Audiense Review: what can you accomplish with this tool?

Updated: Jul 3

This is my review of Audiense, previously known as SocialBro. I was provided with a free press version to try the tool.

In this review, I’ll talk about:

What is Audiense?

Audiense is a consumer insight and segmentation tool that helps businesses execute successful marketing campaigns.

With a few clicks with Audience Connect you can measure your – or anyone else’s - Twitter audience and monitor their social media marketing efforts. Audiense Insights focuses on insights about any audiences you want.

Companies may use this method to collect specific social media data for effective social marketing campaigns. The bulk of the extra features are linked to ROI monitoring and online ads.

In order words, it enables you to understand how audiences follow, engage and react towards a brand or an influencer.

Audiense Review - Luca Tagliaferro

The Audience Manager

Not only that, it also allows you to compile an audience on Twitter into a personalised group of users according to pre-defined criteria, that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

audiense manager

This means that with Audiense you can accomplish several research tasks within minutes and uncover new opportunities:

  • Find segments for an audience following a certain brand or influencer

  • Target specific group of people that are influenced by specific brands or people

  • Launch new products for a specific new audience, based on insights and segments

  • Provide the tools to better connect to your target audience by understanding their behaviour

The list is longer than that, Audiense can perform more tasks so I would recommend trying the software for free.

What Audiense does

Some of the tasks you can accomplish

Audiense comes really handy when you have to know more about your target audience, if you are in marketing it’s a must to have.

Learn about your Audience

Audiense reveals data and analytics about your social audience. You can uncover segments, sub-audiences and other data to learn about who is following you.

Build an audience

The tool enables you to build a customised audience for Twitter users. The Audience Connect dashboard provides data about a community in the form of panels and widgets, so it’s interactive.

Segment an audience

Take an account on Twitter and Audiense gives you a lot of information about the followers, according to a wide choice of criteria: from job roles, to interests, gender and specific keywords, just to mention a few. You can also segment audiences based on conversation, behaviours, connexions...

A detailed look at the features

Audience Insights is probably the most impressive tool from Audiense, let’s have a closer look at it.

Full audience - Luca Tagliaferro

The audience insight is segmenting your audience for a given Twitter account for an insights boost. In the screenshot above, I have taken as an example the account of Dare Agency in London and the data tells you that there are 5 main segments, the largest one being ‘Strategist, idea’.

The cool thing about segmentation is that you can find out who they are in terms of interests, jobs titles and other demographic data. For example, in our case, the segment “production, film” is not the audience we are looking for. We don’t want this type of audience, and the tool is helping us understand this.

From here, we can make a strategic decision to have less of a “film, production” audience and focus our efforts to build other segments like “strategist, ideas”.

The graph is also interactive and when you click on any of those 5 segments, you’ll get a dashboard with extra information about that segment.

The dashboard consists of 9 parts:

  1. Demographic – information about gender, Location (city and country), language bio and age

Do you want to know which job bio they added on the social accounts? Audiense got you covered:

Bio segment

The report is filtered by the most popular job title from your audience and in my test the title “Creative” is the most popular, which makes sense because our agency is a creative agency.

But at Dare, we also offer digital marketing services and design, so that’s why these other three job roles are also very popular.

The demographic report also gives info about the age of my audience, which surprisingly is very young (18-24).

Age segment

What I also really liked is that for each box of information on demographic, Audiense provides you with actionable recommendations.

For example, I wanted to know what can I do with the “age” information, Audiense provided me with this:


The graph can be interpreted quantitatively to see the weight of the different age ranges within the segment or audience, or compare the data to the baseline to uncover the most relevant in this audience. Use comparisons to the baseline to find the most relevant age ranges to the segment or audience you are analyzing.

Example of use

Age distribution can influence a range of decisions, from tactical aspects such as creatives tone of voice to more strategic ones such as the contents and campaigns segmentation and targeting.

age interpretation