Best 10 Fiverr Freelancers for Logo Design

A Fiverr freelancer is a fast and easy way to get your logo done for your business. It’s also very cheap. But before you make a decision, let’s review all of your options.

There are three ways to get a logo, from the most expensive to the least:

  1. Pay a design agency
  2. Work with a freelancer
  3. Use a free online logo maker

Hiring an agency to design a logo is not only the most expensive process, but also the longest one. This means it’s out of the price range for blogs or startups. In my opinion, a logo design shouldn’t cost you more than £300, including quality design. 

Therefore working with a freelance designer should be the best option for you, if you have an idea of what you like and what is your style.

However, if you are bootstrapping your business and just starting out, you may not be able to spend £300 on a logo. 

In which case, this is when a Fiverr freelancer comes in. But not all freelancers are equal, and to help you get the best logo designer, I have put together a list of top 10, highly curated and selected Fiverr logo designers of 2021.

Fiverr logo designers, compared

To give some order to madness, I have rated the top 10 logo designers on Fiverr according to the following criteria:

  • Number and quality of reviews: I measure how many reviews and how high quality they are and what the general sentiment is about a particular designer.
  • Cost: this measures how much it costs to download and use the logo they have created for you, from $5 to the most expensive.
  • Avg. response time: this measures how long on average it takes this logo designer to answer to your contact message, it’s a sign of how busy they are.
  • Style: Some logo designers specialise in flat and minimalist design, while others prefer modern design and other again do only classic design logos.

Logo Designer Reviews Cost Avg. Response Time Logo Style  
Danielaotero 1,000+ $100 1 hour Modern Visit Danielaotero
Workgram 65 $150 1 hour Image logos Visit Workgram Studios
5 $3,500 1 hour SaaS logos Visit Frames_Design
200+ $20 1 hour Signature Logos Visit Kanik_Roy
8,000+ $80 1 hour Modern Design Visit Skydesigner


My top choice as the best logo designer on Fiverr is Danielaotero, whose affordable (starting at $100) yet quality logos allowed her to collect over 1,000 positive reviews. She offers 5 revisions and replies on avg. within 1 hour. She specialises in modern and minimal logo design.

Workgram Studios

My second choice is a team of logo designers called Workgram, with 65 positive reviews, they are specialised in logos with images with 2000×2000 px resolution for a super high quality work.The start at $150 up to $220 and offer a minimum of 3 revisions on their basic package. Their response time is about 1 hour.


Frames_Design is my choice for companies with high budget, looking for the next level experience in logo design, ideal for luxury brands and businesses going through a rebrand. The starting price is not for everyone with a price tag of $3,500 and that’s why they only have 5 positive reviews. Minimum 3 revisions and 30 days delivery time.



If you are looking for a professional, minimalist signature logo then Kanik_Roy is the right choice starting at $20. While she is a new entry on Fiverr she already has over 200 reviews at 5 stars. She designs logos for a luxury brand looking for a cheap signature. She answers in about 1 hour and promises unlimited revisions.





As a Top Rated designer with over 8,000 reviews, Skydesigner specialises on logo design exclusively offering unlimited edits with a starting price of $80. It’s very had to pass considering the amount of reviews.




If you opt for an eye-catchy logo designer, you’ll find creative_techs to be your favourite. He designs hand-made logos and has collected nearly 100 positive reviews. The price is super affordable at $50 and it includes unlimited revisions. Very good choice for artistic blogs.



Go to Sasha_devine for a 3D logo of your business. With over 1,300 positive reviews and unlimited revisions, Sasha_devine will transform your imagination into a sketch. Highly recommended for highly creative logos.


If you run an Etsy shop or a blog with a target audience of females only, then you’ll find Angiemil‘s logos very eye catching. She designs watercolour logos and has over 1,000 positive reviews. She replies within 1 hour and starting price is $40, very reasonable.




Are you involved into a sport team and need a mascot logo, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Rukevector is your designer, specialised in mascots and with a starting price of $15 and over 1,000 reviews, you can’t get it wrong. Highly recommended



Maybe you need a vintage logo, one of those incredible designs that remind you of past times. In this case, Mega_dezigns is one of the best ones on Fiverr. With a starting price of $150 and over 100 reviews, it’s hard to get unnoticed.



Why using Fiverr for logo design?

Fiverr is the largest freelancer platform on the planet and it’s extremely low cost. Unlike many other logo design contest sites, such as 99Designs, Fiverr allows you to select a seller to work with and pay for their services in advance.

Check out my review of Fiverr and the lessons learnt after buying more than 200 gigs and spending close to $10,000.

Average Cost and Time of using a Fiverr logo designer

The two reasons why you should use Fiverr are essentially the speed and the cost for buying your logo for your business. There are countless of other freelance websites to choose from, they give you many options to find a logo designer like Fiverr does.

However, on Fiverr you can get a logo designed within 2 days on average for just $25 (£30), if you already have a clear idea of what you need and what style you like. On top of this, you can also submit a revision if you don’t like your logo and speak to the freelancer to make it perfect.

Fiverr Pro vs Fiverr for logo designers

A lot of businesses use Fiverr Pro to find and hire the best logo designers out there, when they need something exceptionally beautiful.

In this case, prices start at $300 because the quality of the work is extraordinary.

Only the best Fiverr logo designers, those who reach at least 200 positive reviews, are eligible to become a Fiverr Pro seller. So in the Pro category you’ll find Fiverr designers that were promoted as well as new, professional logo designers.

How to Choose a Freelance Logo Designer

Now, when you have a choice of thousands of freelancer, who do you pick? The easiest way to make the right choice is to look at the number and rating of their reviews.

Of course, when a logo designers has 1,000 positive reviews it means that his services are probably better than someone having only 20 positive reviews. Is that right?


Someone with more reviews means their prices were really low and their delivery time is really quick. This doesn’t appeal to every company.

If you want to truly choose the best logo designer on Fiverr, I’d advise you to actually read why its customers are giving so many positive reviews.

So how do you find the right one?

  1. Use filters

2. Make sure they speak your language

3. Speed. Depending on how quickly you want the logo done, you can choose sellers that are online now and deliver within 2 days or even 24H.

4. Review sellers profile

Once you have set up the right filters, you can start reviewing individual profiles.

Most logo designers will showcase their past logos and show off also previous reviews from happy customers.

Make careful to read the reviews. A lot of favourable reviews are useful to filter through, but I wouldn’t allow this stop you from making a selection.

Use the review sorting option if you’re intending to look at reviews.

Consider unfavourable feedback and give it some weight. If the bad reviews appear to be justified, you should reconsider. If they appear to be insane clientele or people who will never be satisfied, don’t worry it too much, especially if the positive evaluations outnumber the negative ones.

Tools to request logo revisions and changes

Some customers will not be satisfied with the first draft of a new logo, and they need a revision. Fiverr makes it easy for you to choose how many edits you need and the rule of thumb is to pick as many edits as you can, rather than only one.

Make sure you pick the package with the highest number of revisions allowed. Luckily some logo designers offer unlimited revisions.

It’s very rare that a logo designer can deliver your logo exactly as you want it the first time, so make sure you choose at least a couple of revisions in the gig you are going to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fiverr a decent place to get a logo designed?

Fiverr is an excellent choice for organisations seeking for low-cost logo design services. There are a plethora of freelancers available, each with their own design style, expertise, and price choices. The freelancing platform on Fiverr makes it simple to find gigs and interact with vendors. They also offer world-class assistance, and if you aren’t satisfied with the logo design you receive, you may contact Fiverr directly and work toward a resolution.

How much does a logo on Fiverr cost?

The price of a logo design on Fiverr varies depending on the artist, the number of concepts you desire, and the number of revisions necessary. On Fiverr, a logo design typically costs between $30 and $150.

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