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Luca Tagliaferro is an SEO consultant for some of the biggest brands in the UK, with 9 years experience in digital marketing under his belt. His work has been featured on SEMRush, Moz, SmartInsights, SEObility and many more. Read more

To cut the chase, check our FatJoe to start your link building smoothly, with real bloggers outreach, guest posting services, media mentions and quick turnarounds. 

Let's be honest - link building is one of the most time consuming and challenging SEO tasks for us. We outreach bloggers with cold emails and hardly receive any answer for a guest post. And when we do, they require a payment upfront. 

This is the last thing we want: to pay for a post on someone else's website that we have to research and write, in order to get the backlink, that is so important for increasing our organic rankings.

Ineffective guest posting translates into a huge waste of time that leaves us tired.

To avoid feeling this way, it's essential to use a link building solution in addition to your SEO tool.

In today's guide, I will ​be reviewing the link building services and tools you must check out. For better reference, I have listed the top features and pricing plans for each of them.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase guest posts. 

What exactly is a link building service?

By getting links from other websites in your industry, you may build your audience, gain high-quality backlinks, and increase your brand authority. The procedure, although beneficial, is not always easy:

  • You must personally look for credible and reputable blogs in your field

  • The average blog article is 1,000 words or more in length and takes three to four hours to produce

  • Or you can produce high quality content that is passively linked from other blogs. This is typically known as Digital PR.

This is where a link building service may help. You can outsource your content development or use services to link you with guest blogging opportunities for a monthly or one-time charge.

1. FatJoe

2. LaunchSpace

3. Get Me Links

4. AuthorityBuilders

5. Sir Links a lot

6. Loganix

7. Screaming Frog


What is the Best Link Building Service?

1. FatJoe



Fatjoe is the best guest posting service for link building with 95% customers' satisfaction rate.


They offer 6 link building services for any website in any industry. These services are accessible through an online account where you can buy them separately and track your results with their dashboard. 

If you already know what you need in terms of link building, all you have to do is choose from one of their categories

  • Blogger outreach with links starting at £45 (approximately $60)  

  • Niche edits starting at £60 (approx. $80)

  • Media Placements starting £375 (approx. $450) for link coming from world-renowned websites

If you have a brick and mortar business and want to rank only locally, I recommend the Local Business Citations. You don't necessarily need sophisticated and time consuming strategies like guest posting to rank locally. Local businesses ranking for a keywords near their locations can generate great results on Google Maps without guest posting.

FatJoe is the most user-friendly app on the market. It's extremely easy to find and organise your link building efforts by choosing the desired Domain Authority and the number of links you need.

They also have a service called Outreach Boost, to place your guest post to over 100 media websites.

Simply provide FatJoe with your link placement URL and they'll republish this content using the rel=canonical tag on 100+ high authority news sites across the US, delivering a nice mix of follow and no follow link signals.

Ultimately, if you are looking for the best link building service, FatJoe is your best choice.

Get started with FatJoe.

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2. LaunchSpace


LaunchSpace is a full service link building agency. LaunchSpace specialises in earning high-authority backlinks with a quality over quantity approach. They have a long track record of delivering links on websites such as HubSpot, Zapier, CoSchedule, GetResponse, VWO, HostGator, LiveChat and many more. 

Beside link building, this agency is great for SEO services. I know their founder Nico Prins personally and he is super experienced in all-things SEO.

Their processes are all white-hat link building and content driven, contrary to some other agencies that deliver black-hat links with no value for you. They avoid PBNs, link pyramids and low-value websites which means they are able to significantly increase the ranking in just 3 or 4 months.

They charge starting at $400 per guest post. And they are able to guarantee DR50+ only sites with a minimum of 1,000 visitors per month of organic traffic.


They focus on SaaS marketing so if you are a SaaS looking for backlinks, I really recommend working with LaunchSpace.

launchspace review
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3. Get Me Links

Get Me Links are a popular link building company and the team has spent the last 4 years trying and testing the best link building strategies to use for their clients.

You can choose from one or more of these link building services: 

  • Guest blogs starting at $160 per post on a DR 30+

  • Niche edits starting at $120 used to diversify the link building profile

  • Tiered links starting at at $75

  • Link packages, the best way to diversify your links profiles starting at $600

It's very simple to get started, just send them your URL and they do the rest for you. Founded by Adam Steele, they’ve been featured in some of the world’s leading publications like Forbes, Mashable, and Backlinko.

getmelinks review

4. Authority Builders

Authority Builders​ is a popular link building service used by hundreds of SEOs, which means they provide high quality links at reasonable prices. They were founded in 2017 and quickly became a powerhouse due to their simple user experience and the mix of high quality links and competitors' backlinks analysis.

While not every website owner needs competitors' analysis of their backlinks, I have included Authority Builders to this list because normally every link building strategy begins with analysing the competitors' websites.

Take a new blog for example.

With Authority Builders not only you could delegate guest posting services, link building, citations and niche edits, but you could mimic your competitors' links. With Authority Builders service called ABC Plus, you receive a detailed report of all of your competitors' backlinks required to rank and an exact anchor text roadmap. This creates you the link building strategy required to rank high for your desired keywords.

The ABC Plus basic package starts at $500/month plus $200 one off setup fee. 

authority builders review

5. Sir Links A Lot


























Created to empower websites with all types of backlinks, SirLinksaLot displays 9 link building services: 

  • Guest posts

  • PBN links - I don't recommend acquiring PBN links, but I still add it to the review

  • Niche edits

  • Diversity Links

  • Pillow Links

  • Social Signals

  • Social Profiles

  • Citations

  • Managed Link Building

As a link builder, you can diversify your link profiles using all sort of signals that search engines consider important. Social signals, citations and niche edits, in combination with guest blogs, provide the most complete link building strategy you can aim for.

On the cons side, SirLinksaLot doesn't provide any guidance on which anchor text you need to use for your landing pages or which links competitors are using. So I recommend you sort these two aspects out before trying SirLinksaLot.

sirlinks a lot review

6. Loganix

Loganix is another excellent service for link generation.
Adam Steele founded them, and they've been featured in some of the world's biggest magazines, including Forbes, Mashable, and Backlinko.

Absolutely. Loganix's consulting services are an optional service that provides you with a dedicated Account Manager and an experienced Digital Strategist to develop, execute, and report on campaigns that are tailored to your goals and budget. 

They promise to be your partner in link building by avoiding PBNs and other black-hat tactics by doing the following: 

  • Handle the majority of tasks manually (and everything strategically)

  • Examine the origins of links and citations with attention

  • Follow your directions (and explain if we are unable to do so)

  • With deliberate outreach, you can protect your reputation

  • Ensure timely delivery

They also have a very extensive and strict vetting process for examining backlinks before they decide to target a new website, you can see the full list here. Because of this, their price is higher than normal, starting at a minimum of $400 per link, that includes vetting process, blogger outreach, content creation and publication.

Loganix review

7. Screaming Frog

The link-building team at Screaming Frog is made up of creative content marketers and online PR specialists, making it a fantastic fit for customers looking for an integrated agency experience. They specialise on establishing your brand and efficiently targeting your target demographic.


The idea of "link building" is outdated, according to this firm, and the focus should instead be on generating synergy for customers in order to attract high-quality links from prospects.

Their outreach approach include casting a broad net in order to develop relationships with influencers such as journalists and bloggers. Creative writing, social media strategy, and interactive content are all services provided by Screaming Frog. They've had a lot of expertise with "edgy" link bait.

The price is not for everyone, they charge £750 per day ($850) for a link building campaign, which includes initial consultation, strategy discussion and outreach opportunities.

screamingfrog link building

8. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

HARO is a service that helps journalists locate sources and expert quotes. And if they choose you as course, you'll get a backlink to your site.

It enables journalists and bloggers spend more time writing and less time sourcing by distributing journalist questions from media outlets and letting sources to identify topics relating to their expertise, industry, or experience.

To start using HARO, you need to register to their website as a source. When it's done, you get tree emails per day with queries from journalists.

If you reply quickly with an answer and your pitch to their query, you'll have good chances of getting a backlink. Most of the times, thought, the links are branded to your homepage, so you can't really decide where the links go in your product or service pages. 

haro review

Frequently Asked Questions

What are backlinks?

A reliable link building service will assist you in constructing connections from other people's websites to your own. They do the legwork of locating suitable locations, developing website content, and ensuring your link is put correctly.

Is link building still effective?
Yes! Link building is still the most important Google ranking element and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It is critical, however, that you only generate high-quality relevant links to your site.

What is the cost of a link?
You may anticipate to pay between $170 and $400 for a high-quality, relevant link, based on its overall strength and authority. Cheaper links should be avoided since they are generally resold guest post farms or PBNs.

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