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Hi, I am Luca

I live South of London on the English channel. On the Internet since 1997 when the modem was stil loud.

I am an SEO Consultant at Dare, previously at Future Fit and before that at JDI Backup. 

I love travelling and competitive sport, when I lose a game, don't talk to me :-)

I am not the usual SEO. Here is why...

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How to Increase Organic Traffic to a Page Through UX Analysis


Trustpilot AB Test: How Adding Reviews Increased Conversion 22%


A step-by-step Guide on Adding FAQ Snippets Using Google Tag Manager

Trusted by the Top of the Top Global Digital Marketers...

Sean Work

Founder @ Joudicious, Former VP of Inbound @ CrazyEgg

Luca is an expert at UX for SEO and conversion rate optimizer. He's very knowledgeable in both subjects. Be sure to search for articles he's written for online marketing publications on these topics.

Rand Fishkin 

Former CEO @ Moz, Co-Founder at SparkToro

Luca's work to demystify what makes sites and brands succeed on the web is nothing short of remarkable. His contributions have moved the field of web marketing forward, and helped thousands of people deliver better experiences.

Mathieu Croset

Managing Director @ Marvelous Digital

Luca was very helpful and his expertise is real. Very professional, with some research and 1 hour consultation call he was able to resolve a big issue for us. Will definitely work with him again!

How Do I Increase Traffic to My Blog With SEO?

For nearly 10 years, I have worked to increase traffic and conversions over hundreds of websites and I have developed my own SEO Growth Methodology, that I use to grow established websites like Portsmouth City Council, Future Fit Training, Cloud Backup SaaS, eCommerce stores and small startups.


At the beginning of our engagement, I audit your website, your competitors and your technical situation to understand what are the frictions preventing you from performing better. 

I then create an Audit document and present the findings to you. We then agree on next steps and develop a growth strategy.

Freelance SEO Services


Boost targeted traffic to your website and grow sales by improving organic page ranking and becoming an industry leader



Outperform your competitors and turn leads into customers by creating unique and quality SEO-friendly web content


Take advantage of users' research, find out their pains and test new design ideas to turn more leads into customers



Fix technical errors, make sure you are doing things right and avoid costly mistakes with 1-hour phone call with me.

Learn FAQs Schema

To the right you can find an example of my SEO FAQs Schema Tag implement using Google Tag Manager. 

It enables you to display your Frequently Asked Questions on any page, blog post or product page directly into Google search results. 

The benefits are that you take more real estate on Google, thus pushing your competitors down and you can add extra site links to key pages.

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