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Medino SEO Audit Case Study

What is Medino?

Medino is the online pharmacy that makes it easy to get the health, beauty & skincare you need without having to leave your home or stand in long pharmacy queues. We’ve got thousands of pharmacy products (even over-the-counter products) and prescription medicine that you can shop online, with everything from hayfever to supplement products.

They approached me to speed up their organic traffic and sales and help to achieve their financial goals.

Before the Audit

When Medino first approached Luca Tagliaferro SEO Consultancy, they were immediately recommended to start an audit. The reason is that we needed to understand where and how bottlenecks were blocking Medino’s organic growth. 

They were concerned that after a period of long-term SEO investment with a different agency, there were no results, rankings were low, pages were not being indexed and changes didn’t happen. 

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How I helped

Luca Tagliaferro conducted an in-depth SEO audit for Medino, first checking Search Console data against possible algorithmic updates, brand/ non brand keywords performance, high impressions/ low clicks keywords, intent analysis and on-page SEO. 

I quickly established a lack of growth and unfolded one by one the reasons behind it. The organic traffic was growing thanks to branded keywords growth, rather than non branded growth. 

Reasons why growth lacked

When investigating reasons for lack of growth, I found that Medino had active cannibalisation issues and a lack of keywords intent match. 

The site had thousands of similar product pages while some blog posts didn’t target the right keywords with on-page SEO strategies.

medino onpage seo audit
backlinks analysis medino

Backlinks Analysis

77% of backlinks are tagged as no-follow, which is typical for backlinks campaigns made from Digital PR agencies. 

My approach was to increase the amount of do-follow links by allocating budget and time in building a steady number of backlinks a month, while keeping relevancy. 

Tech SEO Priorities

In the last part of the audit, I assessed the tech priorities and built a table listing the most pressing one with a score of Low, Medium and High. Then, I gave extremely detailed explainations for each issue and what to do to fix them.


We have vastly increased the amount of keywords we are ranking for and been supported in building a framework for how we work with content to keep growing our organic presence.
We have seen a great increase in traffic and organic sales increased 3 times over the period of working with Luca. Happy with the work, very data driven approach and clear communication. Also informative meetings with advanced discussion topics. Luca helped build up our work with SEO to make it a natural part of our everyday work and also highlighting its potential for future growth.

Christian Jakobsson