11 Alternative & Competitor Tools to Also Asked


With the digital landscape continuously evolving, it has become increasingly vital for professionals, such as marketers, content creators, and SEO managers, to stay on top of user behaviour and search trends.

AlsoAsked is a tool that has become popular in recent years for optimising content, doing keyword research, and finding valuable search insights.

However, several new tools meet the demand of the continuously evolving digital ecosystem.

This article will explore various alternatives to AlsoAsked.com, alongside their varying features and capabilities.

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So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. Keyword Profiler

Similar to AlsoAsked, Keyword Profiler is a robust new tool that removes the guesswork of building a content strategy. It provides a query tool that uses your search terms to conduct live Google crawls, extract related questions, and create result trees.

This tool also has a content hierarchy feature that offers a complete URL list, enabling you to structure your content properly. Keyword Profiler can be a great addition if you are a content creator or an SEO expert looking to improve your keyword strategy and content clusters.

Besides, it doesn’t matter where you are. KeywordProfiler has live data from 130 countries.

people also ask tree

2. KeywordsPeopleUse

KeywordsPeopleUse is a keyword research tool that gives you insights into what your potential customers are searching for. 

Some of the query types this tool features include:

  • Keyword Generator
  • Google Search Auto Complete
  • People Also Ask
  • Reddit and Quora Search
  • Content Explorer

It also offers a powerful AI assistant that allows you to access the latest OpenAI language models and ask SEO, content, and keyword-related questions. 

Plus, this robust tool comes with a number of features, like search alerts, keyword lists, topic clusters, AI content generator, and bulk search.

3. Frase

Frase’s People Also Ask tool is powered by AI, enabling you to identify what questions your audience is asking and help answer them. As a content creator, you can also use this tool to help you streamline your content and give you higher visibility.

This People Also Ask tool is one of the few that incorporates Artificial Intelligence. It uses an AI model trained on billions of web pages on the internet to give you access to the queries your potential customers are making.

4. UseTopic.com

This people also ask tool extracts the most commonly asked questions from Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ box and enables you to streamline your content based on what your potential customers are asking.

With this tool’s search insight feature, content marketers and SEO experts can understand the reason behind queries and develop content based on that.

Unlike other keyword research tools, this tool finds questions that do not include focus keywords, include priority questions, and can handle a large set of keywords.

5. Twaino

Twaino’s People Also Ask tool enables you to use your audience’s questions to develop new content and marketing ideas.

This free tool extracts data from Google’s “Other questions asked” section, enabling you to discover the varying questions your audience asks.

Also, it used a tree or silo-like structure to display your results, but there are other structures available.

Besides, if you want your content to meet the search intent of your prospective customer, this can be a great addition for you.

6. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on that you can use for keyword research on the go. With this tool, you can get monthly search volume, competition data, trend data, and CPC on keywords on different websites.

It extracts data from Google and Bing’s “People Also Search for” and “Related” boxes and uses Google trends to estimate historical monthly search volumes.

Keywords Everywhere is a unique tool as it lets you view the top 10,000 keywords that any webpage or website ranks for on Google.

Plus, this browser add-on takes the stress off keyword research, allowing you to do everything from one place.

7. Keyword Surfer

This Chrome extension tool allows you to carry out content and keyword research easily.

Whether a beginner or an expert, this tool will give you the insights needed to develop your content. It also lets you see the search volume for different keywords and lists keyword ideas.

Keyword Surfer is distinct in its offerings, as it uses multiple metrics, like Cost per Click, search volume, estimated traffic, and word count, to enable you to get accurate data for your keywords.

It also features Collections, enabling you to put important keywords in folders so you never lose track of them.

Besides, it doesn’t matter where you are, as this tool extracts datasets from over 60 countries, enabling you to streamline your content research and creation process.

8. KWFinder

You may need this keyword research tool if you are interested in finding easy-to-rank and long-tail keywords. KWFinder lets you see the keywords your competitor ranks for and provides you with historical search volumes and long-term trends to boost your site’s organic traffic.

You can also use this tool to carry out SERP analysis and keyword research easily. Plus, you can choose from over 50,000 locations to get precise local search results.

9. Nozzle

This Google keyword rank tracker tool will offer you access to enterprise-level SERP data. Nozzle does more than tell you your top-ranking page or keyword; it monitors your brand, allowing you to always be at the top of your game.

Additionally, online other tools that show you only your site ranking, Nozzle monitors unlimited domains and social media profiles.

This tool will also inform you about your ad-adjusted rank, social shares, estimated traffic, search volume, star ratings, site links, etc.

Besides, with its complete SERP monitoring tool, Nozzle enables you to track an unlimited number of competitors using domain, URL, subdomain, and brand.

10. Hyper Suggest

This tool uses over 200 million keywords in its database to provide you with data-driven topics and ideas for your website. 

You can use this tool to find long-tail keywords, analyse your competitor’s websites, and discover the questions your potential customers ask. This way, you can streamline your content, enhance your SEO, and boost your ranking.

This tool provides a Rank Tracking system that allows you to assess your Google ranking on a daily basis, enabling swift responses to market shifts. Additionally, HyperSuggest utilises AI to classify long-tail keywords into semi-clusters – making it easy and seamless for you.

11. AnswerThePublic

This tool, like AlsoAsked, allows you to discover the questions people are asking. It enables you to get new and valuable search insights from your customers and answer their questions easily.

AnswerThePublic uses autocomplete data from search engines to create useful questions and sentences related to different keywords.

Besides, you can use this tool to create new and unique content for your customers, as it allows you to discover hidden niches that will boost your organic growth.

To Wrap It Up

While AlsoAsked has been a valuable tool to get insights into what your audience and potential customers are asking, these other tools have varying unique features that cater to the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

Whether looking for social media listening abilities, competitor analysis, or AI-powered suggestions, these tools can enhance your visibility, engagement, and content marketing efforts.