The best guest blogging sites in marketing recommended by experts

Guest blogging statistics paint a clear picture:

  •  Blogs with more authors are perceived as more credible
  •  79% of editors say that guest blogging is too promotional

It’s clear from these two statistics that editors welcome guest posting but only with certain conditions. 

Essentially, your content needs to be relevant to the website where it’s published and the link you add needs to add value to the user experience. If you promote yourself too much, there is a risk your pitch won’t be accepted. 

But what does Google think about link building with guest posting?

Well, officially Google is against it because it’s against any form of paid backlinks, links farms and content published so you can “get” a link. However, if your content is very informative, written by an expert and can add value to a blog, then Google of course has nothing against that.

If you are determined to go ahead and publish a guest post, the first thing you need to do is finding websites that allow guest posting

In this blog post, SEO Consultant Luca Tagliaferro will explain exactly that process.

So shall we get started?

Best Guest Posting Sites for Marketing

Why should you submit your guest post?


10 years ago, when I started with guest blogging, I was trying to build my link profile, so I would get more referral traffic to my blog and improve my SEO rankings in the process. I didn’t have any budget for hiring a link building agency neither had any relationship with bloggers. 

So my only chance for building links was guest posting.

This can still work today.

But the difference is that your approach now should be oriented towards adding value with your expertise rather than writing for the sake of a link back.

In other words, you should approach guest posting with a well crafted strategy that matches your career and business goals. The old approach of guest posting on ay type of sites, irrelevant to your industry and skill set, doesn’t cut it anymore.

Recent research shows that the value of guest blogging for marketing is essentially all about building your reputation and your authority in the industry.

This means guest blogging takes time and you shouldn’t do it for building your backlink profile only.

In any case,  a few benefits of guest blogging remain true today: 

  • Tap into the audience of another website and increase your reach and exposure
  • Improve your website domain authority from links that are placed into the copy of your guest post
  • Improve your reputation as the industry leader and expert in your field.

Top 11 guest blogging sites for building your profile

1. Sender


Sender is an email and SMS marketing platform tailored for eCommerce and SMB (small-to-medium businesses). It’s rapidly gaining popularity among marketers wanting to learn and deepen their knowledge.

With their 79 domain rating (Ahrefs), you can easily trust your blog post in Sender’s blog’s hands. According to their website, they’re currently open to new content submissions on various marketing-related topics such as email marketing, customer retention, engagement, eCommerce sales, etc.

If you have a quality content idea to help you get more referral traffic to your blog, feel free to fill out Sender’s application form, and you might appear in the constantly growing Sender’s blog.

2. HubSpot


AdvancedWebRanking like the high Domain Authority of the Hubspot website at 91/100. With over 23 million visitors per month from search engines alone, HubSpot is one of the largest marketing and sales blog for guest posting in the world.

How can you apply to HubSpot? 

It’s simple, just go this application page and submit your pitch. With HubSpot, you can write about Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and website development and building.


3. Moz


Moz is one of the leading search marketing blogs and it was the first blog to specifically focus on SEO, launched in 2004.   On Moz you can find blog posts written by the Moz staff and guest contributors alike. The nice thing about Moz are the comments, you can learn a lot just by reading what SEO experts say in the comments of each blog post and the lively discussions going about link building
The Writing Cooperative loves the fact Moz is constantly sharing knowledge nuggets particularly for SEO, in the form of guides and expert opinions. 

Moz has a thriving community of SEO passionate experts that also attend MozCon, a search marketing conference in Seattle.

If you want to apply to Moz as a guest writer, reach out to their staff either by email or on Twitter.


4. SEMRush


SEMRush is a Moz competitor because they also built an SEO tool used by millions of people. 

How is writing for SEMRush? 

wrote for the SEMRush blog a few times and I can confirm there are a few benefits: 

  • I received some qualified leads for my SEO freelancing services
  • I increased my followers on LinkedIn
  • Other blogs invited me to write for them after reading my SEMRush guest posts.

It’s hard to write for SEMRush because guest posting at the moment is by invitation only, so my recommendation is to try and write for several other websites before approaching SEMRush.  Update: SEMRush is no longer accepting pitches for guest posting because they want to invite selected experts only.


5. DivvyHQ


DivvyHQ is a content marketing platform designed for team collaboration and content management.  They have a good domain authority of 47/100 (Moz DA) and are open to guest posting. 

I wrote for DivvyHQ back in 2021 about how to decrease your bounce rate and increase your rankings. So they are open to SEO guest posting pitches.

My recommendation is to get in touch and propose topics you know a lot about. DivvyHQ would rather let an expert write than someone who is naturally good at writing but not expert in any subject.

Peak Freelance  mentions DivvyHQ guidelines “They want content that provides content managers and producers with insights, inspiration, and practical guidance in an effort to help them simplify and be more efficient and effective in their day-to-day battle within the trenches of corporate marketing/communications departments”.

If you feel you got what it takes, feel free to submit your guest posting ideas here.

6. WordTracker


WordTracker is another SEO tool specialised in keywords research and metrics, with a large digital marketing blog. Their blog is not as big as SEMRush or Moz’s blogs, but this website could be good if you are submitting a guest post for the first time.

Their blog focuses on search marketing in general, whether it’s paid ads or organic traffic. I wrote for WordTracker about how marketers can avoid the increasing trend of zero-click searches. If you are interested in the article, go here.

So you want to write for Wordtracker? Here is what you should know.

When I applied, they sent me these guidelines by email: 

“We accept guest posts from SEO specialists whose content and style fits with Wordtracker. Content must be unique, high quality, and specific to the Wordtracker audience, so SEO or marketing related. We don’t accept advertorial-type pieces.”

“We’re keen on actionable content, which is of practical, applicable use to our readers. In terms of style, clarity is key, with links to external sources quoted. Length should be a minimum of 1,000 words and any images supplied should be free to use.”

“Please note: we don’t accept content for linking purposes. Any links within the article should be to relevant high quality and authoritative information. We don’t allow company or affiliate links in the article itself, but you can include a business link in your author bio.”

If you want to apply to WordTracker, you can submit your application here.

wordtracker guest post email


7. Millo


Rosemary Richings found that Millo’s content gets plenty of shares so it’s definitely a great place for guest posting. In fact, she says:

“This is a sign of a very high level of engagement with the site. And that’s worth factoring in because people don’t just share content for the sake of sharing it. They share it because it made them laugh, or spoke to their own life experiences, or was useful to them in some shape or form.”

Millo is a blog with tons of freelancing resources to help you building your own business from scratch.

Millo often posts new articles written by experts in marketing, sales, management, accounting, HR and finance. Essentially, every topic that is important for building and running a freelance business can be found and pitched on Millo. 

If you have experience with freelancing that you want to share and want to apply for a guest post with Millo, use their contact page and choose “Guest posting” from their dropdown menu.


8. Omnisend


Reconvert says Omnisend is one of the best blogs for e-commerce. “You’ll find valuable nuggets of information that’ll help you convert more shoppers at every stage of the eCommerce marketing funnel. Get the latest SMS and email marketing insights along, omnichannel trends and a sea of eCommerce resources on the Omnisend Blog”.

Omnisend is a marketing automation platform for sending emails and increasing your sales and revenue. Omnisend also specialises on audience segmentation and web push notifications. 

The Omnisend blog is a great website for submitting well-written content about topics such as email marketing, audience segmentation, e-commerce, SMS marketing and leads generation. Omnisend accepts new pitches submissions from freelancers, companies and experts alike, so head over to the pitch page for submitting yours. 


9. Search Engine Land


As you realised by now, I only shares blogs where I actually published at least 1 guest post myself and getting to write for SearchEngineLand not once, but three times, was one of the proudest moments in my career.

Also Neil Patel considers “SearchEngineLand a good place to start your guest blogging, if your target audience are SEO professionals in the age group of 25-34.”

SearchEngineLand is an online journal for SEOs and digital marketers. SEL is different than other blogs because of the extremely high quality and quantity of its content. They publish more than 20 posts daily and accept contributions only from the best digital marketers out there.

If you are a search marketing expert and interested in writing for SEL, send an email to their editors.


10. Smart Insights


Foundr says that Smart Insights is a great place to start guest blogging because “it opened the door to other sites such as Hubspot, GetResponse, StartupNation and many more”.

SmartInsights is the leading digital marketing learning platform, with more than 1,000,000 guides, resources, templates and ebook for learning digital marketing. 

Their audience are people who are getting started with digital marketing and strategy so this outlet is a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge and help others learn from you.

If you want to share your opinion, you first need to become an Expert Commentator for SmartInsights. 

How can you do that? Keep building your public profile using Twitter, LinkedIn, your own blog and speaking at conferences. Anything that’ll improve your profile will be considered. 


11. Search Engine Watch


SearchEngineWatch is an online media company that produces digital blogs and podcasts. With these resources, they focus on growing businesses online. 

wrote for them last year on how to integrate SEO and CRO for boosting your revenue. accepts content from qualified and experienced search marketers, whether you write about SEO, paid ads or how to attract more leads. Their guest post guidelines explain what to write about, how to apply and tips for avoiding issues.

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Increase your reach and visibility 


If you want to increase your visibility as an expert, freelancer or company owner, guest posting can bring huge benefits. You position yourself as a leader in your field, make new connections and attract new leads for your business. 

If you need help with writing your next guest post, I am happy to offer you my experience given I published on all of those 11 outlets listed in this article. 

Whether you need keywords research, writing your engaging guest post or finding the right topic, I have the industry experience to get the job done.