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There’s a growing requirement for video content. People make money on YouTube, broadcast material live on Twitch, and even set up their own subscription video firms such as Netflix.

Even if you’re not currently doing that, it is important that you tap into the huge potential of video content. And you can turn nearly every raw image into a masterpiece if you’re a competent video editor.

I started using video editing software back in 2010 during my Master Degree in Digital Marketing. My courses were filled with Adobe products and since I am a creative person, I have always loved the way I can create videos from scratch, or edit existing ones.

In the beginning, I wasn’t very good at it but with practice, I started to record and edit myself teaching digital marketing as a guest lecturer and share my videos with my students.

They were some of the most useful teaching materials.

Whether you work as a freelance or create a professional portfolio, you need video editing software.

What are the best video editors for YouTube?

In this post, we are going to look at 11 of the best video editing software on the market. The best video editing software for Windows, Mac, and Android is available on this page.

By using these video editors you can make your clips look polished, professional, and slick by using lots of customisation options and embedding them on your website.

Plus, even if you only want to share movies you’ve filmed on your phone with friends, such as footage from holidays, family gatherings, local events, or your children growing up, video editing software may help you edit those clips and make them even more fun to watch in the future.

Movavi review - Luca tagliaferro

Movavi Video Editor Plus is an elite, all-in-one video maker which is perfect for individuals and teams. It is easy-to-use and valuable software. It will inspire your creativity and help you produce high-quality video content. You can easily turn your workspace into a creative studio with this tool.

  • Video editing: filters, transitions, cropping, trimming, and more
  • Support for LUTs
  • Audio editing: noise removal, equalizer, and volume normalisation
  • Hollywood-style effects: Chroma-key, object animation and scene detection
  • Video enhancement: stabilisation, manual and automatic correction


  • Highly user-friendly
  • Offers basic and advanced editing tools
  • Rapid movie creation


  • Not available for Linux
  • Limited colour-grading tool


  • Personal licence – 1-year subscription/ lifetime acquisition: £33.95
  • Business licence – 1-year subscription / lifetime acquisition: £59.95

The first video editing software since 1991, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is Adobe Creative Cloud’s main video editing tool and the best video editing tool for Windows. You can modify your video without exiting your plan. This includes fully integrated workflows. The Adobe Sensei technology, which provides you with a range of automatic capabilities, makes this program time efficient.

You can deal with the newest video formats with Premiere Pro CC. In an ultra, high-end 8, and virtual reality you can edit video footage. For any screen, the content provided to Premiere Pro CC is optimized.

This program supports other very successful Adobe CC products such as Adobe Stock, Audition and After Effects. Thus, without leaving the Premiere Pro interface, you can simply download your Motion Graphics template smoothly from Adobe Stock or After effects.

Favourite features

End-to-end VR 180 capabilities – Use VR 180 to improve your effects and format. Use the Google VR180 format to publish your material on YouTube, Vimeo or other sites.

Lumetri Color tools – Increase the accuracy and precision of your curve changes and delete background chroma key choices for green screen films.

Essential Sound Panel – Reverb, flangers, compression, amplification, stereo balance and sound balance can very easily be added.


  • Trust – Professional software trusted by thousands of designers worldwide. As a freelancer, using professional tools will set you apart from your competition.


  • Steep learning curve – If you’re a novice, Premiere Pro does come with a steep learning curve. All the amazing features might overwhelm you at first, but once you get the hang of it, anything’s possible.


Premiere Pro offers several pricing plans, depending on who you are: an individual, an education provider or a
business. For individuals, the price starts at £9.98/month.

Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro today.

Pinnacle Studio isn’t the most well-known Windows video editing software. However, if you’ve never edited video before, it’s certainly worth considering.

Favourite features

  • For a relatively low price, you receive over 1,500 effects, titles, and templates, six-track HD video editing, color correction tools, a specialized stop motion function, time remapping, and much more.

  • It’s also simple to use – due to its clear interface, Pinnacle Studio is very easy to use also for beginners.

  • The most recent version, 25, was published in August of this year and includes a revamped title editor, improved video masking, and improved key frame controls.


  • Key frame control – While high-end software like as Premiere Pro had similar functionality for a long time, this amount of keyframe manipulation is amazing in an medium tool.

  • Face-tracking masks – With the new face-tracking feature, pick the face of a person in a clip and Pinnacle Studio tracks that face the clip.

  • Dynamic masking – In the last version, the masking tools underwent a major upgrade. The intelligent edge tool and many modification options make selecting an object from your video clip to mask easier than ever.


  • Confusing pricing – it’s not clear the price displayed is per year or per month or one-time fee. That would be such a huge difference.


In terms of pricing and features, Pinnacle Studio falls somewhere between the more basic free tools and professional level video editing software. This video editing programmed is offered for a one-time fee. If you like it, you can always upgrade to one of the more feature-rich and professional-oriented programmers, Pinnacle Studio Plus or Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

Filmora is popular video editing software designed for those who want to focus on editing and creating high-quality videos. The software allows you to edit 4K videos. It’s a low-cost solution that includes tools for both video and audio.

Favourite features

  • It provides users with a variety of choices for styling, adding effects, and personalizing films.

  • Users can use the tool to add overlays, create animations and objects, enter audio, and insert text.

  • It’s an excellent tool to have, particularly for those who wish to include dedications, tributes, and anecdotes in their videos.

  • You can also do voice overs.

  • Filmora Reviews can assist users in cropping, increasing/decreasing video sizes, or having them all fit at the same time.

  • Audio and video can be tweaked by rotating or flipping them. You can remove video noise.


  • Simplicity – It is an easy drag-and-drop interface, which allows you to easily organize, cut and modify your different media assets.

  • Tilt-shift – There is a “tilt-shift” option that can be used to blur out particular areas of the video in order to emphasize a specific object.


  • Can’t rename your songs – You cannot rename your songs, which might make finding the item you want to change among a number of like media assets a bit complicated.


Filmora is cheap if compared to other video editing tools, the basic price starts at $51.99/ year, a very reasonable price.

Filmora is popular video editing software designed for those who want to focus on editing and creating high-quality videos. The software allows you to edit 4K videos. It’s a low-cost solution that includes tools for both video and audio.

Favourite features

Overall, Open Shot is by far the greatest free test video editing software since it allows you to easily edit your
videos without having to download expensive and heavy software in some clicks.

  • The Open Shot Video editor offers a variety of useful features:

  • It’s incredibly easy to use and has a lot of tools for anyone who wants to edit videos.

  • It was created with novices in mind, and it includes all of the functions in a user-friendly layout.

  • The software includes a drag-and-drop feature that is simple to learn and use.

  • The open shot is a free, open-source video editing programmer with no watermark. As a result, although being a completely free tool, it does not brand its name on your project video.


  • The open shot is free video editing software that is open-source and award-winning.

  • Using several professional transitions and effects, you may make gorgeous and lovely videos.

  • The software is quite simple to grasp and apply. Different video and audio layers can be used.

  • You can add a variety of video effects to your videos.


  • Some features do not work, making the whole experience frustrating.


OpenShot is a free video editing app for Windows, Mac or Linux, which is a major advantage to entice any budding

Shotcut is a highly strong and stable video editing program right now (it only crashed on us once while we were testing it), with a lot of features and a lot of flexibility to let you customize the UI to your needs.

Favourite features

Simple to use interface – Although the program looks to be basic, it conceals a sophisticated set of capabilities. All instructions are shown on the screen, with numerous menus and tools located above the timeline.

Drag and Drop functions – It’s as simple as dragging and dropping to add media. You may then double-click on each to preview it, specify In and Out points, then drag the file from the preview window onto the timeline.

Keyframing – It’s also quite simple to add keyframes to any value and change them over time. The timeline is replaced with the chosen clip when the keyframe function is triggered. To observe the filter change over time, move the playhead and adjust the value at the location.


  • Best free video editing alternative – Professional, yet affordable. Shortcut is the best possible free video editing tool alternative.

  • The layout is recognizable and it’s an easy switch if you’re used to paying tools.


  • Lacking features – There aren’t many features missing, but it does get a bit irritating when it’s that one feature that you need.

  • Luckily, all updates are free to download. So, voice your needs! They might just listen.


Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It’s a fantastic web-based video editing tool with a simple drag-and-drop interface that’s ideal for social media promotion campaigns.

It empowers small brands to marketize their content yet keeping them within budget. it is powered by AI and creates highly engaging videos that grab results.

This software is an ideal solution for anyone who is looking for easy-to-learn video editing software for windows. If you want to get serious about your brand story through videos then this is the one for you.

Favourite features

Test to video – Create video content from articles and blog posts with ease. If your content is in a text document, just copy and paste it into Lumen5 to start creating your video.

Automated workflow – Create videos quickly with AI. The text is intelligently positioned based on the composition of the media file you’ve selected.

Media Library – Make your video come to life with countless professional-grade video clips that can help you tell your story.


  • Affordable Pricing – For a monthly subscription, Lumen 5 is a really affordable option. Without the need for additional tools, you can still create and edit beautiful videos at a fraction of the cost of other software.


  • The video playback/preview software is a little sluggish. However, we aren’t sure if that is also
    influenced by errors in the network.


  • Community: $0

  • Creator: $11/month

  • Premium: $59/month

  • Business: $149/month

  • Enterprise: Custom price

Do you own a Mac computer and finding it hard to get the right video editor for yourself? Then let’s take a
look at some of the best video editors for your iMac, iPad, and Macbook.

Final cut pro X, which is now known as Apple Final Cut Pro, is one of the best video editing programs
for Apple users. It can be used to edit various marketing videos. It targets the editors who want more power
or features for their video editing projects. It is highly used by professionals who edit content for movies and

Favourite features

Metal engine – Final Cut Pro’s new Metal engine enables you to work with larger frame sizes, greater frame rates, and more effects while editing more complicated projects at lightning speed.

Advanced Multicam – You can seamlessly sync up to 64 angles of video with multiple formats, frame sizes, and frame rates using the industry’s most sophisticated Multicam editing.

Advanced color grading – Final Cut Pro has a specialized color inspector with color wheels, color curves, and hue/saturation curves, as well as other professional color grading tools.


  • It has an unlimited trackless timeline

  • If offers a variety of organizational tools, some of our favorites are auto face analysis, libraries to store
    your data within the software and some scenes samples

  • Supports your Mac’s Touch bar


  • The non-traditional timeline may hasten the longtime pro editors

  • It isn’t stable for motion tracking


It has a free trial but the paid version costs about $299 (£249)

Blender includes a built – in video sequence editor that lets you do everything from video cuts and splicing to more advanced operations like video masking and colour grading.

The Blender provides you feature like:

  • There are up to 32 slots in the Video Editor for adding video, graphics, audio, scenes, masks, and effects. Blender is a free and open source 3D modelling programmed.

  • There may be a watermark on some Blender templates, but you may remove it in the video editor. Blender is unbeatable if you’re seeking for a tool that can let you create a plethora of special effects.


  • It is a completely open-source and free platform. Designed for inexperienced animators.

  • Collision detection, dynamic re-enactments, and logic are among the interactive game’s features.

  • Blender supports the following graphic formats: TGA, JPG, IRIS, HDRI, and TIFF. It is also capable of reading Inventor files.

  • A 3D gaming engine is integrated with a logic block system. Python programming is used for greater control.

  • Inverse Kinematics, Grid Strains, Load Vertices, and Static and Dynamic Particles are all part of it.


  • It’s difficult to learn. Beginners may be intimidated by its jargon and abundance of shortcut keys. There are numerous features to learn.

  • It is slowed by an AMD processor with 4GB of RAM.

  • I can’t think of any further drawbacks to Blender; however novice users may be perplexed by its perplexing layout.

Camtasia creates videos on the timeline, which moves progressively from left to right. This is where you may organize and modify your screen recordings, audio clips, titles, and other media. The timeline is divided into layers, which we call tracks, and the media on the top layers covers the media on the bottom layers.

Camtasia best video editing features you with:

  • The Canvas is where you preview your work as you construct your project. Everything on the canvas is displayed as the play head moves along the timeline.

  • The Canvas also serves as a work area where you may position, resize, and rotate content. It’s worth noting that everything seen on the canvas is included in the final video.

  • Video Editing Shortcuts – Camtasia is so good at video editing that you’ll rapidly want to employ more advanced features like those found in Adobe Premiere Pro. Camtasia, on the other hand, lacks some of the more advanced tools’ speed editing features.

  • Camtasia comes with some stock music, titles, and transitions, and while the collection has grown over time, it still falls short of some of its competitors.

  • Camtasia does offer multi-track timeline functionality, and it works well for what it provides, but it hasn’t improved much over time.

  • Audio levelling is done automatically. With Automatic Audio Levelling, your videos will sound better than ever, regardless of how many audio files you add to the timeline.


  • Very simple to learn

  • Fantastic screen capture feature

  • Cursor effects those are impressive

  • Features of interactivity

  • Excellent asset library

  • Version for mobile devices

  • Excellent customer service

  • Low price

  • Camtasia includes all of the tools you need to create a professional screen recording for your corporation.

  • Video Editing – Camtasia is an excellent video editor, particularly for inexperienced users.

  • Camtasia features a big online library of training videos that will rapidly get new users up and running.


  • Crashing and problems on a regular basis

  • Customization options are limited.

  • There is no key frame tracking.

  • Inadequate keyboard commands

  • Concerns about exports


When you buy SnagIt or Camtasia, you pay a one-time charge to possess the application for the rest of your life. If you want to buy a license update when a newer version is published, you can do so at a reduced price

It’s never been easier to make it in the movies, whether you’re using a Mac or an iOS smartphone. Simply select your clips and then add titles, music, and effects. iMovie even supports 4K video, allowing you to create spectacular cinema-quality videos. That’s all there is to it, ladies and gentlemen. Create professional-looking videos with iMovie even if you don’t have a degree in editing. Add photographs and videos to projects with a single click, trim clips with your finger, create smooth transitions, and fade sounds like a pro.

Best Features of iMovie includes:

  • Modify and enhance video color settings,

  • You can crop and rotate video clips,

  • Easy to stabilize shaky videos,

  • You can add video transitions,

  • Change the speed of clips.

  • iMovie can also manipulate and enhance the audio of a project by reducing background noise and boosting audio levels of quiet clips.


The user interface is Free. Apple understands that not everyone who makes films is a skilled video editor or a tech wizard. It facilitates with elements that are one-of-a-kind. iMovie allows you to create cinematic trailers and movies. Enhancements and effects it’s easy to share.

It is one of the best films editing software that is used by both movie industry professionals and social media marketers to enhance video material. It supports a wide range of formats and includes a specialized web export. Multicam editing, built-in presets, text effects, real-time collaboration, and a fully customizable interface are among the features.

Some of the best features of Light works include:

  • High Audio Capture

  • Media library

  • Social sharing

  • High resolution HD


  • Using the drag-and-drop method, Light works makes it simple to edit shots or clips. Enhancing video images is also made easier with color blending and grading. Key framing is also supported by the software, allowing video editors to create a smooth transition between clips.


  • It may take some time to get used to the look and feel of Light works, and the cutting philosophy behind the tool is similar to that of “traditional” video editing software.


Lightworks start at $23.99 per user per month, which is a reasonable price.