Shopify Migration Case Study

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As a leading e-commerce platform for beauty products, this shop needed a new CMS to accommodate its strong organic growth.

E-Commerce giant in the uS and UK

This client addresses every colour-treated hair issue. 

From roots to ravaged texture, its game-changing formulas keep your color great and give you the hair of your dreams! 

Winner of an unprecedented 75 major beauty awards!

The Migration Plan

Comprehensive Content & Tech Audit

Every client engagement starts with a detailed SEO audit to understand past performance and create a strategy going forward.

Tech issues and content assessment were part of 140 presentation slides.

New Content Structure & Hierarchy

It didn’t take long for me to uncover what was working and what could have improved.

While the client had many products, they were poorly structured on the website.

Structure and product organisation are key to good UX and ultimately more traffic.

Pre and Past Migration Quality Checks

Once the plan for the new migration was in place, I consulted with their Shopify developer to make sure the new structure could be technical be built.

Once the site went live, I run another audit to uncover potential bugs.

The Execution

Migration Checklist
project status

With decades of proven experience, we were able to setup a plan that worked smoothly and without interruptions.

Should I stay or Should I go?

Every single URL was on the scan for this migration project.
The client needed to migrate only the most performing pages, while eliminating the not-performing ones.

URLs Plan

We manually selected each URL based on a set of pre-defined criteria that have SEO value.

Sales, backlinks, keywords, legal and other criteria were used to carefully assess and judge the right pages.


A combined work between developers and SEO resulted in a smooth transition

Within 5 months the website successfully migrated from Magento to Shopify without losing any organic traffic and sales. 

As an SEO Consultant, in this project, I worked with a web development company to improve the structure of their pages, improve conversion rates and create better design. 

The results pre and post migration speak for themselves. 

+ 16.43% in users and +15.47% in new users.

+24.36% in sessions.

+18.87% in ecommerce conversion rate.

migration case study

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