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Reddit is the 9th largest website in the United States, with 52 million daily active users.

It is undeniably popular, yet it is not without drawbacks.

The dreaded [removed] or [deleted] message that comes after a Redditor or a moderator has scrubbed a specific post is one thing that Reddit app users find annoying.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, let me offer you some advice for the future. Here are a few pointers to help you figure out how to find deleted Reddit posts, threads, and comments.

Using Removeddit, you can see Reddit's Deleted Posts and Comments.

Removeddit is one of the quickest ways to find removed Reddit comments and posts.

To do so, you’ll need to know the original URL. The website will automatically load the cached version of the page if you replace “reddit” in the original URL with “removeddit.”

Another useful feature of this approach is that any moderator-removed posts appear in red, whereas Reddit user-removed ones appear in blue.

A bookmarklet is also available for Removeddit. You add this to your favourites tab so that you can readily view deleted postings in the future. When you come across a deleted post, simply click on the bookmark to access the archived version. Ceddit is a similar tool to Removeddit.

It operates in a similar way, but in a different way.

How to Use Reveddit to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Another disadvantage of utilising the above technique is that you can’t search for people or posts by users.

One of the key reasons why people prefer to use Reveddit instead is because of this.

You have two options for using this recovery service. Enter a username in the pop-up box that opens on the Reveddit website.

You’ll see all of the Reddit posts that the user has removed or that admins or mods have deleted.

Alternatively, go to the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Browser Add-Ons page and search for “reveddit real-time.” The add-on will inform you of deleted Reddit posts as they happen once you’ve installed it.

How to Use the Wayback Machine to Find Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

The Wayback Machine is an excellent service for retrieving a page.

Its most notable feature is that it captures a snapshot of any webpage that is currently available online.

When you retrieve a page, it may not have all of the information you want, but it should contain enough.

To access archived Reddit posts, go to the Wayback Machine’s official page.

You’ll be able to search for a post based on data or date in the Reddit archive.

Copy and paste the link of the Reddit post you’d like to see. After that, you’ll be presented with a calendar interface that includes years and months, and you’ll need to select the day you wish to check.

Discover the “removed X days ago” tag to find the correct date to enter. Then, just subtract that many days to get the past date.

Using Google Cache, you may recover deleted Reddit posts and comments.

This strategy only works if a Reddit post has just been deleted.

It is based on Google’s Caching service, which is quite strong.

Follow these procedures to obtain Reddit postings using Google chase:

  • Search for the Reddit post on
  • The downward-facing arrow next to the post’s name in the search bar results is what you need to click on.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Cached.”
  • Google will take you to the Reddit post as it was the last time Google bots accessed it.

Using Resavr, you can see deleted Reddit comments.

If you’re seeking for deleted Reddit comments, Resavr is another helpful tool.

The application, however, only retrieves and stores deleted posts and comments that are at least 650 characters long. To use Resavr to read deleted Reddit comments, go to the Resavr webpage. You may look for a comment by using the post title as a search term.

There’s also a Recent Comments page, which shows the platform’s most recently removed posts and comments.

In addition to the comments, the site displays the character length as well as the time and date the post was removed.

You may use this information to learn more about the article by going to websites like Wayback Machine.


Now you know how to read Reddit’s most popular deleted posts.

When you can’t locate what you’re looking for, you might not feel as frantic.

The best approach is probably Removeddit, but you’ll need to know the URL of the post.

The Wayback Machine may be a better alternative if you want to delve a bit further into a certain post.

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