3 customer retention strategies that actually work

Having a customer retention strategy is an essential component of any business.

While acquiring new customers is a vital component, retaining them costs actually 5X to 25X less.

This is not just a type of post where you find the same customer retention strategies in 2020 that you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. Yes, I’ll cover them too.

But most of all, you’ll find three new strategies.

So if you want to learn more about how to retain your customers, you’ll find this article very helpful.

Adopt Customer Feedback tools

Customer feedback tools were used to understand users before they become customers.

Not anymore.

Today, companies used them to learn more about their users, understand their objections and improve their offering for both new and existing customers.

How to gather feedbacks

Surveys, polls and questionnaires are an opportunity to enter the mind of your customers and understand how they feel.

Becoming the voice of your customers is what can solve many of their problems with your product and service.

That’s because customers want to improve your product, in fact, you’ll be surprised at the amount of feedback you can collect, both positive and negative.

Use the negative feedback to improve some areas and the positive feedback to increase your confidence you are offering a great product.

So if you want to retain more customers, you need to listen to them.

Ask the right questions to get meaningful insights.

The strategies you adopt will determine the type of answer you’ll get.

So if you want useful data, use useful strategies to gather it.

For example, some of the strategies that really help improve retention could be:

  1. On the thank-you page, ask this: “How would you rate your buying experience with us from 1 to 10?” This question will help you understand if the customer will buy again.

  2. If you need lots of data, you can offer an incentive with an Amazon voucher and send a survey by email to all your customers. The goal is: if there is something we can do to improve, what would that be? And then ask your questions all at once.

  3. When a customer decided to leave you, ask why and what you can do to improve?

  4. You can also ask questions about alternative products, for example: “if you didn’t use us, which other alternatives would you use and why?”

Use the right tools

Most of the feedback tools are easy to use and install. Here is a list of them:

  • Routee.net provides SMS surveys for customers and commercial partners to quickly get insights that you need. Hotjar.com to gather users’ feedback with polls on your website during and after a purchase.

  • Surveymonkey.com to build complex surveys and share them by email, social media and website links.

  • Trustpilot.com for collecting online reviews and improving brand awareness

  • Ideascale.com can be used to build forums where customers discuss issues, problem and troubleshooting.

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