13 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for managing your affiliate program

With the growing popularity of affiliate marketing and the dream of passive income, more people are ditching their 9 to 5 jobs for the chance to be their own boss and earn money online even when they sleep.

However, affiliate marketing might look like an easy feat, but it is anything but that.

This lifestyle requires you to work both hard and smart at all times because your income depends on how well you promote the products and services of different companies and how many clicks your campaigns get.

This is why you need the right tools and affiliate marketing services as they will help you increase your income and become successful in your affiliate career.

These affiliate tools will help you in all the stages of your affiliate journey from planning to performance tracking.

This article will discuss some of the best affiliate tools in the industry that will help you boost your ROI.

The affiliate tools have been broken down into two – affiliate marketing tools and affiliate tracking tools.

Besides, before you decide on the affiliate tools to use, you have to have an audience you want to promote and the offers you want to sell. Let’s take a look at the top affiliate tools.

What are the Best Affiliate Tools?

Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate marketing and tracking tools.
  • Ahrefs
  • SE Ranking
  • Grammarly
  • Data Studio
  • LeadDyno
  • ClickMeter
  • Post Affiliate Pro
  • AnyTrack
  • Tapfiliate
  • Voluum
  • Partnerhize
  • Refersion
  • Kintura
  • LinkTrust

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing tools are vital to your affiliate marketing strategy, help you keep track with your metrics, and they have multiple functions, from providing insight on your competitors to visibility management, and helping you to identify industry trends. Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate marketing tools you can use to improve your affiliate marketing career. ​
Ahrefs is a competitor research and SEO tool that you can use to get insight into your competitor’s affiliate marketing strategy. It offers many features like keyword research, SEO analysis, on-page auditing, and content analysis. In addition, this affiliate marketing tool has a very all-inclusive backlink index, and they provide insights on lost and new backlinks with ease. Besides, this tool allows affiliate marketers to get information on their competitor’s backlink profiles and sites that link broken pages on their website.
Ahrefs is an excellent tool to have if you are competing with large sites, as it would enable you to have a standing chance. However, this tool will not do all the work for you, so you need to take the time to train yourself to understand all the data and information it gives you to enable you to use it to improve your affiliate marketing strategy. Before you decide to get this tool, you can test it out using the 7-day trial version available.

Ahrefs Uses

• Affiliates can use this tool to find the type of content that gets high search traffic, enabling them to get new content ideas for their site
• Ahrefs allows you to keep an eye on your competition, from content creation to website and social media performance
• This tool enables you to build backlinks and increase your site traffic
• Affiliates use this tool to track their ranking progress and find what their customers are searching for

Starting from $99 per month with the Lite plan
​ SE Ranking is a cloud-based affiliate marketing tool that offers website ranking, keyword ranking, SEO audits, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, social media management, and others. You can use this tool to monitor and improve the performance of your SEO strategies. Even though SE Ranking is not as comprehensive as Ahrefs, it is a good choice for affiliate marketers looking for a valuable yet affordable tool.
This tool offers a 14-days free trial to get a feel of what it can do, and you don’t need to input credit card information to start up. SE Ranking offers different tools that will only support you to carry out an effective job but buying it will not magically increase the traffic to your website. Plus, the tool is easy for new users to navigate.
SE Ranking Uses
• Affiliate marketers can use this tool to track their website’s keywords rank across different search engines, regions, and country
• You can use SE Ranking to carry out SEO/PPC competitive research and find the keywords your competitors use
• This tool enables affiliate marketers to carry out an in-depth audit of their website
• You can discover, manage and monitor all your backlinks with SE Ranking
• Affiliate marketers can use this tool to get a view into their competitor’s backlinks
Price starts from $18.60 per month.

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Grammarly is a content creation tool that every affiliate marketer should have, especially if they regularly publish and update content on their site. It is a grammar and spelling checker that does so much more than check your spelling as it recommends improvements for punctuation, grammar, style, plagiarism, and wordiness. In addition, this tool identifies different grammar problems, enabling you to focus on the writing.
Grammarly helps you keep track of your flow, writing style, and tone of voice, allowing you to put your best foot forward every time with your writing. As an affiliate marketer, you can use the free version of the Grammarly tool, but if you feel like you need extra help, the paid version is also available. Besides, Grammarly comes with a chrome extension and a desktop app to simplify your content creation process.
Grammarly uses
• The Grammarly Pro version has an advanced plagiarism checker that enables users to ensure their content is not plagiarized
• Affiliate marketers can use this tool to check the clarity, engagement, delivery, and correctness of their content
Grammarly Pro starts at $29.98 per month.
Data Studio, also called Google Data Studio, is a data analytics tool that affiliate marketers can use to gain insight into complex site data. This free tool enables you to connect to all your data from multiple sources and transforms them into informative reports and visualizations. In addition, you can find features like charts, maps, widgets, and graphs available to help you visualize your data. Besides, Data Studio is an essential part of Google Analytics 360 Suite. ​
This tool enables you to understand which marketing strategies are working and those that are not. If you already use Google infrastructure, using this tool will be easy for you. Plus, this data analytics and visualizer tool is free.
Data Studio Uses
  • Data Studio allows affiliate marketers to create customizable and sharable reports and visualizations.
  • You can pull data from different sources like Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, YouTube, and others.
  • Affiliate marketers can use this tool to pull real-time data into their reports.
Data Studio is free to use.
LeadDyno is one of the best affiliate marketing tools available for affiliate tracking and management, and companies use it to recruit affiliates and track lead generation. Businesses with no official affiliate program setup use this tool to launch and grow their affiliate program. LeadDyno enables affiliate marketers to track all the leads generated by their affiliate links. Also, LeadDyno provides users with unique affiliate links to give affiliates, simplifying the tracking process.
This tool offers social sharing features that make it easy for affiliates to promote their affiliate links through different social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. In addition, LeadDyno simplifies the compensation process, and affiliates can be paid on a schedule using PayPal. Coinbase, or Dwolla. Companies that want to use this tool to recruit affiliate marketers have a 14-days free trial period to test it out.
LeadDyno Uses
• Merchants use this tool to recruit, manage and track affiliates
• This tool enables users to embed social sharing links into their application, enabling them to recruit affiliates
• LeadDyno enables companies to use different social campaigns to drive affiliate engagements
• Affiliates can use this tool to track the leads they generated using their affiliate links
• This tool offers users access to affiliate networks
Price starts from $49 per month.

Affiliate tracking Tools

With affiliate tracking tools, you can generate your affiliate links, optimize your ROI, keep your CPC low, and track all your affiliate campaigns. These tools will ensure that you don’t lose money in your marketing and promotional efforts. Let’s take a lo
ok at some of the best affiliate tracking tools.

ClickMeter is a link tracking tool that allows affiliate marketers to monitor their affiliate marketing campaigns, links, conversion rates, and commissions. This tool enables you to analyze your campaigns and focus on only the efficient ones. Affiliates can use ClickMeter for traffic routing, conversion tracking, branded tracking links, and link cloaking. Besides, you can use it to manage all your marketing efforts from pay-per-click to blog posting and email marketing.
This tool provides you with an accurate report on your campaign and conversion rate, enabling you to make any adjustments. In addition, ClickMeter enables affiliates to compare their different marketing strategies to understand their performances, and you can customize this tool to suite your needs. This affiliate tracking tool does not offer a free trial, but it has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy in place. Plus, ClickMeter is a web-based tool, so you don’t need to install any software.
ClickMeter Uses
• This tool enables affiliate marketers to mask their affiliate links, increasing their success
• Affiliates can use ClickMeter to shorten and customize their links
• This tool enables you to view the specific ads, campaigns, and keywords that are driving traffic to your site the most
• Affiliates can use this tool to optimize their sites and improve their affiliate marketing campaign performance.
• You can use ClickMeter to target visitors hat click on your links and analyze any useful behavioral data • This tool helps protect users from click fraud
The prices start from $29
Post Affiliate Pro is one of the best affiliate tracking tool in the industry, and it helps merchants to manage different affiliate programs, track the performance of affiliates, and issue payouts. This software provides everything users need to properly manage their own affiliate program from conception. Post Affiliate Pro enables users to track the performance, conversion rates, lead generation, and engagements of their affiliate partners. Besides, this tool uses browser cookie, HTML% cookie, Flash cookie, and other tracking methods.
This affiliate tracking tool offers users everything they need to start their affiliate program from a banner rotator to discount coupons, flash banners, PDF banners, smart links, and text link banners. With a Post Affiliate Pro account, businesses can get a detailed overview of all operations made by the merchants and affiliate partners. Plus, they can use this tool to search for their top performing affiliates with ease.
Post Affiliate Pro Uses
• Businesses can use this tool to boost lead generation via affiliate marketing and increase their sales
• Post Affiliate Pro makes it easy for users to issue commission payouts to their affiliates
• Users can use this tool to develop a scalable affiliate network with real-time data reporting and branding functionalities
The pricing starts from $97 per month
AnyTrack is an affiliate tracking tool that enables affiliate marketers to track campaigns and conversions from different affiliate networks, allowing them to drive better campaign results. You can also use this tool to sync your marketing campaign data with Facebook pixel and Google Analytics. This tracking tool connects all your affiliate accounts, funnels, landing pages, and traffic sources to centralize conversion monitoring and tracking. Besides, both affiliates, marketing agencies, and businesses can use AnyTrack to track their affiliate campaigns.
You can sign up for the free plan to start off but there are also paid plans available.
AnyTrack Uses
• This tool consolidates all your website conversion data from organic to paid and direct
• AnyTrack sends all conversion data across the different marketing platforms you are using
• Affiliates can use the conversion data gotten to build custom audiences for their campaigns
• AnyTrack integrates natively with more than 50 affiliate networks and software solutions
• This tracking tool tracks all kinds of traffic data using code assimilation
The paid plans start from $50 per month
Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate tracking tool that enables businesses to develop and track their affiliate marketing programs. This tool allows users to automate the bulk of their affiliate marketing tasks, such as commission management, affiliate tracking, and multi-level marketing. Besides, users can use this affiliate tracking tool to grow their social reach as it enables them to create engaging content and manage brand materials.
Tapfiliate integrates with multiple platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress, and it enables users to recruit affiliates manually or via an invite URL, SSO, or the API. Businesses can use this tool to share promotional materials like social posts, banners, videos, and text links to affiliates. Plus, this tracking tool enables users to track all clicks and conversions and reward their affiliates.
You can try this tool for free for 14 days before making a decision.
Tapfiliate Uses
• This cloud-based tool allows marketers to develop and manage affiliate marketing campaigns
• The customizable nature of this tool makes it easy for users to have complete control over their affiliate programs
• Businesses can track the success and performance of their affiliates with this tool
• Users can automate the affiliate commission process
• Affiliates can use the Tapfiliate in-built reporting tool to track their progress
The price starts from $89 per month.
Voluum is a cloud-based affiliate tracking tool that affiliates use to track the performance of their paid ads. This tool allows you to automate, track, analyze, and manage all your ad campaigns in a single place, and you can use the data analyzed to optimize your affiliate marketing campaign performance. Voluum supports different advertising formats such as native ads, video ads, display banners, social media ads, email marketing, pop ads, and others.
This tool enables users to monitor more than 30 metrics on the clicks and conversions gotten from all their traffic sources. Users can use Voluum to find the best combinations of landing pages and ads for their audiences. With their anti-fraud kit, this tracking tool can be used to detect bot traffic. Besides, you can use this tool to integrate all your traffic sources and control your affiliate campaigns.
Voluum Uses
• This tracking tool allows users to set up custom rules to automate and optimize their campaigns
• Users can use this tool to spot fake clicks and unrealistic conversion times
• Voluum allows affiliates to track their organic traffic coming from search engines and different web pages
• You can use this tracking tool to track multiple conversion types throughout the visitor’s journey
The pricing starts from $89 per month.
Partnerize is an affiliate tracking tool that helps businesses build partnerships with affiliate markers and drive growth. This tool combines automation, outcome-based pricing models, and scalability to gain operating leverage and drive success. Marketers can use this tracking tool to discover and recruit affiliate marketers, and it helps to optimize payment processes and brand safety. Besides, this tool supports all main verticals like travel, entertainment, retail, subscription, and others.
Partnerize Uses
• Marketers can use this tool to ramp their partnership program or establish an in-housing practice
• Partnerize provides partnership program support to brands that need it
• This tool makes it easy for users to launch a partner program and start earning profits
• Partnerize enables users to carry out scalable tracking to give them insights on partner channels
• Users can use this tool to track performances and commissions
Pricing information is not available for this tool.
Refersion is an affiliate tracking tool that allows businesses to track affiliate sales and build their affiliate network. Users can use this tool to manage and track their affiliate marketing programs, and it enables them to track digital sales and watch conversions in real-time. In addition, businesses can use Refersion to schedule and automate their commission structures. With the affiliate portal, they can get complete visibility into their affiliate performance and commission.
You can make use of the 14-day free trial to get a feel of how the tool works. Refersion enables users to control all areas relating to their affiliates. Users can use this tool to develop unique and engaging landing pages that will cover. Besides, Refersion offers other marketing tools like the post-purchase channel, mass payment option, and others.
Refersion Uses
• Businesses can track their affiliate’s sales and grow their affiliate network using this tool
• Refersion offers real-time visibility into the number of clicks and conversions gotten by affiliates
• Users can use this tool to calculate commissions and get performance reports in real-time
• This tracking tool offers social sharing and fraud detection
• Refersion integrates with different third-party apps like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento
• Users can track metrics from multiple sites
The pricing plan starts from $89 per month.
Kintura is an AI-dependent affiliate tracking tool that affiliates use to manage and optimize their marketing campaigns. Unlike other tracking tools, this one provides insight into user behavior to improve marketing strategies. This tool uses artificial intelligence to develop and train campaign models to maximize conversions. Besides, the work Kintura does on the back-end saves affiliates much time. You can try the free trial to see how this tool works.
Kintura uses
• This tool helps affiliates to compile instant and flexible reports and gain insight into user behavior
• Kintura’s virtual whitelisting bot helps to supervise traffic
• This tracking tool integrates with every traffic source
• Kintura provides affiliate marketers with real-time campaign data, and all updates are reflected instantly and synchronized
The pricing plan starts from $199 per month.
Merchants can use LinkTrust to create and manage affiliate programs. This affiliate tracking tool enables businesses to track and optimize their online marketing campaign performance, and it provides them with real-time reports and analytics. Users can use this tool to track leads, affiliates, ads, sales, and networks. Plus, LinkTrust enables users to customize their affiliate marketing program to fit their brand.
LinkTrust Uses
• Affiliates can use this tool to keep track of their performance
• LinkTrust offers direct access to payouts and analytics
• This tool can track click across multiple channels
The pricing starts from $339 per month.


Whether you are an affiliate marketer or merchant, you will benefit significantly from investing in a few of these marketing and tracking tools. These tools will aid you every step of your affiliate journey, and with them, you have a higher chance of being successful in your affiliate career.

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