigs.

Today, Fiverr has a ton of features that makes it a direct competitor to UpWork, including:

  • Fiverr Pro - verified, hand-picked, exceptional talent only.

  • Fiverr Studio - a team of specialist for your entire project, managed by one project lead.

  • Fiverr for Business - for businesses who need the talent to complete their in-house teams.

And on the right side, we have UpWork.

upwork home page

Upwork killer feature is that you'll find a freelancer for basically any category.

That way, you don't have to search around to find the right freelancer or agency, just enter the skill you need and Upwork will find it for you.

upwork - seo experts search

As you'll see, Fiverr has a better feature. And we will compare the two later.

But it's important to know that Upwork started as the largest freelance platform, which means none of the freelancers was vetted and selected because anyone can just create an account and become a freelancer.

They focus on the largest offer of freelancers.

That said, Upwork has recently updated its selection process quite a bit.

In fact, today you are shown on Upwork freelancers who have:

  • A high number of reviews

  • High rating

  • Many projects completed

  • Are online at the time of enquiry

Upwork has recently noticed that the quality of freelancers is better than the quantity. They still have the largest number of freelancers, but they show you only the best ones, first.

For example, for Search Marketing, you only have 3 options.

Upwork - Search Engine Marketing Experts

I have joined Upwork in 2016 and only recently joined Fiverr Pro as well and talked about my experience as a freelancer. In my short experience with Fiverr Pro, I have worked with 20 new clients in a few months and 0 with Upwork in 4 years.

I have also used both platforms for hiring freelancers and they are tied in the quality of work delivered to me.

The bottom line is that Fiverr and Upwork have a similar set of functionalities, but they are very different in how they hire, select and recruit freelancers.

So it's time to give this question an answer: which freelance platform is best overall?

Let's get started.

Which platform is best for the quality of freelancers?

First, I have decided which platform is best when selecting the candidates you'll work with.

Let's see who came out on top.


Fiverr has two main pools of freelancers and agencies to choose from:

  • Non-vetted freelancers on

  • Vetted, professional and world-class talent on Fiverr Pro.

Let's see how each one works.

Fiverr is like any other freelance platform on the market.

Type a skill and get a list of available candidates.

web design freelancers- fiverr

Pro tip: Check if the candidates have actually passed their skills tests to prove that they know the subject inside out.

What's unique about the freelancers' selection is the fact that Fiverr doesn't just show you a list of candidates that have success on Fiverr.

(Although they give you that data too).

They also let you know which freelancer is succeeding OUTSIDE Fiverr, by selecting Pro Services.

Why is this important?

It's no secret that talented freelancers deliver more valuable work thanks to the qualifications and experiences that they had even outside the platform.

But how do you establish talent?

When professionals show diplomas, certifications, speak at conferences, write a book, have a large following, many case studies, their own blog, lots of positive reviews from happy customers, it's obvious they are experts in their field.

Their reputation is valuable for your business.

And Fiverr Pro takes this into account.

For example, Zima Media was a real SEO agency, even before joining Fiverr Pro.