How to become a Fiverr Affiliate

One of the greatest problems for aspiring affiliate marketers is how to find offers to monetize a blog. You have two options:

If my list of 40+ affiliate programs is not enough and you choose the second option to monetise with banners, just so you know, it’s a frustrating practice and takes a lot of trial and error. Luckily, there are methodologies and tools out there that make it easier than ever to monetise your affiliate offers! One of those tools is Fiverr Affiliates.

If you are reading this, most probably you already know what Fiverr Affiliates is. Just in case, let run through the definition of what the program does.

Fiverr Affiliates is the official affiliate program for Fiverr where new affiliates can sign up or current affiliates can sign in. You can become an affiliate, grab your affiliate links, banners and other creatives and earn a commission every time your users are referred to Fiverr and buy a gig. Anyone from bloggers, copywriters, SEO experts, YouTubers, influencers and thought leaders can apply to become a Fiverr Affiliate.

It may sound like it’s easy-peasy to gain money by selling Fiverr gigs. In the past, when you used to generate thousands and thousands of users to your website and sell banners ads to get paid on banner visibility. You would have to spend months, if not years, to build a large following in the hopes that come company would sponsor an article for your blog or give you their banners to make a buck. These days are over because with Fiverr Affiliates you can literally monetise your traffic while you sleep!

The only problem is, this is not going to be always very easy. You still have to learn how to refer targeted users to Fiverr just like any other type of advertising. The task is just a bit different on Fiverr Affiliates than it is out on your own. In fact, that’s why we are here to teach you how to become a Fiverr Affiliate.

Okay, it’s time now to dive right into the topic.

Familiarize yourself with Fiverr Affiliates

First and foremost, you really just need to create your own Fiverr Affiliates Account. Go to the home page and click on “Start Earning Now”.

The first thing you want to do is really take the time to explore the platform. This doesn’t just mean how it works. You want to take the time to really explore other Fiverr Affiliates as an affiliate yourself, how they are making sales, what they are offering, and how to promote a gig. This will all make being an affiliate marketer a lot easier. It basically gets rid of the headache of having to think every week and every month on how to sell Fiverr gigs to your audience.

Plan a day and spend a few hours looking around the platform and around search engines. Check out the marketing tools that you can add to your blog or channel, decide whether a Fiverr search box can suit your audience best or maybe intext links are your best option.

Try to determine if these advertising options add any value to you and if you should use them yourself.

Then look at the top end affiliates on Google and Bing, those that rank well for posts, for example, such as best Fiverr web designers and yes I am one of them. My article ranks on page 1 on Google.

Try to understand how top affiliates generate sales and what type of content is ranking so high. See if you can replicate or even improve what they have done so far. Use these 14 affiliate website examples to give you inspiration and motivation.

Once you have a firm understanding of the platform and the affiliates ecosystem and how it works, you can get started to build your own monetisation engine.

A great review goes a long way

As an affiliate, your primary source of income will come from gig reviews. Note, these are not the only way you can generate money (more on that later). You will need to make a top-notch review in order to entice buyers to view click on your affiliate links and hopefully make a purchase on Fiverr.

An amazing review is one that is coming from experience, it contains useful information, meets users’ intent on search engines, gives a final opinion and entice the user to click on your link. You need to make sure your reviews are based on your actual experience with Fiverr so you look like an expert to potential buyers, you can raise trust and become authoritative.

It’s tricky to rank high on your first review, in the early days you won’t attract much traffic, that’s why I advise you to share your affiliate links and reviews on your social media accounts first.

You need a bit of history with search engines before they see the value of your content. But with time, you should be able to rank higher and generate money even when you sleep, because the Internet never sleeps!

Your Fiverr Affiliate tools

The variety of tools Fiverr offers is very good, it allows you to stand out and make you able to offer the best experience to your users.

To choose a tool, click on marketing tools on the left panel, then filter by brand and use the filtering option. Lastly, choose the creative you are provided with and get the HTML code to add your review.

Now, as far as choosing the tool is concerned, that is going to take a bit of time. You want to use the creative that showcases what Fiverr is and what Fiverr offers. Make it eye-catching without being cheesy.

Look at this example of a tool:

You can choose to provide a search tool like the one above, where you give users the opportunity to search for any gig on Fiverr, which has your affiliate link embedded. Make sure your tool makes sense for what you want the audience to accomplish by offering a fair amount of variations on your review and different buttons types.

Also never forget to add in-text links to make sure that when people read your review they don’t have to wait to complete their reading before they find a call to action, they can click from your copy straight away!

Writing a killer review and choosing the right marketing tools are extremely important tasks that set you up on the right track.

Generate traffic to generate commission payouts

Choosing the right commission plan on Fiverr Affiliates can be tricky and it will take some trial and errors to get it right. I recommend you to start with the Fiverr CPA at $100 + 10% recurring per sale for Fiverr Business.

If you play the numbers game and think you can drive high volumes of traffic to Fiverr, then I recommend choosing the 10$ per sale + 10% recurring because making a sale should be much easier compared to Fiverr business sales. They are larger in revenue but lower in quantity.

In order to make sales to your audience, you need to build a marketing engine that makes it worth for them to buy from you.

This isn’t just about a great gig review. Lots of people can write great reviews about Fiverr web designers, fiverr web developers and so on. You your users to click specifically on your links from you!

The best way to do this with content marketing is to become an expert at what you write about. Update them on the latest and the greatest about Fiverr, make them subscribe to your newsletter, give them free reports and information about Fiverr. Make sure to let them know they can always ask you questions and reply to your newsletters, and be as engaged as possible.

Next, distribute your reviews.

Social media shares are a way to ensure your content is seen by as many people as possible within your circle. The larger is your social media following, the larger is the number of people reading your content. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, answering questions on Quora.

The other way to distribute your content is via SEO, guest posting and growth hacking communities. You can also use websites like Muckrack and, where I have both an account with, to showcase your content.

Lastly, send an email to your subscribers!

It never hurts to reach out to subscribers who have subscribed to your newsletter in the past. Let them know that you have some new amazing offers of freelancers on Fiverr, and you would like to check them out using your affiliate link. This doesn’t mean you should annoy your subscrbers daily. However, every once in a while it won’t hurt to let them know you are making product reviews for them and you are able to advise what to buy next.

Hard work will pay off at the end

This is not a get rich quick game. Success with affiliate marketing on Fiverr doesn’t come overnight.

It takes time to build your audience, warm them up and sell to them the products that you recommend.

Being successful with Fiverr Affiliates takes a lot of trial and effort. You will face a lot of rejection, as well as times of feast versus famine. The roller coaster can be wild, but it does pay off in the end with due diligence. Take your time, learn what works for you, and eventually, the users will read your reviews and click on your affiliate links on their own.

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