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Do you want to get right to my best picks for the keywords rank tracking tools? Use SE Ranking.

Keyword rank tracking provides crucial information about a website’s performance in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It will assist you in determining the visibility of your website based on your target keywords.

It is without a doubt one of the most crucial SEO tools you can get.

According to estimates, 90% of the material on Google receives no organic local search traffic. That alone demonstrates how tough SEO can be without the correct keywords rank tracking tools.

All of my Google rankings are the driving force behind my site, and I use a rank tracker to keep track of them.

Of course, a good keyword tracker will also show you which terms have the most searches. Long-tail keywords with four words or more have a 2.5x greater CTR than ordinary keywords, according to current trends.

I’ll highlight the most common keyword rank monitors to assist you to acquire additional knowledge. I’ll go through what they’re ideal for, as well as their features and price plans.

After that, I’ll talk about keyword tracking tools quickly and address a few frequently asked questions about them.

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What is the best Keyword Rank tracking software?

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Because it’s an all-in-one keyword rank tracking platform, SE Ranking is a popular choice among business owners, digital agencies, and SEO professionals. 

It guarantees 100 percent accurate real-time rankings of your website’s keywords across major search engines at the nation, city, and region levels.

The tool also includes a number of features for managing SEO rankings. 

The backlink checking (which is vital for link development) and monitoring tool offers data on critical keyword metrics and backlinks, while the in-depth website audit tool may assist boost a website’s position to the top ten search results.

SE Ranking may also assess how well a website performs in terms of SERP elements. You may add up to five opponents, compare rankings, and see how your competitors compare.


SE Ranking is a comprehensive bundle that includes all of the features and tools you’ll need to boost your website’s overall SEO performance. It may be used to find out what advertising and keywords your rivals are using in their paid and organic search efforts.

The following is a list of SE Ranking’s features:

  • Notifications of changes to the site
  • Keywords and grouping suggestions
  • Reports with a white label
  • Experts can use APIs and programs to monitor backlinks.
  • Reporting tool for SEO
  • Management of social media

The SEO journey is made easier and more pleasurable by B2B features.


The cost of SE Ranking is determined by a variety of parameters, including the frequency with which the tool is used, the duration of the membership period, and the number of keywords.

You can select a one-, three-, six-, or nine-month plan, as well as the needed ranking check frequency. Following is a breakdown of SE Ranking’s price plans:

1. The £18/month Essential plan

  • Up to 15,000 keywords ranks are possible.
  • It keeps track of the performance of up to 10 different websites.
  • 35,000 pages for SEO audits.

2. £42/month Pro plan

  • Checking 600,000 keywords
  • It keeps track of the performance of an infinite number of websites.
  • SEO audit for 200,000 pages.

3. Monthly business plan for £89

  • 1.5 million keyword checks
  • Website audit for 550,000 pages.
  • Monitors the performance of any number of websites.

2. SEMrush

Best for medium to large organizations

SEMrush is one of the best comprehensive SEO tool suites in the market. 

This tool offers many services apart from rank tracking like position tracking, keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, content marketing analytics, etc. 

You can use its SERP tracking tools to monitor your site’s performance on Google Search Engine Results and find new ways to improve your online presence. 

Besides, SEMrush position tracking tools make it easy to track keywords, domains, and competitors on Google. 

You can use it to track your campaign progress and fix cannibalization with ease.

SEMrush allows users to track the volatility of Baidu and Google SERPs using the daily ranking changes – this way, you can stay updated on changes in Google’s algorithm. 

You can use this tool to research domains with the most organic visibility, paid keywords, paid traffic budge, and paid traffic in different global markets.


SEMrush offers different features to get accurate daily rank tracking and easily measure your SEO efforts. 

This tool provides metrics for any keyword, enabling you to learn their organic and advertising value. 

Plus, you can use this tool to analyze search intent, analyze competition level and compare your site with your competitors’. Highlighted below are a few of SEMrush’s features.

  • Accurate Google keyword ranking monitoring for domains, subdomains, subfolders, and URL
  • Data filtering using different SERP features
  • SERP feature analysis to boost SEO strategy
  • Keywords organization
  • Notification for position changes in keywords rankings
  • Users can use this tool to discover essential competitors in organic search
  • Report creation and customization
  • Organic research


Since SEMrush is a comprehensive tool suite that offers a myriad of services – hence, why it is more costly than others. There are three pricing plans – Pro, Guru, and Business, which can be paid monthly or annually. 

These pricing plans are determined by different parameters like the number of keywords to track, historical data, API access, Google Data Studio integration, content marketing platform, etc. The following is a breakdown of SEMrush’s price plans.

  1. 1. The Pro Plan ($119.95 per month)

  • Up to 500 keywords to track
  • Up to 250 keyword metrics updates per month
  • 50 social profiles for monitoring

2. The Guru Plan ($229.95 per month)

  • Up to 1500 keywords to track
  • Up to 1000 keyword metrics updates per month
  • 100 social profiles for monitoring

3. The Business Plan ($449.95 per month)

  • Up to 5000 keywords to track
  • 300 social profiles for monitoring

3. Ubersuggest

Best for keywords suggestions

Neil Patel offers Ubersuggest as an SEO tool to help users improve their SEO and content marketing strategy. 

You can use this tool to get insight into your competitors’ SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing strategy. 

Enabling you to adopt and improve on them. This tool allows users to find out the top-ranked pages for popular organic keyword phrases, and you can use it to find the pages loved by social platforms like Facebook.

With the free keyword tool, you can get keyword suggestions like head terms and long-tail phrases, and this tool enables you to view volume, competition and seasonal trends for every keyword. 

You can also get keyword suggestions based on what people are typing into search engines and what works for your competitors. 

Plus, Ubersuggest enables users to view the exact content in their industry that people are linking to.


Ubersuggest offers multiple features to enable users to improve their SEO strategy. Outlined below are a number of these features.

  • Top SEO page reports
  • Keyword discovery
  • Content reporting
  • Backlink data access
  • SEO traffic tracking
  • Site auditing
  • Daily rank tracking
  • Competitive analysis


The pricing for Ubersuggest is different from the first two as it is based on business size and the number of websites users are managing. 

The plans are paid monthly, but there is a 7-day free trial period to enable users to get the hang of this tool before committing. 

The following is a breakdown of Ubersuggest’s pricing plan.

  1. Individual ( $12 per month)

  • Entrepreneurs and small business
  • Management of 1-3 websites
  • 100 tracked keywords per project
  • 100 reports per day

2. Business ($20 per month)

  • Small and medium businesses
  • Management of 4-7 websites
  • 150 tracked keywords per project
  • 300 reports per day

3. Enterprise/ Agency ($40 per month)

  • Large businesses and agencies
  • Management of more than eight websites
  • 200 tracked keywords per project
  • 900 reports per day

4. Moz Pro

Best for keyword research


Moz Pro is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools that enable users to get quality traffic and higher rankings. 

You can use this tool to perform different SEO services like keyword targeting, backlink analysis, keyword research, and rank tracking. 

It also enables users to search and track their rankings and that of their competitors on Bing, Google, and Yahoo. 

Additionally, you can strategically use Moz Pro to target keywords with accurate keyword metrics.

This tool enables you to track local and national searches accurately, and you can get a full view of how well your keywords rank. Moz Pro digs through different areas of your website to find issues stopping search engines from crawling your site fully. 

You can also use this tool for auditing your content pages to ensure you have the maximum potential to rank for your target keywords. 

Besides, Moz Pro will help you find link opportunities while ensuring your competitors are not gaining an edge.


Moz Pro is driven by industry-leading SEO metrics, like domain Authority and Page Authority, to provide users with high-quality data to do their job. This tool offers different features to enable you to outrank your competition, and some of them are highlighted below.

  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Custom reports
  • Link research
  • On-page optimization
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keywords analysis
  • Site audits
  • Rank tracking



Moz Pro offers a 30-days free trial for users, and there are four pricing plans with different features. The pricing plans are categorized using access, report, research, and tracking features. Outlined below is a breakdown of Moz Pro’s pricing plan.

1. Standard ($99 per month)

  • 300 keyword rankings
  • 100,000 pages crawled per week
  • 150 keyword queries per month
  • 5000 backlink queries per month

2. Medium ($179 per month)

  • 1500 keyword rankings
  • 500,000 pages crawled per week
  • 5000 keyword queries per month
  • 20,000 backlink queries per month

3. Large ($299 per month)

  • 3000 keyword rankings
  • 1,250,000 pages crawled per week
  • 15,000 keyword queries per month
  • 70,000 backlink queries per month

4. Premium ($599 per month)

  • 4500 keyword rankings
  • 2,000,000 pages crawled per week
  • 30,000 keyword queries per month
  • 100,000 backlink queries per month

5. MonsterInsights

Best for tracking user behavior and site performance


MonsterInsights is one of the best WordPress Analytics plugins that enable users to connect seamlessly with Google Analytics and track their WordPress website performance. 

This tool lets you view your website analytics report with actionable insights inside your WordPress dashboard. 

You can also use MonsterInsights to get detailed statistics for different posts and pages to see how they rank.

Users can use this tool to track affiliate links and ads automatically, and they can use it to track categories, tags, authors, users, and custom post types. 

MonsterInsights enables you to optimize your website, and it offers seamless integration with popular WordPress services like YoastSEO, WooCommerce, WPForms, Gravity, Google AdSense, Google Optimize, etc. Besides, this tool allows you to view how people find and use your site, and you can use it to see the content with the highest ranking.


MonsterInsights offers multiple features to enable users to optimize their websites with ease. You can use this tool to track SEO scores and keywords using YoastSEO or AIOSEO. Other features are outlined below.

  • Keyword tracking
  • Media tracking
  • Tag tracking
  • Category tracking
  • Hash URL tracking
  • Email link and telephone tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Outbound link tracking
  • Affiliate link tracking
  • User ID tracking
  • Forms tracking
  • Author tracking
  • SEO score tracking
  • Custom events tracking
  • Custom reports
  • Contextual Insights


MonsterInsights offers users three different pricing plans, each of them with distinct features. This tool provides a 14-days money-back guarantee period where users can get their money back. Outlined below is a breakdown of MonsterInsights’s pricing plans.

1. Plus ($99.50 per year)

  • For small businesses and publishers
  • Standard reports
  • Standard tracking
  • Growth Tools

2. Pro ( $199.50 per year)

  • Everything in the Plus plan
  • Advanced analytics
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Superior tracking
  • Advanced integrations and growth tools

3. Agency ($399.50 per year)

  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Site management
  • Unlimited page views and users
  • Premium support


6. SERPWatcher

Best for beginners


SERPWatcher is a rank tracking tool that is a part of Mangools SEO tool suite. This tool enables users to see how their website performs in SERP, and with the performance index, you can know its organic traffic potential. 

You can use SERPWatcher to see your website ranking daily, and it provides you with regular updates as well. 

Additionally, this tool allows you to track rankings on any device, whether mobile or desktop, in any location. 

You can carry out precise rank tracking to see the city, county, region, or state results.

With the interactive reporting feature, you can share your rankings with teammates or clients. You can use this rank tracking tool to check website performance based on keyword position flow, estimated monthly visits, and keyword ranking distribution. 

Besides, SERPWatcher allows you to manage tracked keywords based on your needs, and you can categorize them using tags to ensure data organization.


SERPWatcher offers different features to enable users to optimize their website performance. We have listed a few of the main features below.

  • Rank tracking
  • Desktop and mobile result tracking
  • Location results tracking
  • Daily keyword ranking position updates
  • Performance index
  • Interactive reports
  • Keyword tags



SERPWatcher offers users a 10-day free trial and a 48-hour money-back guarantee. There are three pricing plans available, with monthly or annual billing options.

Highlighted below is a breakdown of SERPWatcher’s pricing plans.

1.Mangools Basic ($49 per month)

  • 100 daily keyword lookups
  • 100 daily SERP lookups
  • 200 tracked keywords daily
  • 20 daily site lookups
  • 100,000 backlink rows monthly

2. Mangools Premium ($69 per month)

  • 500 daily keyword lookups
  • 500 daily SERP lookups
  • 700 tracked keywords daily
  • 70 daily site lookups
  • 500,000 backlink rows monthly

3. Mangools Agency ($129 per month)

  • 1200 daily keyword lookups
  • 1200 daily SERP lookups
  • 1500 tracked keywords daily
  • 150 daily site lookups
  • 1,200,000 backlink rows monthly

7. SERPstat

Best for competitor rank tracking


SERPstat is a keyword tracking tool that enables users to boost traffic to their site and monitor its ranking position in real-time daily. 

You can use this tool’s filtering feature to target separate pages and categories on your website, and it enables users to monitor their competitors ranking data. 

This tool provides insight into the SERP features that drive traffic to your website, and it allows you to evaluate your market share and assess your potential.

You can use SERPstat to track your site’s positions, and you can evaluate site changes and your competitors’ ranking to make data-driven decisions. 

This tool also enables you to find your website ranking potential for landing pages, tags, customer views, and keywords, and you can get reports of keyword positions in both desktop and mobile searches. 

Besides, you can use this tool to monitor your position in organic and contextual advertising.


SERPstat integrates with Google and Russian Yandex globally to give your site a competitive edge internationally. This tool provides users with multiple features, and a few of the major ones are highlighted below.

  • Backlink analysis
  • Custom reports
  • Website audit
  • Keyword research
  • Text and keyword analytics
  • Custom reporting
  • Ad position analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword grouping
  • SERP historical data
  • Keyword clustering


SERPstat offers users four pricing plans, each with access to different features like branded reports, white-label reports, support, and access to API. Highlighted below is a summary of these pricing plans.

1.Lite ($69 per month)

  • Best for freelancers, individuals, and small businesses
  • 4000 searches per day
  • 10,000 results per report for website and backlink analysis
  • 15,000 position checks per month
  • 150,000 pages to audit

2. Standard ($149 per month)

  • Best for  marketing agencies and in-house teams
  • Branded reports
  • 5000 searches per day
  • 30,000 results per report for website analysis
  • 10,000 results per report for backlink analysis
  • 60,000 position checks per month
  • 400,000 pages to audit

3. Advanced ($299 per month)

  • Best for large marketing agencies
  • Branded reports
  • 8000 searches per day
  • 50,000 results per report for website analysis
  • 10,000 results per report for backlink analysis
  • 150,000 position checks per month
  • 1,250,000 pages to audit

4. Enterprise ($499 per month)

  • Best for industry leaders
  • Branded  and white-label reports
  • 12,000 searches per day
  • 75,000 results per report for website analysis
  • 10,000 results per report for backlink analysis
  • 300,000 position checks per month
  • 2,500,000 pages to audit

8. AccuRanker

Best for SERP analytics

AccuRanker enables users to check their keywords’ performance alongside their search volume, average rank, and search engine results. It can provide you with instant ranking updates whenever you need them. 

You can use this tool to see which keywords you and your competitors are indexed for, allowing you to optimize your SEO. 

Additionally, you can use AccuRanker to see what SERP features you are ranking for and the available ones.


AccuRanker provides users with a wide variety of features, and they are highlighted below.

  • Dynamic tagging
  • SERP targeting and analysis
  • Local search
  • Keyword management
  • Pixel tracking
  • Data segmentation
  • Competitor analysis


This tool offers a monthly plan starting at $109 for 1,000 keywords. The pricing increases with the number of keywords. Also, AccuRanker provides a 14-days free trial to enable users to test out the tool with no commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions about keyword ranking tools

What is keyword positioning?

A keyword position is a rank your website holds on search engines for a given keyword compared to other websites. Keyword positioning involves optimizing your website to enable it to rank high on search engines for different keywords.

Why are Keywords important for SEO?

Keywords are the phrases and words people input into search engines when looking for information, and they are essential for SEO as they tell search engines about the content of pages on your website. This way, you can optimize your website for search engines using high-ranking keywords in your industry.

What metric matters when tracking keywords ranks?

Some important keyword metrics include organic traffic, search rate, backlinks, and conversion rate.

What is a rank tracker?

A rank tracker is an SEO tool that accurately checks your site’s organic keywords’ position on search engines for the location or device of your choice. This tool also allows you to track your competitor’s keyword strategy to see how they are doing in organic search results.

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