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over 90% of B2B site content has no backlinks to other sites

100 Important & Mind Boggling B2B Marketing Statistics

Marketing is an important element to all businesses, whether Business to consumers (B2C) or business to business (B2B), as it focuses on the consumers’ needs. It also enables businesses to reach their intended consumers with

seo statistics

100+ Amazing Statistics that prove SEO works

I get asked this question from time to time: “how much is SEO worth?” And I love answering to it. You know why? Because the SEO industry is worth $80 billion. This means that companies globally

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SEO consultant job description template

Are you a business, working your way to sustainable growth with digital marketing? Are you interested in breaking into SEO and enjoying the benefits of free, steady traffic to your website? Good for you: SEO

A Marketers Guide to TF-IDF Optimization for SEO

As digital marketers, content is a critical part of everything we do. And while analyzing and refreshing content may take a lot of time and effort, the results for generating more traffic and improving SEO

Google Tag Manager Frequently Asked Questions for SEOs

General Questions Why should I use Tag Manager for SEO? Tagging for SEO is complex, especially large sites need to constantly update their product pages, landing pages and blog content. With Google Tag Manager you