16 Interesting Fiverr Usage Statistics, Facts and Trends

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance platforms in the world, with services in over 160 countries (Source: Fiverr).

Since its launch in 2010, its service categories have grown from 10 to more than 400, and it generates over $180 million in revenue yearly. 

Besides, there are over one billion monthly users and more than 4 million active buyers on the platform, proving its success.

Keep reading if you are new to freelancing or want to employ freelance talent. This article will list the different statistics you need about this freelance platform. 

So, let’s get right to it.

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Fiverr Buyer Statistics

1. Fiverr had over 4 million active buyers in 2021

As of December 31, 2021, the number of active buyers grew to 4.2 million. 

This is a 33% increase from the active buyers in 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 which were 3.42 million, 2.35 million, 2.02 million, and 1.8 million, respectively.

How many active buyers are on Fiverr?

YearBuyers Number
20171.8 Million
20182.02 Million
20192.35 Million
20203.42 Million
20214.2 Million

YoY Growth

YearBuyers Growth

2. The average spend per buyer on Fiverr increased to $259 in Q2 2022

The average buyer spend has continuously increased since 2012 with $64 in 2012, $66 in 2013, $71 in 2014, $83 in 2015, $97 in 2016, $119 in 2017, $145 in 2018, $170 in 2019, $205 in 2020, $242 in 2021, and $259 in 2022. 

Over half of Fiverr’s revenue is from repeat buyers, while the revenue from new buyers has remained below 45%.

YearAverage Buyers Spend

Fiverr Revenue Statistics

3. Fiverr had over 10% Year on Year increase from 2021

Fiverr generated over $80 million in revenue in Q2 2022 and $297 million in 2021.

$189 million in 2020, $107 million in 2019, $75 million in 2018, and $52 million in 2017.

What is Fiverr’s revenue?

YearRevenue Growth

4. Fiverr processes more than $600 million worth of transactions yearly

Their gross merchandise value has grown by 74% since 2019. 

Also, Fiverr’s gross merchandise value in 2019, 2018, and 2017 were 401 million, 293.5 million, and 213 million, respectively. 

On the other hand, their revenue grew by over 40% in Q3 2021, driven by over 30% and 20% year on year growth of active buyers and spend per buyer.

5. Okay, Fiverr makes lots of money, but is it profitable?

No, Fiverr is not yet profitable. 

Fiverr’s costs and expenses amounted to $343 million in 2021 while 2021 revenue was $297 million. The total loss is approximately $46 million.

Compared to $201 million in 2020, $142 million in 2019, and $112 million in 2018, in 2021 Fiverr had many more expenses, due to the acquisition of new companies.

They spent $94.38 million on marketing and sales, $28.30 million on general and administrative expenses, $33.19 million on revenue, and $45.72 million on research and development. 

Additionally, GAAP net loss in Q4 2021 was $19.5 million, compared to the $8.1 million net loss in Q4 2020.

Fiverr Demographic Statistics

6.Over 70% of Fiverr’s revenue is from buyers in five countries

The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia are the five countries that account for the majority of the revenue. 

7. Buyers in the United States account for more than half of Fiverr’s annual revenue (53.14%)

The total US buyers’ total revenue equals $100.7 million, increasing by over 70% in 2020. The US buyer revenue was $57.94 million in 2019 and $40.53 million in 2018.

8.  Europe’s Fiverr revenue accounts for more than 19% of the global revenue

The total revenue from European buyers was $48.33 million in 2020, $25.18 million in 2019, and $15.26 million in 2018.

9.   Fiverr’s Asia Pacific region revenue accounts for 12.04% of the total revenue

The region’s revenue increased by over 70%, from $13.36 million in 2019 to $22.81 million in 2020.

Miscellaneous Fiverr Statistics

10. Fiverr Freelancers offer over 500 service categories

These service categories are spread across nine extensive verticals. There were over 200,000 active sellers on Fiverr in 2019.

11. Fiverr Pro was introduced in 2017

There are over 70 major categories across seven verticals on Fiverr Pro.

12. More than 500 employees work at Fiverr

There were 545 Fiverr employees at the end of 2020, an increase from the 419 employees in 2019.

13. Fiverr reports a Net Promoter Score of 69 from buyers and 79 from sellers

Net Promoter Score reflects the likelihood of users recommending the platform, and Fiverr scored above 50 over 100 in 2019 and 2020.

14. The Fiverr app was downloaded over 900 thousand times across the App Store and Google Play

Most of the app downloads were from Android users, with over 600 thousand monthly installations and more than 10 million total installs.

15. Over 19% of Fiverr traffic comes from search

Only 24.67% of traffic to Fiverr comes from paid advertising, as over 70% is created with organic search. 

Social media platforms account for 6.28% of the traffic, with YouTube contributing 51%, Facebook 19.87%, Pinterest 6.41%, WhatsApp 5.72%, and Twitter 3.99%.

16. Video Marketing is the most paid gig on Fiverr

Video marketers get an average of $18,000 per project on the platform. Apart from video marketing, other successful categories include content writing, coding, logo making, graphic designwebsite building, and scriptwriting.