14 Affiliate Websites: examples to motivate and inspire you

Do you want to increase your SEO affiliate income?

Many affiliate marketing websites generate millions in commissions for their owners each month. The global affiliate marketing industry is estimated to be worth more than $12 billion and is rising year after year.

If you want to become an affiliate and make money, you’ve come to the right post.

I review the best affiliate website examples and evaluate how they make money by having joined some of these affiliate programs. Join me to get ideas for your next affiliate marketing website.

Table of content

  1. NerdWallet
  2. SafeWise
  3. ToolTester
  4. Wirecutter
  5. VPNMentor
  6. This is Why I’m Broke
  7. Website Setup
  8. TrustedReviews
  9. LittleCoffeeplace.com
  10. Ryrob.com
  11. Making Sense of Cents
  12. Gear Patrol
  13. VeryWellFit
  14. The Points Guy


NerdWallet review

NerdWallet is a financial platform that provides users with financial product reviews, tools for managing their finances, and financial advice on topics ranging from loans to insurances, mortgages, savings, taxes, and investments. They are one of the most established affiliate websites in the finance niche despite the competitive market. Consumer finance is a profitable affiliate marketing niche, and NerdWallet uses SEO and content marketing strategies to leverage this. For example, they rank for the highest competition keywords in the finance industry, and they utilize them when creating content on topics in high demand.

NerdWallet is a complete affiliate website, and they make their money from credit card affiliate programs and financial institutions like mortgage lenders or banks. Their finance tools play a role in why they are regarded as industry experts, as they offer value to their visitors while attracting backlinks.


Consumer Finance

Website Traffic

Over 15m visitors per month

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Over 9 million annual affiliate revenue

Why they are Doing Well

• NerdWallet became an expert in the finance field, making it easy for their site visitors to take their recommendations.

• They offer many up-to-date financial advice and reviews, making their website the go-to for any finance tips.

• NerdWallet offers finance tools helpful to visitors, and they keep them coming back to the site.

• They regularly update their major pages, ensuring they offer relevant content every year.

• NerdWallet implements high-buyer intent keywords in their content, enabling them to generate extra organic traffic easily.


safewise review

SafeWise is a niche affiliate marketing website that offers detailed reviews on home automation and security products to enable users to get the best smart living products. Even though advanced home security is a growing niche, it is one of the best niches for affiliate marketing because everyone wants their homes to be secure. SafeWise leverages this need and provides content and reviews on products that will keep every family member safe, from babies to seniors. to

SafeWise is an established expert on home automation, making it easy to generate leads and stay relevant. They also provide content on current and future industry trends using relevant data and research. In addition, SafeWise uses different SEO strategies like relevant interlinking to boost its page rank significantly. Most of their revenue is generated from affiliate programs commissions by recommending Amazon, CJ Affiliate, and HomeDepot products. Plus, partnerships with Frontpoint and Vivent are profitable, as Vivent pays a commission of $560 per sale.


Home automation and security

Website Traffic

Over 400 thousand visitors per month

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

There is no mention of revenue, but they are estimated to make over $200,000 revenue monthly.

Why they are Doing Well

• They offer comparison tables along with individual reviews to simplify the selection process for visitors.

• SafeWise publishes confident and industry-relevant content in their niche, making it easy for them to monetize such content.

• They have a unique Call to Action button that enhances their conversion rates.


tooltester review

ToolTester, which used to be WebsiteToolTester, is an affiliate website dedicated to reviewing and comparing ecommerce and website builders. Visitors visit the website to compare different website builders that do not require any coding skills, enabling them to choose the best. The navigation menu at the top of the website makes it easy for users to access multiple tools’ different guides, comparisons, and reviews. ToolTester is well known for its comprehensive content that helps users build and improve their websites. Besides, they also review hosting platforms and provide a comprehensive pricing analysis on each tool they review.

The owner of ToolTester, Robert Brandl, also has another separate website called EmailToolTester for reviewing email marketing software. ToolTester offers different resources to their visitors like a website creation eBook, website setup guide, and blogging guide. This website does so great in this niche because it has one distinct goal – aspiring business owners and individuals in choosing the best tools to build their website or e-commerce platform.


Ecommerce and website builders

Website Traffic

1.1m monthly traffic

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

There is no mention of how much they make, but it is estimated to be over $400,000 monthly.

Why they are Doing Well

• They became experts in their niche, making it easy for visitors to take their advice and recommendations.

• ToolTester ranks number one for over 1,000 keywords, and their SEO strategies increase their website traffic.

• They produce genuine and transparent content, which keeps people coming back.


wirecutter review

Wirecutter began as a tech review blog when it was founded in 2011, and they earned commissions on the sales of different electronic gadgets. The New York Times bought it in 2016 for $30 million, and they have since expanded to reviewing and writing articles on various items not related to electronics in any way. They have a strong reputation with consumers for providing a comprehensive and educative review of different products. Plus, The New York Times lends its validity to this site and improves its traffic.

Unlike other websites, the Wirecutter team test out the different products before recommending them. They also share that they receive a commission from affiliate links on their homepage. Even though their main profits are from affiliate commissions, they have expanded to include a subscription model to add to their income. Wirecutter makes money from a handful of retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, and HomeDepot.


Consumer Products

Website Traffic

Over 5 million monthly visits

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

They generated $150 million for the first four years, but their revenue is no longer separated from the New York Times total profits.

Why they are Doing Well

• Their content marketing strategy encompasses products from home and gardens to electronics and travel, enabling them to diversify their income.

• Wirecutter provides educational and comprehensive content and reviews that build audience trust.

• Their content is always up-to-date and fresh, making them a force in the industry.

• The Wirecutter team carries out extensive and innovative testing, enabling them to recommend tested products.


VPNmentor review

With the continuous growth of the global VPN market, VPN affiliate programs are also predicted to grow. VPNMentor is one of the top VPN affiliate websites in the industry, and they make their money by promoting only VPN services. In addition, they offer well-researched and tested resources to enable people to make the best choice when choosing a VPN service, and they have expert reviews on different VPNs in the market.

VPNMentor provides a summary of the best VPNs for the year on their homepage to simplify the selection process for visitors. They also conduct a complete analysis of the different VPNs to provide visitors with all the information they need, from the features to pros and cons. Plus, they offer valued input on data privacy issues.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Website Traffic

Over 6 million monthly traffic

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Over $1 million per year

Why they are Doing Well

  • They produce comprehensive articles about their niche.
  • VPNMentor regularly updates its main content to boost its site traffic.
  • They offer a news center that contains recent cybersecurity reports, enabling them to attract links and develop their credibility.
  • VPNMentor offers free tools like their IP Leak Test and Hide My IP, helping them inspire audience trust.
  • They make use of popups that reduce decision paralysis in visitors

This is Why I’m Broke

This is why I am broke review

This is Why I’m Broke is an Amazon Affiliate site that specializes in novelty and unique products. They tap into consumer trends and pop culture to recommend weird and fun items to people that they appeal to. Unlike other affiliate websites, they are more casual with their affiliate marketing. Plus, despite the simplicity of their website, they have created a niche for themselves in the industry.

They have different high-value products listed on their site that they earn money from through commissions, but they make most of their revenue via the Amazon Associates Program. Their site traffic is primarily organic, and they have a strong following on Facebook. However, they do not carry or sell any of the listed products on their website.


Gift and Novelty Items

Website Traffic

Over 2 million monthly visitors

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

About $2m

Why they are Doing Well

• Their writing style is targeted at younger internet users

• Their weird and quirky products often go viral, bringing in free traffic to the site.

• The competition in this niche is minimal

Website Setup

Website setup review

Website Setup provides readers with articles and guides to create their website or ecommerce stores with the correct tools. Website development and hosting is a competitive market, but this affiliate site still manages to be one of the best. They employ different SEO strategies, and they are ranked number one in more than 1000 competitive keywords.

This website makes money by using affiliate offers to monetize their content, and they do not provide any other type of contextual advertising. Bluehost is the major affiliate marketing program they promote, and they earn $65 for every referral. They also earn affiliate commissions from WordPress, BigCommerce, Sitebuilder, Site123, and others.


Website development and hosting

Website Traffic

Over 600,000 monthly visitors

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Over $300,000 per year

Why they are Doing Well

• They provide easy-to-digest content, enabling people in different technological stages to understand.

• They offer a well-structured and distraction-free website design.

• Website Setup creates content that attracts backlinks

• Their content is educative rather than promotional


trustedreviews.com review

TrustedReviews is one of the leading tech news, review, and buying guides websites in the UK, and they cover everything technology from phones to laptops, games, cameras, and home appliances. They have multiple in-house writers that write reviews, comparison articles, and buying guides, enabling users to have all the information before purchasing a gadget. Also, the news on their website is always up to date and relevant, allowing visitors to get info on the current happenings in the technology world.

TrustedReviews is a top contender in their niche because they offer unbiased advice on different tech devices. They make their money through advertising and affiliate links. Besides, they test every product before they review it.


Tech devices

Website Traffic

About 3million monthly visitors

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Over $5 million estimated yearly revenue

Why they are Doing Well

• They offer relevant and up-to-date news articles.

• TrustedReviews publishes unbiased and independent reviews and buying guides, enabling users to make the best choice.

• They’ve established themselves as experts in their niche.


littlecoffeeplace.com review

Little Coffee Place is a website for coffee lovers as they review everything related to coffee, from coffee makers to coffee grinders, coffee brands, and coffee accessories. This affiliate website is very niche-specific, and they make most of their income from Amazon and ShareASale affiliates. They offer comprehensive information on every aspect of coffee making. Plus, their articles make use of the right keywords, enabling coffee lovers to find their site.



Website Traffic

Over 100,000 monthly visits

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

The founder reported they make about $10,000 every month

Why they are Doing Well

• Their content is very comprehensive and specific to the coffee niche.

• Little Coffee Place offers step by step guides to help beginners master their coffee making craft

• They make use of industry-specific keywords to help increase their site traffic


Ryrob review

Ryan Robinson, the site owner, started this website to teach about growing a side business. The website covers everything from blogging to business, freelancing, hosting, writing, and podcasting. The content offered on this site is very exceptional, which is what drives traffic to the site. Besides, Ryan provides users with how-to guides, lists, and other different resources.

He majorly makes his money through affiliate links that are embedded in his articles.



Website Traffic

Over 200,000 monthly visits

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Over $400,000 per year

Why they are Doing Well

• His transparency about his business journey makes it easy for others to want to follow in his footsteps

• Ryrob.com invites industry experts in different fields, increasing the traffic to the site.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle Gardner started this website as a lifestyle and finance website, and she runs and writes all the content on the site by herself. This website provides how-to guides and articles to help individuals save, travel, and make extra money. Plus, the Making Sense of Cents site offers personal blogging courses, and they get over 200,000 monthly visitors. She has carved a niche for herself in the industry, and she makes money off affiliate marketing, selling her courses and display advertisement.


Lifestyle and Finance

Website Traffic

Over 200,000 monthly visitors

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

From her last income report, she makes over $100,000 monthly revenue

Why they are Doing Well

• Her content is relatable because she takes a personal approach.

• She is transparent about the posts that might contain affiliate links on her website.

Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol is a dedicated buying guide website for men, and they provide reviews on everything from cars to tech, fashion, food, fitness, and home products. Users can also find current news on new releases and trends associated with different items. In addition, gear Patrol offers different deals on their website daily as they collaborate with multiple partners. The affiliate links on the Gear patrol site are discreet, with a small call-to-action box and text-based links spread through their content.

This website started as a complete affiliate site, but it has since evolved to include sponsored content indicated on the site. They also have a branded ecommerce store with different products from their partner brands. Besides, users can subscribe to a physical magazine or signup for their newsletters.


Men’s lifestyle

Website Traffic

Over 5million monthly visitors

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Over $2m per year

Why they are Doing Well

• They carved a niche for themselves in the men’s lifestyle industry.

• Gear Patrol produces high-quality content, driving up their website traffic and magazine signups.

Verywell Fit

Verywell Fit is a fitness-inclined website that offers users information on everything related to fitness, from expert advice to recipes and workouts. This leading website employs over 250 expert writers, and they create content on multiple evidence-based topics. On the website, you’d find that many of their articles are reviewed by medical professionals in a bid to foster audience trust. The Verywell fit team comprises various healthcare professionals who ensure that all content on the website is accurate and up to date. Besides, they offer multiple tools and resources like a recipe calculator, BMI calculator, and others.



Website Traffic

10m monthly visits

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Over $5 million estimated yearly revenue

Why they are Doing Well

• The team is dedicated to researching and testing products using comprehensive methods before recommending them on their site.

• They offer multiple resources and tools that keep users coming back, increasing the site traffic.

• The Verywell Fit team constantly updates their articles

The Points Guy

The Points Guy is one of the biggest affiliate sites in the finance and travel niche, and they provide advice on travel companies and credit card companies. Many people despise credit cards, but this website provides them with tips and all the information they need before they own one. Users can also get access to information on cheap flights on this website. Their high-quality and up-to-date content constantly drives organic visitors to their site. Besides, they make their money via affiliate offers from travel and credit card companies like Chase, Citi, and American Express.


Finance and travel

Website Traffic

10million monthly visits

Estimated Affiliate Revenue

Up to $120,000 per month

Why they are Doing Well

• They provide users with free advice and cheap offers.

• The Points Guy offers comprehensive and useful articles in the credit card niche to educate users.

• They implement standard keyword targeting in their SEO strategy

Wrapping It Up

One major thing that stands up from this list of successful affiliate websites – they are all experts in their respective fields or at least very knowledgeable. Therefore, you should start your affiliate marketing journey in an industry you know a few things about, as it would be easier to get traffic to your site with comprehensive and well-researched content. Plus, consistency is a vital way to become a leading force in your niche.


What is an affiliate website?

A website that promotes and reviews affiliate products and services is known as an affiliate website. These items might be digital or tangible, although the majority of these websites promote physical items. You do not own these things, unlike when you sell on eBay or Amazon. You make a commission by promoting other people’s items through affiliate links.

How do affiliate websites make money?

They provide reviews of products and services and include affiliate links within their copy. When the user clicks on one of those links and purchases the product, cookies stored on their browser assign the sale to the affiliate. This is how affiliates get compensated.

How do I become an affiliate?

There are several ways to become an affiliate, the most recommended is to create a blog. If you want to see the detailed guide, check out my step-by-step guide on how to become an affiliate.

How do I create an affiliate website?

Here are the steps:

  1. You need to pick a niche for your website, some examples are provided above.
  2. To market on your websites, you need to find affiliate items in that category.
  3. Select a memorable and brandable domain name.
  4. Purchase a domain from a registrar and configure it to operate with a web host.
  5. Install WordPress or Wix on your computer.
  6. Become an expert on the products and services you want to review
  7. Write product review, you need to test and try them before you write
  8. Make your content rank on search engines.

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