37 Fiverr alternatives for freelancers and businesses

Here are some stats on the power of freelancing. 

  • 41% of the American workforce freelanced in the year 2020, up 13% since 2013.
  • 31% of freelance workers are earning more than $75,000 a year.
  • On the freelance platform Upwork, average content writers earn anywhere from $10 to $80 per hour, with most making around $25/hour.
  • Freelancer.com has almost 57 million employers and freelancers on its marketplace

If you are a marketer or a business on Fiverr, this means only one thing: 

It’s time to explore other alternatives for freelancing!

The problem with Fiverr: 

Hiring cheap freelancers for $5 per gig won’t get much quality work done.

You need to select and hire the right ones, especially if you do digital work such as web design, SEO, and website development.

Problem #2?

Fiverr doesn’t specialise in a niche, instead, it offers thousands of professionals from virtually every industry. This means that there isn’t any selection process to get on Fiverr and anyone can apply and start to sell.

Luckily, have put together this list of 37 alternatives to Fiverr just for you. In this guide we’ll look at: 

  • A list of best Fiverr alternatives
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to use them
  • Freelancing platforms for hiring only the best freelancers

Ready to get started? 

Let’s dive in!

fiverr alternatives

37 Fiverr alternatives in 2022

 Disclaimer: Please be aware that some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Know that I only recommend items and services that I’ve personally tried and found to be really useful, not because of the little profits I earn if you buy them. Most importantly, I would never recommend purchasing anything you can’t afford or aren’t ready to execute.


General websites

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a career/job site for a job search in the USA and it offers freelancer specialising in writing, accounting, graphic design, research, consulting and IT. This platform also includes a marketplace where users can work from home.

2. MarketerHire

MarketerHire is the world’s leading digital marketing talent portal, connecting businesses with top marketers in under 48 hours.

OurThey claim to apply a stringent freelancer screening procedure assures that they only work with the greatest. They  search for established specialists with enthusiasm and drive since we are marketers ourselves and only invite folks into the network that we would like to collaborate with and learn from.

3. Upwork

Upwork is an online platform that connects employers with freelancers, allowing for work to be contracted. Freelancers use the platform in order to find new clients and earn money.

If you are looking for a detailed comparison between Fiverr and Upwork, please check my Fiverr vs Upwork review.

4. CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps is a global team of local experts. This platform connects remote workers with employers who need specific skillsets.

5. College Recruiter

A great selection of platforms is available to students looking to find jobs online. One such platform which is focused on internships and entry-level careers in any field is College Recruiter. College recruiters are qualified independent professionals that have found a way to make a living off of helping students find placements and jobs through any means necessary.

6. Freelancer.com


This website is similar to Upwork in that it offers freelance opportunities to anyone looking for them. Freelancers on this website will find themselves posted up with a variety of job options, so there’s a fair chance for just about anything.

7. Guru.

Guru makes it simple to establish a profile that highlights your skills and expertise, making it simpler for potential employers to contact you while also sifting through the huge quantity of job posts generated every day. They provide a reasonable number of free applications, rationed by year, and charge a 9% fee.

8. Craigslist.

Craigslist also has an excellent job posting section, so forget about selling your grandmother’s dusty furniture. You don’t have the protection of a site that keeps the customer accountable, so setting up a contract (or meeting in person, if possible) is a good idea, although most individuals posting are seeking work done as soon as possible. If you’re looking for remote employment, here’s a tip: go to the relevant Craigslist for big cities and seek remote work there. Thank you very much.

Websites for freelance writers

Your words are spectacular, and your calls to action make people want to contact their mothers and tell them how much they love them. With these services, you can turn all of your writing prowess into actual cash.

9. Contena

Contena is at the top of this list of the finest writing freelance jobs because they constantly have a large number of well-paid (and high-quality) tasks available for writers, editors, and content creators of all types. What I like best about Contena is that its platform includes a mix of freelance and full-time remote work. Real freelance jobs recently listed on their homepage include a $10,000/month eBook writing employment for a tech journal, sports writing position, photography-focused content writing gigs, and many more across a variety of industries doing freelance work for reputable organizations.


10.Freelance Writing Gigs



The name isn’t really innovative, but it conveys the message. This site is essentially a well-curated job board that is updated Monday through Friday with the newest fresh clients ready to pay you to write stuff. Isn’t it too wonderful to be true?

11.Blogging Pro

Contrary to popular opinion, you can find everything from helping individuals establish blogs to editing and basic copywriting work on this site—they collect all of the greatest writing jobs they can uncover to make them easy to locate and browse through. Also, it’s completely free! Side note: If you want to improve your blogging skills, start with these best blogging courses now and go through my guide to coming up with excellent blog post ideas, driving traffic to your blog, and eventually making money blogging.

12.Journalism Jobs

Don’t let your Killian Fox dreams go away! Check out this job board, which collects journalistic positions from throughout the web, as well as various writing and editing opportunities.

13.Morning Coffee Newsletter

Signing up for this one is simple, and you’ll receive an email every day with the latest and greatest freelance writing projects. It’s completely free, and it’s a wonderful way to get started on your quest.

14.Freelance Writing


This source of writing tasks is ideal for freelancers of all levels, from the inexperienced to the seasoned. It’s simple to filter for the job you desire and your expertise, and it’s completely free.


15.All Freelance Writing


This site has been around for a long time, and you may search for jobs and subscribe to a feed based on terms that interest you. It’s free to use and apply for tasks, and the site’s design makes it simple to evaluate potential projects based on the client’s budget — it even shows when the budget is low.

16. Freedom With Writing

You may not only join up for their email with writing possibilities, but you can also submit a writing proposal to them. They pay well, but you’ll need to come up with a solid pitch concept. It’s absolutely worth a shot if you have a notion you believe would succeed. You may always look out for the chances in their newsletter while you’re waiting for a response.


17. PubLoft


PubLoft is a wonderful platform to discover solid (well-paid) freelance tasks with dependable clients without ever having to connect with them. Their goal is to make it so that freelancers never have to look for, sell, or manage another customer. With fees beginning at $150 per article, you can focus on your creativity while PubLoft takes care of client administration. Furthermore, they will assist you in becoming a better writer along the road.

18. Contently


Contently is a high-quality agency-style platform that connects you directly with clients after you’ve been hand-selected by their account management team after creating a portfolio. It’s equal parts free portfolio for creative freelancers, an online publication with solid freelance advice, and a platform for scoring freelance jobs with hundreds of the world’s most successful brands & startups. In the past, I’ve used Contently to write long-form blog material for SoFi, a personal lending company, for between $600 and $1,600 each piece, depending on the length and scope of the project, with blog headlines tailored to the target audience.


Websites for freelance designers


19. 99Designs

This site has a little different layout than other freelancing sites, but it works in the design context. Clients announce a competition, and designers submit their work as an entry. The client selects the design they like, and the designer is compensated. You’ve probably seen the disadvantage: if you don’t win, you don’t get compensated. However, it may be a wonderful method to start building your portfolio, and if you’re going to be working anyhow, it can be a great resource.

20. Behance

Behance is the largest project-management website for freelancers, it’s a place where designers can showcase their skills and get job offers. It’s an amazing resource to find projects that match your skillset.


21. Dribbble

Dribbble is a community where designers can showcase their work and get feedback.

Dribbble, founded in 2008, is a great platform for designers to create a portfolio and find work. Designers can share relevant images that allow companies to tour their design portfolios on the website which allows the companies to see how their designs might look on a merch, shirt and website that may be relevant to theirs.

You may have seen it on the side of some ads or websites you’ve visited.

22. Angel List

AngelList is a site to find startup companies that are seeking employees or investors. You can search for companies by industry, location, and header keywords to narrow your search.

AngelList is a site that not only helps you start your career or business but another that could be helping you figure out what you should be doing in the future. AngelList allows anyone to come in and look at the profile of startups that are looking for talent. AngelList happens to be one of the best freelance platforms online when it comes to finding work quickly.

23. Art Wanted


Do you have any artistic abilities? They’re looking for art! You may post your creations on Art Wanted if you’re more of a graphic designer or digital artist (or even if you’re already quite good on the side). People may search for them using keywords, and there’s always the possibility of interacting with new clients!

24. Design Crowd


Design Crowd is a global marketplace for graphic designers to connect with their ideal clients. You can set up your own profile, or browse through the profiles of others in your area, then send them a message.

25. Envato Studio

Envato Studio is the “portal for creative entrepreneurs” owned by Envato, Inc., a company that publishes online video tutorials and sells a range of design and development services to customers worldwide. It’s a great way for designers to work on their own projects as well as with clients simultaneously, without having to worry about the expenses associated with freelance


26. Coroflot

Coroflot is a community where creative entrepreneurs can find opportunities to work with companies of their niche. It’s also a company that helps startups succeed and advertise online. The platform is trusted by 120 million people worldwide because of the 250,000 skills listed on the site.

It features business listings, design contests and online marketplaces for services such as graphic design, web design, product design, photography and illustration.


27. Working Not Working


Working Not Working is a blog that focuses on design, product development, and business. Readers can find articles about how to improve their work environment and keep employees happy while also being productive and minimizing distractions. They also have a blog for business professionals with an analysis of the latest trends in graphic design, marketing, and publishing.


Websites for developers


28. Codeable

Codeable.com is a job board for developers looking to get freelance jobs from startups and established companies. They’ve been featured in Forbes, Inc., and Monster, as well as on the popular podcast “Freelance is for Everyone.”



29. Gunio

Gunio is a freelance platform that lets freelancers create their own profiles and list their skills. Once they’ve found a project, they can apply to the employer with confidence knowing that employers can view their work history, call references, and get a sense of their


30. Toptal


Toptal, Inc. is a software development company with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and offices around the world. They use a variety of technologies from Ruby on Rails to JavaScript.

Toptal is a platform for an experienced freelancer developer to find and work with the best technology companies in the world. They’re a global marketplace of startups, established corporations, venture capital firms, and software companies.

Websites for freelance Photographers


31. The Creative Loft

The Creative Loft is an excellent resource for freelancers looking for work in a number of fields, including photography, fashion, interior design, event organizing, entertainment, music, and more. Because the majority of their freelance work (particularly in the photography sector) are posted in the United States, the prospects are skewed toward photographers based in the United States. Nonetheless, the site posts hundreds of new photography assignments every day, so keep an eye out for something that sounds like a good fit for you.


32. Cruise Ship Jobs


Another surprise on the list, most likely. Did you know that ice cream machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week aboard many cruise ships? Do we really need to sell you anything else? This site is a great place to start learning about travel photography — and eating ice cream all the time.


33. Photography Jobs Central


This is a section of Creative Jobs Central, which is a standard freelance photography marketplace. Although their premium membership is pricey, they have over a thousand active posting firms and can almost ensure that you will find work in your region. It also filters out amateurs and lowers competition, which might be worthwhile if you have some additional cash. It’s free to join and look around at what they have to offer, so take a look around before committing.


Websites for freelance marketers


34. People Per Hour

This one is ideal for marketers, SEO experts, and software developers. PPH takes care of almost everything in the process, but it only allows for 15 applications before it has to be recharged. Browsing, on the other hand, is completely free, so it’s well worth it to put out some feelers and see if you think it’s worthwhile.


35. Remotive

Remotive is a very normal job board with a variety of areas, including marketing, that you can browse through. It’s simple to discover when a position has been listed, where it’s located, and what marketing specialization it belongs to. And free!


36. Aquent

Another excellent firm that will establish the necessary connections for you. Their clients come to them with holes that need to be filled, and they delegate the work to their freelancers. They specialize in marketing, but they also work in the IT and creative fields.


37. ClearVoice


ClearVoice is a content marketing platform that allows in-house and freelance teams to collaborate on projects. They focus your efforts on creating content that leads to better engagement and ROI, which is ideal for any size marketing team.

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