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ChatGPT for SEO

ChatGPT SEO Services:
Here is the future of search marketing

Speed up every SEO task with detailed prompts and human review

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Is your SEO implementation stuck? No time to invest in strategy?
Results take too long? Technical Implementation too hard?

ChatGPT for SEO Service can help.

This SEO ChatGPT service was setup to deliver quicker, professional SEO services using the power of AI and the experience of an SEO consultant as Luca Tagliaferro with 12 years of SEO on his belt.

My ChatGPT for SEO service can deliver original and tested AI prompts for dozens of SEO tasks, projects, deliverables and everything in between.

More than just a prompt

SEO prompts should be much more than asking ChatGPT for an answer, meta tag, rephrase of content, meta description creation and content writing. Most of the SEO prompts miss out the power of AI and conversational chats that really unlock the potential use of AI for SEO. My SEO consultancy together with original and tested SEO prompts will provide you fast and reliable outcomes.

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Prompts tailored to your situation

My prompts are NOTHING like standard prompts you see in the various ChatGPT Chrome extensions or blog posts about “10 best SEO prompts”.  I don’t create prompts to write content or research keywords, we already have SEO tools doing that for us. My prompts automatise those tasks that were manual once – I can combine the power of AI and chatbots with prompts that are manually reviewed and tested.

Checked by a human

Prompts are only as good as a human check. I use my experience of 12 years in SEO to fact check and test and try every single word in the prompt. I write the prompt myself then I test it and make sure it gives the desired result without breaking Google’s guidelines.
I do NOT provide templates like AIPRM Chrome Extension and similar AI tools – that’s why my ChatGPT for SEO service is superior and why e-commerce websites and multi million pound clients alike use them daily.

chatgpt for seo services and prompts

Detailed SEO prompts with manual revisions and fact checks

You’ll receive prompts that not only you can use with ChatGPT, but that also are manually tested and proven to work. I check personally every piece of text coming from the chat to make sure whatever the result is, quality and fact checks are guaranteed.

SEO ChatGPT Basic

Embrace Efficiency & Dominate Search Results

£ 499 Delivery: 7-10 days

Unleash the true potential of ChatGPT with the Basic SEO Boost package.
Benefit from a carefully curated selection of 10 ChatGPT SEO prompts, meticulously tailored to enhance your keyword research, meta descriptions, and content optimisation.
Save countless hours as you effortlessly unlock captivating SEO-driven content.
My package ensures you stay ahead of the curve, with tips and strategies that will set your website apart

Advanced SEO Mastery

Propel Your Optimisation to New Heights

£ 990 Delivery: 7-10 days

Ready to take your SEO expertise to the next level?
My Advanced SEO Mastery package empowers you with the tools and knowledge to dominate search engine rankings.
Immerse yourself in a wealth of 20 ChatGPT SEO prompts covering advanced topics such as content clusters, coding skills for SEO, and more.
Gain access to in-depth guidance, ensuring you stay steps ahead of your competition while saving valuable time.

VIP SEO Consultation

Elevate Your SEO Strategy With Customised Consultation

£ 1,359 Delivery: 10-14 days

For those seeking the ultimate SEO experience, my VIP SEO Consultation package combined with bespoke SEO prompts is your golden ticket to success.
Benefit from a comprehensive suite of 30 ChatGPT SEO prompts meticulously crafted to cover a vast array of SEO aspects.
Delve into a 3-hour personalised consultation sessions with Luca Tagliaferro, seasoned SEO consultant, who will tailor prompt recommendations to your unique website and goals.
Enjoy priority email support and witness the magic unfold secure your spot among the top of search results.

Why ChatGPT for SEO?

ChatGPT was launched in December 2022 and it reached over 1 million visits in the first 5 days. Just to compare, it took Facebook 10 months to reach 1 million visits, Netflix 41 months and Instagram 2.5 months. ChatGPT is the fastest growing tech company ever!

Luca Tagliaferro was one of the first SEO consultants in the world to research and specialise in ChatGPT for SEO and regularly shares his findings on LinkedIn and on this blog guide.

So, who better can carry out the tasks than the SEO consultant who has this kind of credentials?

Can ChatGPT content rank on Google?

It is possible for Google to detect if a text is generated by AI or ChatGPT if they create a system for it, but currently there is no evidence that they do this when indexing and ranking content.

In a well-known interview with John Mueller from Google in April 2022, he was asked if Google can distinguish between content generated by a human or an AI algorithm. His response was, “I can’t claim that.”

Can you use ChatGPT for SEO articles?

At first glance, Chat GPT appears to be a promising tool for individuals to rapidly generate and publish high-ranking content on their blog.

However, I do not believe that Chat GPT is the SEO solution that many people are seeking. My SEO for ChatGPT is NOT about creating automated content using AI, it’s about speeding up processes and tasks to save marketing departments time and resources, as well as budgets.

Will ChatGPT replace SEO?

AI tools, such as ChatGPT, do not retrieve information from a database of facts, nor do they have an index or a knowledge graph to refer to. Unlike search engines, they do not store information. Instead, they rely on their training data to predict the next words or sentences.

However, they do not store this training data. By using word vectors, they can determine the likelihood of the next words. This is why they can perform exceptionally well, but may also produce nonsensical output.

My ChatGPT Prompts for SEO have saved businesses £££

Working in SEO is time consuming and investing in PPC is expensive for some businesses.

Using unchecked and untested SEO prompts is a gamble – you are relying on someone else’s expertise with prompts and ChatGPT – that people might know how to write a prompt or use a templated one from AIPRM Chrome extension, but that’s not high level SEO.

Working in SEO is time consuming because it takes a variety of tools and techniques to master and also because you need to know all the processes for implementing your SEO strategy and get results on search engines.

My SEO ChatGPT prompts will save you money. How? They help you save time and use a prompt that is proven to work – is this process valid? Is the article well written? Does it pass AI detection? Do you know the person you are outreaching?

My Latest SEO prompts with ChatGPT

Receive exclusive and customised prompts that you won’t find anywhere else other than on my SEO services. Not only that, but you’ll be receiving human checks and recommendations.

future fit training

Future Fit Training

SEO prompts for updating and rewriting old articles.

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A series of prompts for ChatGPT to speed up SEO execution.


Why work with Luca Tagliaferro?

With over 12 years experience delivering high value SEO campaigns, Luca Tagliaferro has significant experience in ranking sites on the top of Google. Whether you look for an SEO specialist for small website or a specialist for your local business, Luca is your go-to expert.

  •  Unparalleled Expertise: Luca Tagliaferro possesses an in-depth understanding of the industry, ensuring his ChatGPT prompts are expertly designed to deliver exceptional results. Trust in his knowledge and experience to guide your SEO journey.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: Unlock the power of AI-driven content optimisation with our ChatGPT SEO prompts. Save valuable time and resources as you effortlessly generate high-quality, SEO-optimised content in mere minutes.
  • Tailored to Perfection: Luca’s packages are meticulously curated to cater to your specific SEO needs. With customised prompt recommendations and personalised consultation, Luca empowers you to achieve your unique goals effectively and efficiently.
  • Support at Your Fingertips: Enjoy priority email support, ensuring prompt assistance for any queries or challenges you may encounter. Luca is here to support you every step of the way on your SEO success path.

“…Luca was very professional and collaborative. I would recommend his services whole heartedly….”

Sam Wainwright
CEO Enochian Tech

Mary-anne da marzo

“…I have been working with Luca on some large scale projects for multimillion-pound brands and nothing seems to phase him. His technical knowledge and implementation of SEO techniques and strategies are insane and I cannot recommend him enough. He has taught me a lot and I thought I knew so much about SEO!…”

Mary-Anne Da’ Marzo
CEO Firebelly Media

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“…Luca’s work to demystify what makes sites and brands succeed on the web is nothing short of remarkable. His contributions have moved the field of web marketing forward, and helped thousands of people deliver better experiences….”

Rand Fishkin
CEO & Co-Founder SparkToro

SEO for ChatGPT Questions

ChatGPT prompts for SEO are predefined questions or statements that are crafted to stimulate a response from the ChatGPT AI language model. These prompts can be utilised to generate content that can be optimised for search engines (SEO).

For instance, businesses may use ChatGPT prompts to create content that includes frequently searched keywords related to their industry. This can improve their website’s search engine ranking, leading to increased visibility and potentially more traffic.

ChatGPT prompts for SEO are essentially a tool that businesses can use to streamline their content creation process and make it more efficient. Instead of spending time brainstorming ideas and researching keywords, they can simply input a prompt into the AI model and generate content based on it. However, it’s important to note that the quality of the output still depends on the quality of the prompt and the level of customisation that the business provides.

As previously stated, ChatGPT and other generative language models have the ability to automatically produce website content, which can include phrases and keywords commonly used in search engine queries.

ChatGPT is also able to write and review technical code, which can include HTML, CSS, Python and other 20 programming languages. With ChatGPT you can create SEO chrome extensions, interactive tables and other type of technical tools and content to display and rank on your website.

Search engine algorithms, like Google’s, aim to provide users with relevant and useful results for their queries.

However, this task can be difficult when people use complex and multifaceted language to express their needs.

With its natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT has the potential to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of search algorithms. By understanding and generating responses based on a user’s query, ChatGPT could help search engines better comprehend the intent behind the search and deliver more precise and helpful results.

ChatGPT’s ability to provide significantly better search results than Google and improve the user experience on websites could potentially disrupt SEO and Google’s dominant position in the market. This is a significant development that many people may overlook because recent research shows that ChatGPT market share is still very small compared to Google’s complete domination. ChatGPT growth is impressive but no longer so fast to take out the whole web.

As with anything “bespoke”, it depends on who writes the prompts and what kind of instructions they give to ChatGPT. Free SEO prompts are generally going to be much less accurate and contain irrelevant results making them of lower value.

SEO prompts need human review and can be very complex to formulate, especially when customising the prompt to the an individual business’s situation. They can also be complex when mapping out SEO needs, technical requirements, funnel segments and more – which is generally a far cry from the basic SEO prompts that provide a cooked and templated version such as “write me a long post” or “review this article and write a better one”.

Some free SEO prompts may provide some useful outputs for basic websites, but, in general, most small to medium businesses with a website of more than a few pages will likely need a properly elaborated and structured paid SEO prompt.