SEO services you can buy for less than £500

I am sure you have tried to buy SEO services and noticed the price tag is often very high, especially unaffordable for small websites with small budgets.

So let me ask you a question: did you know there are SEO services you can buy for less than £500 ($550)?

I know it because I offer them. So what can you buy that costs less than £500?

How do you know when it has a positive impact on your website?

These questions will be answered in the post of today.

If you have a small budget and want to complete some SEO tasks without spending £5,000 on a monthly retainer, a one-off SEO service can help you accomplish something easily. Then, when Google will look at your website, it would find it optimised.

While most of the times SEO services are offered on a retainer basis because you have been told that "SEO takes time" and "it's not a quick thing" (which are all true statements by the way), there are other services that actually can be done once every month and yet can drive some organic traffic and ranking improvements.

This makes them more affordable, which in turn allows you to get even more budget left for other activities. If you are not going to throw money on expensive monthly SEO retainers, then these SEO one-off services could be ideal for your needs.

The best SEO services for less than £500

  1. Single page SEO Audit

  2. Optimise for Rich snippets

  3. Link building in bulk

  4. Semantic Content Optimisation

  5. Core Web Vitals Page Audit

1. Single Pages SEO Audits

If you are looking to audit only one or two landing pages, or maybe the home page of your website, nothing stops you from buying an SEO audit for a few pages of your website. This will save you a ton of cash, single pages audits can be your match made in heaven.

From H1, meta descriptions, backlinks, copy, keywords focus, internal links, technical SEO and content you can get all of those SEO elements checked, compared and optimised for less than £500.

Not only is your page optimised for SEO with the right keywords focus, but it also got a technically perfect set up to help search engines crawl it, index it and rank it more accurately. Which in turn can rank better.

Essentially, focussing on one single page rather than the entire website, allows you to unlock opportunities and threats on page level much quicker and easier by optimising your page 100% for SEO.

2. Optimise for rich snippets

With Google always changing their search results and including new features over the last couple of years such as FAQs Schemas, Review Snippets, AMP, Featured Snippets, your website can struggle to keep up to date, which in turn means you struggle to seize the opportunity for generating new traffic.

You can, for example, imitate what TripAdvisor is doing with FAQs Schemas, adding many many more links to their Google search results, but if you don't know how to code it and implement it correctly, you will be missing out.

FAQ snippet example

This can be done for less than $500 on a couple of pages that drive most of the traffic or have the type of content matching with FAQs.

It's a good way to generate more traffic with a small budget without having to pay an expensive retainer. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when implementing FAQs tough, one of the most important being the fact that Google needs to see relevant content before it decides to display them on search results. So you need to put some thoughts into it beforehand.

If you'd rather showcase a how-to type of content, you can think of implementing the How-to Snippet, showing users on Google how to complete a task with bullet points.

featured snippet example

3. Link building in bulk

Link building is one of the most challenging, time consuming and controversial tasks in SEO.

But just because it's so difficult to implement and so important for your rankings, link building can be very expensive.

It's quite easy for SEO agencies to charge often £2,000 or more to get you some links for your link building needs. Sometimes for Premium links, they charge £2,000 just for 1 link!

However, often link building can be discounted if bought in bulks from the right people. Normally, a link with a high Domain Authority that costs £100 can be discounted to £75 if you buy a minimum of 6 links so you end up paying £450 for 6 quality links. Not bad!

4. Semantic Content Optimisation

For those wanting to improve their copy and content on their very well established and authoritative websites and to give it a ranking boost without spending too much, semantic optimisation might be the right SEO service for you.

Thanks to a document retrieval technique called TF-IDF, which I have explained on the CXL blog extensively, I am able to optimise your content by finding which terms your page is missing out on when compared to the top 10 rivals on Google.

It also provides a better topic description, so your page doesn't have to suffer from non optimised content. Even if you have done SEO optimisation on your blog pages, even if you have optimised for speed, technical errors and keywords, there is still room to optimise for semantics.

TF-IDF for SEO is an extremely popular technique, very well proven to work many times over and can seriously offer a ranking boost for those pages hanging on Google page 3 and 4 results.


This technique is best used when a piece of a blog is losing traffic and needs a refresh. So think when you have published something 2-3 years ago that now needs a complete re-write because your competitors evolved, improved and optimised whereas your blog post is lacking new life.

5. Core Web Vitals Audit

If you are looking for the absolute best web performance of your key pages, then you need to optimise for Core Web Vitals, improve speed, interactivity and overall page experience. Google is releasing this new algorithm update in mid-June 2021 and gave webmasters across the world enough notice month before.

core web vitals metrics - luca tagliaferro

You might not see any quick win from it, because Google ranking factors are more than 200, so this piece of optimisation could take a while before it generates any effect. However, it doesn't matter when you see the effect, it matters that when that happens, your website is prepared for it.

Generally, this type of optimization is done on a page by page level, and cannot be done on the entire website yet, simply because the metrics that Google uses are on a page level rather than on a website level.

How to choose a low-cost SEO service

When buying an SEO service with a low budget, you need to make sure your choice can bring tangible benefits, such as more traffic and conversions. The impact is one of the most important factors, think about whether the SEO service that you need is impacting your website in a positive way.

The best SEO services under £500 can quickly bring you results on a page level, either because they laser-focus the attention on a page optimisation aspect, or because they use a particular technique that has proven to work for other pages before.

The most impactful SEO service for small budgets, in my opinion, are the rich snippets, such as FAQs, review snippets, featured snippets and how-to snippets. Few websites use them and it has been found that when you get position "0" with a featured snippet, your page can get an extra 8.6% of traffic on top of what you are already generating with SEO.

Also, buying an affordable SEO service also requires you to figure out which needs you actually have. You don't want to buy a service that is not needed, ending up wasting your money and buying another one.